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Actes and Monumentes of the Church.

stance for heretikes.

Marginalia40Item whether thou beleue or affirme that it is not lefull in any case to sweare.

Marginalia41Whether þu beleue that it is lawfull at the commaundement of a iudge, to make an othe to say the truth, or any other othe in a case cōuenient & that also for purgation of infamie.

Marginalia42Item whether a Christian persone despising the receipte of the Sacramentes of confirmation extreme vnction or solemnising of matrimony, do synne deadly.

Marginalia43Item whether thou beleue that saynt Peter as Christes vicar, haue power vpon earth to bynde and lose.

Marginalia44Item whether the Pope ordinatly chosen for a tyme, his proper name beyng expreste, be the successor of saint Peter.

Marginalia45Item whether thou hast euer promysed at any tyme by an othe, or made any confederacy or league with any persone or persones, that you would alwayes holde and defende certain conclusions or articles, semyng to you and your accomplyshes ryght and cōsonant vnto the faith, and that you certifie touching the order and tenour of the sayd opinions and conclusions, and of the names and surnames of them that were your adherentes, and promised to be adherente vnto you in this behalfe.

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¶ Here ensue the answers to these articles.

MarginaliaThe aunswers of Iohn Lāberd to the articles aboue mentioned.VNto your fyrst demaunde wherin you do aske, whether I was suspect or infamed of heresye. I aunswere that I am not certain what al persones at all seasons hath deamed or suspected of me, peraduenture some better, some worse, like as þe opiniō was neuer on, but thought diuersly of all the famous Prophets, and of the Apostles, yea, and of Christ him selfe, as appeareth in saint Iohn howe, when he came into Hierusalem in the feaste called Scenopegia, anonne there arose vpō him a great noyse, some saing that he was a very good one, other sayd nay, but called hym a seductor, because he lead the people from the ryghte wayes of Moyses law into errour. Seyng therfore that all men could not saye well by Christe, whiche is the authour of veritie and truthe, yea, the verye truthe selfe, and likewyse of his best seruants. What should I nede to reken, if at some time some persone for a lyke cause should suspect of me amisse: and euill reporte me. Seing moreouer it is sayde in the Gospel. Væ vobis cum laudauerint vos oēs homines, quoniam sic faciebāt psendoprophetis patres vestri. If therfore at any season suche infamy was put vpon me, I am glad that I haue so litle regarded the same, that nowe I haue forgottent it. And though I did remember any suche, yet were I more then twyse a foole to shewe you thereof: for it is wrytten in your owne lawe, Nemo tenetur prodere seipsum. But this I ensure you I was neuer so charged with suspicion or infamy of this crime, that I was therfore euer conuen-ted and reproued afore any iudge. Afore that I was troubled for these causes, for which I was at the fyrst put into your handes, and of theim seing you can not proue me fauty, I wounder why you would neuer yet pronounce me quite and innocent, according as I haue euer lowly desyred of you, and required full instantly the same. But those letting passe and forgettynge you haue imagined newe for to charge me with, in whiche I thynke certenlye, that you could no more haue proued me culpable then you did in þe fyrst. That is to wit, no whit culpable in nother. had it not bene that by longe imprysonment you enforsed me to tell what my mynde thought in them, which I haue frely, and wyll shewe, and that indifferently considered, I suppose shal not deserue any sore punishement, onles you wyll beate the truthe, wherunto I hope it shall not disagree.

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MarginaliaTo the second articleTo your seconde demaunde, where you doo inquire whether euer I hadd any of Luthers bookes, and namely sythe they were condempned (and howe long I kept them, and whether I haue spent any studie in them.) I saye that in deede I haue had of them, and that both before they were condempned and also sythe, but I nether wyll ne can tell you, howe longe I kept them, but truthe it is that I haue studied vpon them, and I thanke God that euer I so dyd. for by them hath God shewed vnto me, & also to an howge multitude of other such light as the deceiuable darkenes of them (I beseche God amende it) that name them selues (but amysse) to be holy churche, cannot abyde. And that appeareth euidently, for they dare not stande to any triall. He coueteth aboue all, as all his aduersaries doth well knowe, that all his wrytinges, and the wryting of all his aduersaryes, myght be translated into all langages, to thintent that all people myght see and knowe what is sayde of euery parte, whereby men shoulde be the better iudge as the truthe is. And in this me thinketh he requyreth nothyng but equitie, for the lawe would haue no body condempned, ne yet iustified, vntyll his cause were bothe hearde and knowen. But the contrary parte, I meane our ouer ryche prelacie, whiche is so drowned in voluptuous lyuyng, that they can not attend to study gods scripture ne preache the same, whiche shoulde be the pryncipal part of their office, they abhor this fashion (albeit it is ryght indifferent and full of equitie) no lesse then they doo abhorre death, and no maruel. for doubtles if it so could be obteined that the wrytinges of all parties myght bee openlye seene and conferred, theyr persones saued, we shoulde soone see theyr sleyghty dealyng and facyng doctrine with all other cloked abusion lyghtly ouerthrowen & fordone. As appeareth well in Almayne, for there be the bookes of euery partie seene open-

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