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572 [516]

Actes and Monuments of the Church.

haue had warning. So Philippes went from Andwarpe to the hyghe court of Bruxelles, whiche is from thence xxiiii. Englyshe myles, the kyng hauing there no Ambassadour, for at that tyme the kyng of Englande and the Emperour, were at a controuersie for the question betwene the Lady Katherine pryncesse Dowager and the kyng 

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I.e., the king of England.

, whiche lady Katherine was aunt to the Emperour. And the discord grewe so muche that it was doubted warre to haue bene betwene the Emperour and the kyng, so at that tyme a traytour out of Englande was there, & then sone heard & credited, as that fellowe, after he had betrayed maister Tyndall into theyr handes, shewed hym selfe agaynste the kynges own persone, in that he there sette forth against the kyng. And so the sayd Phylippes did so muche there, that he procured to bryng from thence with hym to Andwarp the Procurour general, the whiche is the Emperours atturney, with other certaine officers as after followeth. The whiche was not done with small charges and expences, from whom so euer it came.

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And within a whyle after, Pointz sytting at his dore, Phylippes man came vnto hym and asked whether Maister Tyndall were there, and sayde his maister would come to hym, and so departed. but whether his maister Phylips were in the towne or not I can not tel, but at that tyme Poyntz heard no more, neither of the maister nor of the man. Within three or foure dayes after, Poyntz went fourth to the towne of Barrowe, beynge xviii. Englyshe myles from Andwarpe, where he should haue had buysnes for the space of a moneth or syxe weakes, and in the time of his absence, Henry Phylippes came agayne to Andwarpe to the house of Poyntz, and commyng in, spake with his wyfe, asked her for Maister Tyndall, and if he would dyne there with him, saying: what good meat shall we haue, she aunswered, such as the market wyl serue. Then went he fourth agayne, I thynke to prouyde and sett the officers whiche he brought with hym from Bruxelles in the streate, and about the doore 

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The English House at Antwerp enjoyed what amounted to diplomatic immunity. Tyndale had to be arrested outside of the house.

, then about noone he came agayne and went to M. Tyndal, and desyred hym to lende hym fortie shyllynges, for sayde he, I loste my purse thys mornyng, comyng ouer at þe passage betwene this and Machelyn. MarginaliaThe simplicitie of Tindall.So maister Tyndall toke hym fortie shyllinges, the whiche was easy to be hadde of hym if he hadde it, for in worldlye wylenes he was verie simple. Then sayd Phylyppes, maister Tyndall you shalbe my geste here this daye, no sayde maister Tyndal, I go forth this daye to dynner, and you shall goo with me & be my gest, where you shalbe welcome. So when it was dyner tyme, maister Tyndall went forth with Philippes, and at the going forth of Poyntz house, was a longnarrowe entry, so that two could not go in a frount. MarginaliaHow Tindall was betraied into his ennemies hāds.Maister Tyndall would haue put Philippes before hym, but Phylippes woulde in nowyse but put maister Tyndall afore, for that he pretended to shewe great humanitie. So maister Tyndall beyng a man of no great stature, goyng before, and Philippes beynge a tall comely fellowe behynde him, who had set officers on either syde of the dore vpon two seates whiche were there, and beyng there, they myght se who came in the entrie, and cōming through the same entrie, Phylippes poynted with his fynger ouer maister Tyndalles head downe to hym. That the officers whiche satt at the dore, myght see that it was he that they should take. As the officers that toke mayster Tyndall, afterward tolde Poyntz, and sayd to Poyntz, when they hadde layde hym in pryson they pytied to see the symplicitie of maister Tyndal when they toke hym. Then they toke hym and brought hym to the Emperours Attourney or procurour general, there he dyned. then came the Procurour generall to þe house of Poyntz, and sent away al that was there of maister Tyndals, as well his bookes as other thynges. And from thence they hadde hym to the castell of Fylford, xviii. Englyshe myles from Andwarpe, and there he remayned vntil he was put to death.

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Then incontinent by the helpe of Englysh marchauntes, was letters sent in his fauoure to the hyghe courte at Bruxelles. And shortly after, letters were dyrected out of Englande to the councell at Bruxelles, and sent to the marchauntes aduenturers to Andwarpe, cōmaunding them, to see that with speede, they should be deliuered, for the delyuery of the same, suche of the cheafest of the marchauntes as were there at that tyme beyng called together, appoynted the sayde Poyntz, requyringe hym to take in hande the delyuery of those letters, with also letters from them in the fauor of maister Tyndal to the Lorde of Barrowe and others, the whiche was tolde Poyntz by the waye that the Lorde of Barrowe at that tyme was departed from Bruxelles, as the chiefest conductor of the oldest doughter of the kyng of Denmarke, to be maried to the Palsgraue, whose mother was suster to the Emperour, she beyng chiefe Princes of Denmarke, as the lorde of Barrow told the sayd Poyntz, who after he harde of his departure dyd ryde after the next way, & ouertoke hym at Akonn, where he delyuered to hym hys letters, the whiche when he had receyued and read them, made no directe aunswere, but somewhat obiecting, sayd: there was of their countrie men that were burned in Englande not long before, as in deede there was Anabaptistes burnt in smythfielde, and so Poyntz, sayde to hym, how be it sayd he, what soeuer the crime

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