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aforesaid thou hast brought in diuers & sondry times many bokes of the said Martin Luthers & his adherents & complices, and of other heretikes, the names, titles, & autors of which bokes here folow & are these. Martin Luther vpon thabrogating of the priuate masse. The declaratiōs of Martin Luther vpon the Epistles of Peter. Luther vpon thepistles of Paul and Iude. Luther vpō monastical vowes. Luthers commentary vpon thepistle of s. Paul to þe Galatheans. Iohannes Oecolampadius vpon thexposition of these words. Hoc est corpus meum The annotations of Oecolāpadius vpon thepistles of Paul to the Romaines, Oecolampadius his cōmentary vpon the iii. last prophets, Aggeus zacharie &Malachie. The sermons of Oecolampadius, vpon the catholike pistles of Ihō A boke of the annotations vpon Genesis, gathered of Huldericus zwinglius. The cōmentaries of Pomeran vpon iiii. chapters of the i. Epistle to the Corrin. Annotations of Pomeran vpon Deute. and Samuel. Pomeran vpō the Psalmes. The cōmentaries of Fraunces Lābert of Auinion vpon the gospel of s. Luke. A congest of al matters of deuinity of Frāces Lābert. The cōmentaries of Frāces Lambert vpon the prophet Ioel. The commentaries of Frances Lābert vpon the Prophets, Micheas Naum, Abacuc, Sephonias, Aggeus, zacherias, Amos, Abdias, Ionas, & Osee. A newe glose of Philip Melancton vpon the prouerbes of Salomon. The commentaries of Philip Melancton vpon the Epistle of s. Paul to the Colos. The annotations of Phillip Melancton, vpon the Epistle of s. Paule to the Ro. and vpon i. Epistle to the Colos. Salomons sentences translated according to the Hebrew by Phillip Melācton. Christopher Hegendorphinus. Most holsom annotations vpon the gospell of s. Mark. The cōmentaries of Ihon Brentius vpō Iob. The cōmentary of Ihon Brētius vpon Ecclesiastes of Salomon. Homilies of Brentius vpon the gospel of s. Ihon. The annotatyons of Andrew Althomarus, & Brentius vpon the Epistle of s. Iames. The cōmentaries of Bucer vpon Sephonias. Bucer vpon the iiii. Euāgelistes. The proces consistorial of the martirdō of Ihon Husse. A brief cōmendatory of martin Luther vnto Otho Brofelsius, as touching þe life, doctrine & martirdom of Ihon Hus. Feluius vpon the Psalter, his exposition vpō Isay. His expositions vpon Ieremye. Capito vpon Oseas. Capito vpon Abucke, Vnio dissidentiū The pādect of Otho.. The catologe of famous men. An answer of Tindal vnto syr Thomas More. A disputatiō of purgatory made by Ihō Frith in Englysh. A prologe to the v. boke of Moyses called Deutronomy. The fyrst boke of Moises called Genesis. A prologe to þe iii. boke of Moyses called Leuiticus. A prologe to the iiii. boke of Moyses called Nu. A prologe to theii. boke of Moyses called Exo. The practise of prelates. The new testament in english wt an introduction to the Romains. The parable of the wicked Mammon. Thobedience of a christen manne A. B. C. of Thorpes. The sum of scripture. The primer in English. The Psalter in English. A dialoge betwixt the gentleman & the plowman. Of al which kind of bokes both in laten & english translated, setforth and imprinted, cōtaining not only Lutherian heresies, but also the dāpnable heresies of other heretikes condempned, thou hast brought ouer frō the parties beyond the sea a great nōber into this realme of Englād, & specially to our city & dioces of London, and hast procured them to be brought & conueyed ouer, also thou hast kept by thee, & studied those bokes, & hast published and red them vnto diuers men, and many of those bokes also thou hast dispersed & geuen vnto diuers persons dwelling wythin our city & dioces of London, & hast confessed & affirmed before our official, that those bokes of Martin Luthers and other heretickes his complices and adherents, and all the contentes in them are good and agreable to the true fayth, sayinge thus, that they were good, and of the true faith, and bi this meanes & pretence, thou hast commended & praised Martin Luther, his adherents & complices, and hast fauored & beleued their errors, heresies and opiniōs. Wherfore we Ihon the bishop aforesaid fyrst calling vpō the name of Christ, & setting god only before our eies by þe counsell & consent of the deuines & lawyers wt whome in this behalf we haue cōferd, we declare & decre the, the forsaid master Richard Baifeld, otherwise called Somersam, for þe contēpt of thi abiuration as a fauorer of the forsaid Martin Luther, his adherēts, cōplices, fauorers, & other cōdemned heritikes, & for cōmending & studiyng, reading, hauing, retaining, publishing, selling, geuinge, & despersing the bokes and wrytings, as wel of the said Martin Luther, his adherents & disciples, as of other heretickes before named, and also for crediting, & maintaining therrors and heresies, and dampnable opinions contained in the said bokes and wrytinges by þe meanes to be and haue bene an heretick, and that thou by the pretence of the premisses, to haue fallen again most dampnabli into heresy, & pronoūce that thou art & hast ben a relapsed hereticke, & to haue incurred & ought to incur the paine & punishmēt of relaps. Decreing, declaring and also condempning thee thervnto, & that by þe pretence of the premisses, thou hast euen bi the lawe incurred the sentence of greater excommunication, and thereby we pronounce and declare thee to haue beene, and to be excommunycate, and clearlye discharge, exonerate and disgrade thee from al priueledge and prerogatiue of the Ecclesiastical orders, & also depriue

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