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Actes and Monuments of the Churche.

Marcer, whereupon the kynge tooke great displeasure against the sayde Princes Dowager.

MarginaliaThe kinge proclaimed Supreme head by act of parliamētThe kyng also vpon the occasion of this curse, so stomaked the matter that the next yeare after, calling his hyghe courte of parliament, caused it to be prouided by sufficient actes, the Pope to be vtterly abolyshed, and he hym selfe to be establyshed & proclaimed supreame head of the churche of Englande, MarginaliaSir Thomas more & the byshop of Rochester beheaded.whiche thing the byshop of Rochester and Sir Thomas More, (whome ye haue heard before were the autors of Frithes death) grudging against and in no wyse wylling to consent therunto, but manifestly and openly resysting the same, thei were accused and condempned of treason, and beheaded at towerhill.

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In like maner the same yeare, was thre charter house monkes hanged, drawen, and quartered at Tyburne, for speakyng diuers trayterous wordes agaynst the kinges maiestie, and obstinatly perseuered in the same euen vntyll theyr death, whose names were Exmew, Middlemor, and Nudygate.

¶ A proclamation for the abolyshyng of the vsurped power and iurisdiction of the byshop of Rome.

Marginalia1535.TRustie & welbeloued, we greete you well, and where as not only vpon good and iust and vertuous groundes and respectes, edified vpon the lawes of holye scripture by due consultation, deliberatiō, aduisement & consent, aswel of al other our nobles & cōmōs tēporal, as also spiritual assēbled in our high court of parliamēt, & by autoritie of the same. We haue by good & wholsome lawes and statutes made for this purpose, extirped, abolyshed, separated and secluded out of this our Realme, the abuses of the byshop of Rome, his autoritie and iurisdiction of long time vsurped, as well vpon vs & our Realme, as vpon all other kynges and prynces and their Realmes, lyke as they them selues haue confessed and affirmed, but also for as muche as our sayde nobles and commons, both spiritual and temporall, assembled in our hyghe court of parliament, haue vpon good lawfull and vertuous groundes, and for the publique weale of this our Realme, by one whole assent, graunted, anexed, knit and vnited to the crowne imperiall of the same, the tytle, dignitie and style of supreme head or gouernour in earth immediatly vnder God of the churche of Englande as we be, and vndoubtedly haue hetherto bene, whiche title and stile both the byshops and clergie of this our Realme, haue not only in conuocation, assembled, consented, recognysed, and approued lawfullyand iustly to aperteine vnto vs, but also by worde, othe, profession & wryting vnder their sygnes and seales, haue confessed, ratyfied, corroborated and confirmed the same, vtterly renouncing all other othes and obedience to any other forein potentates, and all foraine iurisdictions and powers, as well of the sayd byshop of Rome, as of all other whatsoeuer they be, as by their sayd professions and wrytings corroborated with the subscription of their names and appension of their seales more playnly apeareth. We let you wytte that calling to our remembraunce the poower charge and commission geuen vnto vs of almightie God, and vpon a vehement loue and effection, toward our louyng and faithfull subiectes, perceiuing ryght well what great rest, quietnes, and tranquillitie of conscience, and manifolde other comodities, might insurge and aryse vnto them, if that the sayde byshops and other of the clergie of this our Realme, shold set forth, declare and preache to them the true and syncere worde of God, and without all maner colour, dissimulation and hypocrysie, manyfest & publyshe the great and innumerable enormities and abuses, whiche the sayde byshoppe of Rome, as well in the tytle and style, as also in autoritie and iurisdiction of long time vnlawfully and vniustly hath vsurped vpon vs & our progenitours, and also other Christē prynces, haue therfore adressed our letters vnto the B. of the dioces strayghtly charging and cōmaunding him in the same, that not onely he in his owne proper persone, shall declare teache and preache vnto the people fourthwith vpō the receate of our sayd letters vnto hym dyrected euery sondaye and other hyghe feastes through the yeare, the true mere and syncere worde of God, and that the same title, stile, and iurisdiction of supreme head, aperteineth onely to our crowne and dignitie Royall, lykewyse as the sayde byshop and all other the byshoppes of our Realme, haue by othe affirmed and confirmed by subscription of their names, and setting to their seales, but also geue warnynge, monition and carge, to all manor Abbots, Priors, deanes, Archdeacons, prouostes, parsons, vicars, curates, and all other ecclesiasticall parsones within his sayd dioces, as well to teach, preache, publishe, & declare in all maner churches, our forsayde iuste title, stile, and iurisdiction, euery sonday, and hyghe feaste through the yeare. And further to monyshe and commaunde all other scholemaisters within his sayde dioces, to instructe and teache the same vnto the chyldren committed vnto them, as also to cause all maner prayers, orations Rubrikes, Canons of messe bokes, and all other bokes in the churches, wherein the saide Byshop of Rome is named, or his presumptuous and proude pompe and autoritie preferred, vtterly

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