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Marginalia9Itē whether thou doest beleue orders to be a Sacrament of the churche, and that sayinge of masse ordeyned by the churche, is to be obserued of Priestes, whether it be deadly synne or not, if it be omitted or cōtempned, and whether the order of priesthoode were inuented by mans imagination, or ordeined by God.

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Marginalia10Item whether penaunce be a Sacrament of the churche and necessary vnto saluation, and whether auricular confession is to be made vnto the priest, or is necessary vnto saluation, and whether thou beleuest that a Christian is boūd besydes contrition of harte, hauing the free vse of an apte or mete priest, vnder ncessitie of saluation, to be cōfessed vnto a priest and not vnto any lay man, be he neuer so good or deuoute, and whether thou beleuest that a priest in cases permitted vnto hym, may absolue a synner (beyng contrite and cōfessed) from his synnes, and enioyne hym holsome penaunce.

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Marginalia11Item whether thou doest beleue and holde that the Sacrament of confirmation, and extreme vnction be Sacramentes of the church, and whether that they doo profit the soules of them whiche receyue them, and whether thou beleuest the foresayde seuen Sacramentes, doo geue grace vnto them that do duely receiue them.

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Marginalia12Whether all thynges necessarie vnto saluation, are put in holie scripture, & whether things only there put be sufficient, and whether some thynges vpon necessitie of saluation, are to bee beleued and obserued, whiche are not expressed in scripture.

Marginalia13Whether thou beleuest that purgatorie is, & whether that soules departed, be therein tormēted and purged.

Marginalia14Whether holy Martyrs, Apostles, and Confessors, departed from this worlde, ought to be honoured, called vpon, and prayed vnto.

Marginalia15Whether the sainctes in heauen as mediatours praye for vs.

Marginalia16Whether thou beleuest oblations and pylgrimages, may be deuoutely and meritoriouslye done to the sepulcres and relyques of sainctes.

Marginalia17Whether the faste in Lent and other, appointed by the Canon lawe, and receiued in common vsage of Christian people (onlesse necessitie otherwyse requyreth) are to be obserued.

Marginalia18Whether it bee laudable and profitable, that worshipfull images be set in churches for the remembraunce of Christe and his sainctes.

Marginalia19Whether thou beleuest that prayers of menn lyuing, doo profite soules departed, and beyng in Purgatorie.

Marginalia20Whether men may merite and deserue bothe by their fastynges, and also by other deedes of deuocion.

Marginalia21Whether thou dooste beleue that men prohibited of byshops to preache as suspecte of heresie, ought to cease from preachyng and teaching vntyll they haue purged them selues of suspition afore an hygher iudge.

Marginalia22Whether thou beleuest that it is lawfull for all priestes freely to preache the worde of God or no?

Marginalia23Whether thou beleuest that it bee laufull for laie men of bothe kyndes, that is to wytt, both men and women, to sacrifice and preache the worde of God?

Marginalia24Whether excommunication denowsed by the Pope against all heretikes, doo oblyge & bynde them before God?

Marginalia25Whether euery priest is bounde to saye dayly his mattens and euensong, accordinge as it is ordeined by the churche, or whether he may leaue them vnsayde without offence or deadly sin?

Marginalia26Whether thou beleuest that the heades or rulers by necessitie of saluation, are bound to giue vnto the people holy scripture in their mother language.

Marginalia27Whether is it laufull for the rulers for some cause vpon their reasonable aduisement, to ordeine that the scripture should not be delyuered vnto the people in the vulgare language?

Marginalia28Whether thou beleuest that consecratiōs, hallowynges and blessinges, vsed in the churche, are to be praysed.

Marginalia29Whether thou beleuest that the Pope maye make lawes and statutes, to bynde all Christen men to the obseruaunce of the same, vnder pain of deadly synne, so that such lawes and statutes be not contrary to the lawe of God?

Marginalia30Whether thou beleuest that the Pope and other Prelates and their deputies in spirituall things, haue power to excommunicate pristes and laye people that are inobedient and sturdy, from entring in to the churche, and to suspende or let them from ministraton of the Sacramentes of the same?

Marginalia31Whether faith only without good workes, may suffice vnto a man fallen in to synne after his baptisme for his saluation and iustifying?

Marginalia32Whether a priest mariyng a wyfe, and that without the dispensation of the Pope, and begettyng also chyldren of her without slaunder geuing, do synne deadly?

Marginalia33Item whether a Latin priest after he hath taken the order of priesthoode, being sore troubled and styred with pricking of lust or lechery, and therfore marying a wife for remedy of the same do synne deadly.

Marginalia34Item whether thou diddest euer praye for Iohn Wycklieffe, Iohn Hus, or Hierome of Prage, condempned of heresye in the councell of Constance, or for any of them sithe they died, or whether thou hast done openly or secretly any deedes of charitie for theim, affirmyng them to be in blysse and saued.

Marginalia35Item whether thou haste recounted them or any of them to be sainctes, and worshipped thē as sainctes.

Marginalia36Item whether thou doest beleue, holde and affirme, that euery generall councell, and the councell of Constance, also do represent the vniuersall congregation or churche.

Marginalia37Item whether thou do beleue that the same thinges whiche the councel of Constance (representing the vniuersall churche) hath aproued & doth approue for the maintenaunce of faythe & soules health, that the same is to be approued & holden of all Christians.

Marginalia38Whether the condempnatious of Iohn Wicklieffe, Iohn Hus, and of Hierome of Prage, done vpon their persones, bokes & documents by the whole general councel of Cōstance, were duely and ryghtfully done, and so for suche of euery catholyke persone, they are to be holden.

Marginalia39Whether thou beleuest that Iohn Wicklieffe of Englande, Iohn Hus of Boheme, and Hierome of Prage, were heretikes, and for heretikes to be named, and theyr bookes and doctrines to haue bene and nowe be peruerse, for the whiche bokes and pertinacie of their persones, they are condempued by the holy councel of Cō

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