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After this came vnto him, one master Cōrade Scheitter, the vnder Curate of the Cathedrall church of our Lady in Mūchen a preacher, saying: George, if thou wilt not beleue the sacrament, put al thy trust in God, & say: I trust my enterprise to be good, but if I do erre, truely I do repent. Whervnto George Carpenter answered: God suffreth me not to erre, then said the scholemaster vnto him, do not put the matter in that haserde, but chuse vnto you some good christian brother. Master Cōrade or some other, vnto whom thou maist reuele thy hart, not to confesse thy self, but to take some godly coūcel of him, whervnto he answered: Nay, for it wold be to long. Then master Cōrade begā þe Lords prayer, saying: Our father. &c. Wher vnto Carpenter answered, truely thou art our father & no other, this daye I trust to be with thee. Then master Conrade went forward wt the prayer, saying: Halowed be thy name. Carpenter answered. O my God, how litle is thy name halowed in this world? Then saide master Conrade. Thy kingdom come. Carpenter answered: let thy kingdome come this day vnto me, that I also may come vnto thy kingdō. The said Conrade: Thy wil be done in earth as it is in heauen. Carpenter answeared: For this cause O father I am now here, þt thy wyl might be fulfilled and not mine. Then prayed master Conrade. Geue vs this day our dailye bread. Carpenter answered: the onlye liuinge bread Iesu Christ shalbe my fode. Then sayde Conrade: And forgeue vs our trespasses as we forgeue them that trespasse againste vs. Carpenter answered: With a willing mind doo I forgeue all men, bothe my frendes and aduersaries. Then saide master Conrade: And leade vs not into temptation, but deliuer vs from al euill. Whervnto Carpenter answered. O my Lord, without dout thou shalt deliuer me, for vpon thee only haue I laid all my hope, thē he began to reherse his beliefe. Saying. I beleue in God the father almighty. Carpenter answered. O my God in thee alone do I trust, in the onlye is all my confidence: and vpon no other creature. Albeit they haue gone about to force me otherwise. In this manner he answeared to euery woorde, which his aunsweres, if they shuld be described at length, wold be to long. This prayer ended: the schole master said vnto him: Doest thou with like courage and hart beleue in the Lord thy Lord and God, as thou doest chearefully withoute feare, confesse hym wyth thy mouthe. Herevnto he answeared. It were a verye hard and difficile matter for me, if that I which am here ready to suffer death, should not beleue that with my hart, which I openly professe with my mouth. For I knewe before, that I must suffer persecutiō, if I wold cleaue vnto Christe, for he sayeth: Where asthy harte is, there also is thy treasure, & whatsoeuer thing a manne dooth fixe in his harte, to loue the same, that he maketh his Idoll.

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Then said master Conrade vnto him. George doste thou thinke it necessary after thy death, that any manne should pray for thee? Or saye masse for thee? He aunswered: so longe as the soule is ioyned to the bodye, praye God for me that he will geue me grace and pacience, with all humilitye, to suffer the paines of deathe with a true Christian faithe. But when the soule is seperate from the bodye, then haue I no more neade of youre prayers. when as the hangman shoulde binde him to the ladder, he preached much vnto the people. Then he was desired by certaine christian brethren, that as soone as he was caste into the fire, he shoulde geue some signe or token, what his faith or beliefe was, to whome he answered, this shal be my signe and token: that so longe as I can open my mouth, I wil not cease to cal vpon the name of Iesus. I haue neuer seene nor red of the like constancy in anye man before, hys face and countenaunce neuer changed couler, but chearfully he went vnto the fire. In the myddest (sayth he) of the towne, this daye wyll I confesse my God before the whole worlde.

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When he was laide vpon the ladder, and the hangman put a bagge of gonnepouther about his necke, He said: Let it so be, in the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the holy Ghost. And when as the two hangmen lifted him vp, vpō the ladders, smiling he did byd a certain christian farewell. Requiring forgeuenes of him. That doone, the hangman thruste him into the fire. He wyth a loude voyce cryed out Iesus, Iesus. Then the hangman turned hym ouer, and he againe for a certaine space, cried Iesus, Iesus, and so ioyfullye yelded vp his spirite.

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¶ Lennard Keyser.

HEre also it is not to be passed ouer the meruailous constancye of master Lennard Keyser of the countrye of Bauaria, who was burned for the Gospell. Thys Keyser was of the towne of Rawbe 4. myles from Passawe, of a famous house. Thys man at what time that he was a studient at Wyttenberge, was sent for by his brethren whych certified him, that if euer he woulde see hys father aliue, he should come with spede, which thing he did, he was skarsly comethether, whē as by the commaundement of the byshoppe of Passaw, he was taken by his mother and hys brethren. Tharticles which he was accused of for the which also he was most cruelly put to death, and shed his bloud for the testimony of the truth, were these.

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