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Actes and Monuments of the Churche.


MarginaliaCurious singing in cathedrall churches.Item, complaineth of the curious singing in cathedrall churches, wherby many be occasoned to bestowe muche good time, yea many yeares, about the same which otherwise they might geue to the learning of better sciences.

MarginaliaThe world ouer charged with begging religions.Likewyse complaineth of the rable and multitude of begging freers, and religious men, and professed wemen, shewing what great occasion of idle and vncomly lyfe commeth therof.

MarginaliaPromotion of euill prelates.Also of the vnconsiderat promotiō of euill prelates. And of their great negligēce, in correcting and reforming the euill demeaner of the people.

MarginaliaSuperfluitie of Apparell in bishops families.Item of the great wantonnes & lasciuiousnes in their seruaunts and families, cōcerning their excessiue wearing of apparell.

MarginaliaBishops seales abused to get money.Item, Compleinith also of the outragious and excessiue gaines, that prelates and other vnder them take for their seale: especiallye of officials, scribes and suche lyke, whiche geue oute the seale they care not howe nor wherfore, so they may gayne money.

MarginaliaNon residētes in benefices.Complaineth in likemaner, that prelates be so slacke and negligent in loking to the residentes in their benefices.

MarginaliaRash bestowing of benefices,Farther lamenteth, for the rashe geuing of benefices to persons, vicars, and curates, not for any godlines, or learning in them, but for fauour or frendship, or intercession, eyther els for hope of some gayne: wherof springeth this great ignorance in the Churche.

MarginaliaWastfull spending of the churche goodes.After this, he noteth in prelates, how they wast and expend the goodes of the church, in superfluities, or vpon their kinsefolke, or other worse wayes: which should rather be spent vpō þe pore.

MarginaliaOlde bokes of councels lost by the negligence of the cler-Nextly in the. x. chapter: he cōplaineth for that through the negligence of men of the church, especially of the church of Rome, the bokes & monumentes of tholde councells & also of the new, are not to be founde, whiche should be reserued and kept in all cathedrall churches.

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MarginaliaThe vnchast lyfe of priestes cōdemned by the nature of þe storks.Item, that many prelates be so colde in doyng their duties. Also reprocheth the vnchast and voluptuous demeaner of ecclesiasticall persons, by the example of storkes, whose nature is, saith he, that if any of theyr cōpany, leauing his owne mate, ioyneth with anye other, all the rest fleeth vpon him (whether it be he or she) beateth him, and plucketh his fethers of: what then, saith he, ought good prelates to doo, to suche a person of their cōpany, whose filthines, and corrupt life, both defileth so many, and stinketh in the whole Churche.

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MarginaliaAmendmēt of life ought first to begin with Priestes.Agayn forasmuche as we reade in the boke of Esdras. Lib. ii. chap. ix. that he purging Israell of straunge wemē, began first with the priestes: So now likewise in the purging and correcting of all sortes of men, first the purgation ought to begin with these, according as it is writtē by the prophet Ezechiel. Begin first wt my sanctuari. & c

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Moreouer insomuche as in the time of Philip MarginaliaThe realm of France interdited.kinge of Fraunce, the whole realme was interdited, for þt the king had but one woman in stede of his wife, which was not his wyfe by law. MarginaliaKing of Portinggale deposed.Again seeyng in these our dayes, þe king of Portingale hath ben sequestred from his dominion, by the authoritie of the churche, being thoughte not sufficient to gouerne: what then ought to be said to that prelate, whiche abuseth other mens wiues, virgines, and nonnes, which also is foūd vnhable and insufficiente to take vpon him the charge of soules?

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MarginaliaKnightes of the rodes And Templars.About this yere of oure Lorde. MCxxviii. the orders of the knights of the Rodes, called Ioannites. Also the order of Templars rose vp.

MarginaliaAn. 1130. Innocentius. ii. pope.After Honorius, nexte in the same vsurpation succeadid Pope Innocentius, ii. An. MCxxx. But as it was with his predecessors before him, that at euery mutation of new popes, came new perturbations, and commenli neuer a pope was elected, but some other was set vp against him, some times. ii. sometimes. iii. popes together: MarginaliaHurly burly betwene likewyse it happened with this Innocentius: for after he was chosen, the Romans elected an other named Anacletus. Betwixt these. ii. Popes was muche adoo, and great conflictes, throughe the partaking of Rogerius Duke of Sicile taking Anacletus parte against Innocentius, vntill Lotharius the emperoure came: who rescuyng Innocentius, droue Rogerius out of Italy.

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MarginaliaThe popes curs proclaimed against suche that strike any Priest.Amongst many other thinges this pope decreed, that whosoeuer did strike a priest, or clerk being shauen, he should be excommunicat, and not to be absolued, but only on the pope himselfe.

MarginaliaMathæus Parisiensis. Li Cron. 4. Steuen king of england. An. 1133.Matheus Parisiensis, writeth, how Steuen king of England in these dayes reserued to hime selfe, the right and autoritie of bestowing of spirituall liuinges, & inuesting of prelates. An. 1133.

At which time also Lotharius the Emperoure began to doo the like in recoueringe againe the right, and priuilege, taken away from Henricus his predecessor, had not Bernardus geuen him contrary counsell.

MarginaliaCursing with booke bell, and cādle.Here came into the churche the maner of cursing with booke, bell, and candell, diuised in the councel of London holden by William bishop of Winchester, vnder Pope Celestinus, which succeded after Innocentius. An. M. Cxliiii.

MarginaliaAn. 11.After Lotharius succeded in the imperial croun, Conradus the neuew of Henricus the. v. afore mentioned. An. MCxxxviii. which only amongst many Emperours is not founde to receyue his crowne at the Popes hand.

In the dayes of this Emperoure, who reigned xv. yeares, were diuerse popes, as Celestinus ii. Lucius. ii, Eugenius iii. at whiche time, the Romans went about to recouer again their former olde maner of cheusing their consulles, and Senators. But the popes then being in their ruffe, in no case wold abide it: wherapon rose many cōmotions, with much ciuile warre amongst thē. MarginaliaPope Lucius. ii. ring against the Senators.Insomuche that Pope Lucius, sending for ayde

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