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Actes and Monuments of the Church.

IT was touched a little before, howe that the Pope hadde loste greate parte of hys authoritye and iurisdictyon in this realme of England. Now it foloweth to infer how and by what occasyon his whole power and autority began vtterlye to be abolished, by the reason and occasyon of the most vertuous and noble lady, Anne Bullen, who was not as yet married to the king. Howbeit in great fauor, by whose godly meanes and moste vertuous councell, the kynges minde was dailye inclined better and better. In so much that the same yere the kinge wyth certain of his Lordes comming vnto the common house, began to complain of the clergy, in effect as foloweth.

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VVell be loued subiectes, we thought that the cleargy of our realme had bene our subiects wholy, but nowe we haue well perceuyed that they be but half our subiects, yea and scarse our subiectes, for all the Prelates at theyr consecration make an oth vnto the Pope, cleane contrary to that they make vnto vs, so that they seme to be his subiectes and not oures, the Copy of both the othes I deliuer here to you, requiring you to inuent some order that we be not thus deluded of our spiritual subiectes. Where vpon immediatly the othes were openlye recited by the speaker in the Parliament house, the Copy wherof here ensueth.

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☞ The oth of the cleargy to the Pope.

I Ihon bishop or Abbot of A. from thys houre forward, shall be faithful and obedient to S. Peter, and to the holye Churche of Rome, and to my Lorde the Pope, and his successors Canonically entering, I shall not be of Councell nor consente, that they shall lese either lyfe or member, or shall be taken, or suffer anye vyolence, or any wrong by any meanes, their coūsaile to me creadited, by them their messēgers or letters, I shall not willinglye discouer to any person: the Papacye of Rome, the rules of the holy fathers, and the Regalie of s. Peter, I shall helpe and retain, and defende agaynste al men: the legate of the sea Apostolike, going and comming I shal honorablye entreate, the rightes, honors, priueledges, authorities of þe church of Rome, and of the Pope and his successors, I shall cause to be cōserued, defended, augmented, & promoted, I shal not be in counsel, treaty, or any acte, in the which any thing shalbe imagined against him, or the church of Rome, there rightes, states, honors, or powers. And if I know any suche to be moued or compassed, I shal resist it to my power, and assone as I can, I shal aduertise him, or such as maye geue him knowledge. The rules of the holy fathers, the Decrees, ordinaunces, sentēces, dispositions, reseruations, prouisions and commaundementes Apostolike, to my powerI shal kepe and cause to be kept of other. heretickes, scismatikes, and rebels to oure holy father and his successors, I shal resist and persecute to my power, I shal come to the Sinode, when I am called, except I be letted by a canonicall impediment, the lightes of the Apostles I shall visite personallye, or by my deputye, I shal not alien nor sel my possessyons, wythout the Popes Councel: so God me healpe and the holy Euangelistes.

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☞ The othe of the clergy to the king.

I Ihon bishop of A. vtterly renounce and clerely forsake, al such clauses, wordes, sentences, and grauntes, which I haue or shal haue hereafter, of the Popes holines, of and for the byshoprike of A. that in any wise hath bene, is or here after may be hurtful, or preiudicial to your highnes, your heires, successors, dignity, priueledge, or estate royal: and also I do sweare, that I shalbe faithful and true, and fayth and truthe I shal beare to you my soueraigne Lord, and to your heires kinges of the same, of life and lym, and earthly worship aboue all creatures, for to liue and die with you and yours against al people, and diligently I shalbe attendāt, to al your neades and busynesse, after my wit and power, and your councell I shall kepe and hold, knowledging my self to holde my bishoprycke of you only, beseching your of restitution of the temporalties of the same, promising as before, that I shalbe faithful, true, and obediēt subiect to your said highnes heires, and successors durynge my life, and the seruices and other thinges due to your highnes, for the restitution of the temporalties of the same Bishoppricke, I shal truely doo and obediently perfourm, so God me helpe and all sainctes.

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These othes thus being recited, and opened to the people, were the occasyon that the Pope loste all his interest and iurisdiction here in England wythin short tyme after, vppon the occasyon and reason where of, the matter folling out more and more against the Pope, Sir Thomas More of whom mention is made before, beinge a greate maintainer of the Pope, and a heauy troubeler of Christes people, was driuen to resigne vp his Chauncelorship, and to deliuer vp the great seale of Englande into the kinges handes. After whome succeaded sir Thomas Awdley, keper of the great seale, a man in eloquence and gifts of tongue no lesse incomparable, as also for hys godlye disposed minde and fauorable inclinatiō to Christes religion, worthy of much commendation.

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These thinges being doon in the parliamēt the king wythin short time after proceaded to the marryage of the foresayde Ladye Anne Bullen, mother to oure moost noble Quene, who wythoute all controuersye was the priuye and open comforter and aider of al the professors of Christes gospel, as well of the learned as the vnlearned, her life being also directed according to þe same, as her wekelye almes

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