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Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

smoke, fall into the fyre. And auoiding the dāger of Scilla, you run vppon Caribdius. MarginaliaScilla and Charibdus be two dangerus roks in the sea.O the brest of a mā inwrapped in palpable darknes? I wold, maister Bilney, that you would but once search and set out the first origin of these Rogation days. For so we reade in the church story, MarginaliaBy this church story he meanithe belike otherwise called the legēd of leis.þt they were first ordeined by Pope Gregory with fasting, prayers, and holy processions, against the pestilence by the infection of þe ayre, then reigning among þe people. At what time the people then going in the procession, a certaine image like to our blessed lady painted with the hands of s. Luke the Euāgelist did go before thē, about the which image in the honor of the virgin, angels did sing this Antem Regina cœli lætare. &c. Q quene of heauen be glad, &c. To the which Antem the Pope also adioyned this. Ora pro nobis Dominum, &c praye to the lord for vs, &c. Wherfore seinge the Angels did honor þe image of the glorious virgine mary, in the honor of hir: And seinge moreouer the holy father pope Gregory, with all the clergy did pray for corporal infirmitie, it appereth manifestly that we ought to worship the sainctes, and also to giue honor in a manner to their images: farther also to praye to almighty God and all sainctes for corporal infirmitie, that we may be deliuered from it. So that they may say the like for vs, which is said in the gospel: serue them and sende them away, bycause they cry after vs. And albeit there be infinite places of holy scripture inexpugnable, wherwith we might easely resist this your errour: Yet standinge herewith content as sufficient at this present, we will procead now to your second pestiferous errour: Wherin you like an ingrate child go aboute to teare out the bowells of your mother. For in that you say and affirme blasphemously the bishop of Rome to be the very Antichrist, and that his priuileges haue no force againste the gates of hell: in so sainge what do you but like a most vnkind and vnnaturall childe spoyle your louinge mother of all hir treasures, and wounde her being spoiled, and being wunded pluck out her bowels most miserably vpon þe earth. But as ther is nothing as absurde or so hereticall, but shalbe receyued of some itching eares: so would I now heare you declare, how he setteth in the tēple of God, as God, being extolled and worshipped aboue al that is named God, or how that he sheweth him selfe as lord in power, and singes, and wonders deceitful. MarginaliaBilney.Although incredulitie doth not suffer you, not withstanding your learning, to vnderstand theise thinges: yet somthing to helpe your incredulitye herein, through the help of the lord I will both say and beseche you, that settinge all supersticion apart you will vnderstande those thinges that are aboue. Do ye knowe the table of the. x. commaundementes? MarginaliaBrusierde

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Accordinge as the Catholike doctors do expoūd them I know thē meanly. But how you expound them I cannot tell. MarginaliaBilney.And do know also the constitutions of men, only brought out by the dreames of men, whervnto men are to straightly subiected, that vnder payne of death they are bound to obserue them?

MarginaliaBrusierde.I know certaine sanctions of holy fathers but such as you speake of to come out of mens dreames, I know no such.

MarginaliaBilney.Now then let vs set and compare theise two together, and so shall you easely vnderstande the bishop of Rome, whom they cal the pope, to set in the temple of God, as God, and to be extolled aboue all that is named God. MarginaliaThe place of Saincte Paule expounded concerning Antichriste settinge in the temple of God, &c.It is writen, the temple of the Lord is holy, which is you. Therfore the conscience of man is the temple of the holy Ghost, In which temple I will proue the Pope to set as God, and to be exalted aboue all is called God. For who so contemneth the decaloge or the table of the comaūdements of God, ther is but a smal punishmēt for him, which punishment is not to death, but contrary wise he that shall contemne or violat the constitutions which you call the sauxions of men, he is counted by all mens iudgement giltie of death. What is this but the hye bishop of Rome to set and to raigne in the temple of God, that is, in mans conscience as God?

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MarginaliaBrusierde.Although this exposition semeth vnworthy of Christen eares, yet I would heare you further how he sheweth him selfe in signes and wonders deceitfull.

MarginaliaBilney.Theise wonders (which they call miracles) be wrought dayly in the church not by the power of God as many think, but by the illusion of Satan rather. Who, as the scripture witnesseth, hath bene lose now abrode, 500. yeres accordinge as it is wrytten in the booke of the Apocalips, that after a thousand yeares Satā shalbe let lose, &c. Neither are they to be called miracles of true christen men, but illusions rather wherby to delude mens minds, to make them put there faith in our lady and in other saincts, and not in God alone, to whome be honor and glory for euer.

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MarginaliaBrusierde.But that I beleue and know that God and all his sainctes will take euerlasting reuengement vpon the I would surely wt theise nayles of mine be thy death, for this horrible and enorme iniury against þe precious blud of christ. God saieth, I wil not the death of a sinner, but rather that he conuert and liue. And you blaspheme him as though he shuld lay priuy snars of death for vs secretly þt we shuld not espy thē Which and if it were true we might well say then with Hugh de S. victore, in this manner: If it be an errour, it is of the, O God, that we be deceaued, for theise be confirmed with suche signes and wonders, whiche cannot be done, but by the. But I assured it is vntrue and he-

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