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Actes and Monumentes of the church.

in a longe time woulde to God that I dyd not speake the truthe in this case. But alasse, they are to true whiche heare I vtter vnto you. They also haue preached euill, whiche eyther haue wreasted the scriptures them selues, or haue rashly gathered them oute of olde rotten papers, being wreasted by others. And howe should they otherwise doo, not to wreaste the scriptures them selues, or iudge them that are falsly interpreted by others, whē as they haue not once red ouer the bible orderlye? Of thys sort there is truely a very greate nomber, frō which nōber many greate rabines or masters shal hardly excuse thē selues, whome the people hetherto haue reuerenced in stead of gods. And these are they which now feare their bellies, preferring their own glory, before þe true glory of god. Which might be setforth euē by Balaams asse. Much lesse then ought we to cōtempne such abiects which preach the worde of God. we haue (saith s. Paul) this tresure in brickel vesselles, that the glorye of the power might be of god and not of vs, God hath chosen the folish things of the world, to confound the stronge, and the vnable and contemptyble things god hath chosen, & those things which are not to destroy those things which are, that no flesh shuld glory in his sight. But now all men in a māner wil be wise, and therfore they are ashamed of the simple gospel, they are ashamed truely to say with Paule, and to perform it in dede. I brethren when I came vnto you, MarginaliaGloriusnes of spech tou.cheddid not come in gloriousnes of speach or wisdom, preaching the testimony of Christ in wordes, for I estemed not my selfe to knowe anye thing amongst you, but onelye Iesus Christ & him only crucified. O voyce of a true Euāgelist? But now we are ashamed of this folyshe preaching, by the which it hath pleased God, to saue al those which beleue in him. But we being puffed vp with pride, chose rather to walk in those things which we se not, being vainly puffed vp by the censuality of our fleshe, preaching fables and lies, and not thy law of god, which is vndefiled cōuerting soules. MarginaliaIgnorance of the law of God in Prelats.But how shuld they teache the lawe of God, whiche they haue not ones read in the bookes, nor learned at the mouth of God? but in a pastor and a bishop this is required: Thou son of man sayeth he, laie vp in thy hart, al my woordes, which I do speake vnto thee. And shortly after he saith: thou sonne of man, I haue ordeined & geuen the a watchman vnto the house of Israel, (I haue geuen thee saithe he, thou thruste not in thy selfe by ambition, nor did clime in of the selfe, but I gaue thee, when thou lokedst not for it) that thou shouldest attende thervpon, & geue warning from the top of the watch tour, if any enemies should approche, I haue geuen thee vnto the house of Israel, and not þe house of Israel vnto thee, that thou shuldest acknowledge they self to be the seruaunte of the sheape and not their Lord. for I haue not geuen the shepe for the shepharde, but the shepharde for the shepe. MarginaliaGod geueth pastours to his flocke: And not his flocke to the pastors.He that sitteth downe is greater thē he that doth minister & serue vnto him. Which thing was wel knowen of him, which truelye said: we are your seruaunts for christes cause. But for what purpose haue I geuen the vnto the house of Israel, that thou shouldest only minister the Sacramentes, consecrate Woode, Stones, and Cloysters (this, I take GOD to witnesse, with greate sighes and grones I doo wryte to you, powrynge oute before you the griefe of my hart) no truly what then? Firste followeth the offyce of the bishoppe. Thou shalt here the woord out of my mouth this is but a short lessō, but such, as al þe world cannot comprehend without they be inwardly taught of God. what meaneth this saying? Thou shalt here the woord out of my mouthe but as many as are not taughte of God, although they be neuer so well excersised in the Scriptures by mannes healpe, yet are they not watch men geuen by God, and much lesse do they not vnderstād and know the scriptur. And therfore least they should kepe silence and say nothing they are alwayes carpinge vpon some humaine tradicions, that is lies, for he þt speaketh of him selfe, speaketh lies, vpō whom it is written, they would be doctours of the law not vnderstāding what they speak nether of whome they speake. such of force they must all be, which speake that with there mouth, which they beleue not with there hart, bicause they are not inwardly taught of God, they vnderstand not that it is true which they are perswaded in their hartes, & therfore they are not shepe allthough they bost þe selues to be shepherds. But contrariwise, touching the true & learned pastors geuen by God, it maye be perfectly said, we speake that which we know, and that which we haue sene with the certen eyes of our faith we do witnes, and they are nether deceiued, neither do deceiue. But the deceiuers do profit to worse and worse, erring thē selues and bringing others also to error, and because they are of the world, the world doth willingly hear them, they are of the worlde, sayth he, and therfore they speake those thinges whiche are of the world, and the world geueth ear vnto them. Beholde reuerende father, this is the touchstone of our daily preaching: hath not the worlde geuen eare vnto them, nowe a longe tyme, wyth greate pleasure and delyte? But the fleshe coulde neuer sustayne or suffer the preaching of the crosse, nether yet the wisdō of the flesh, which is enemy vnto god, nether is subiect vnto his law, nor cannot be. And why then are they accused of heresye and Scisme, which wil not seke to please menne, but onlye to their edyfiynge, beinge mindefull of that

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