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MarginaliaAugust de vera religione. MarginaliaOrigines contra celsum saying that he wold haue no goldsmithes ne grauers in a cominaltye for they do but little profit or none therto. And S. Gregorye that was chefe, other inuentor, or ells mainteiner þt Images shuld be set in churches, would not, as I haue red, I trowe it is in a pistle which he writeth ad Seruum MarginaliaGregorius ad seruumhaue them worshipped. And as cōcerning thexciting of mens memory I would suppose that if christes doctrin were so shewed and opened that people might it clerly vnderstand (and that is the principall office of prelates and curates to do by diligent teaching therof) I thinke verely we shuld haue little neede of other Images, then should by holsome doctrine be shewed vnto vs by worde of mouth and writing. Quoniā nihil ita efficax ad comonefaciendum discipulos vt viua vox MarginaliaViua voxas is testified both by common report and also by sentence of lettred men, nothing is so effectual to excite the remembraunce of disciples as the liuely voyce of good teachers. So that I suppose if this liuely doctrine of god had a fore time bene ap ertly and dilygētly opened vnto the people as the curates ought to haue doone we should haue such profitte therby, that we should not nede to contend for setting vp or taking down of other dum stockes and liuelesse Stones, carued or made by men. And if prelates would begin to set vp christes worde (which alas for pitie is not loked vpon but rather trode doune and dispised, So that many are not a shamed to say, I wil haue no more learning in christes law then my predycessors for they that magnify it must be sore punished and taken for hereticks with such other greuous wordes. if this doctrine were yet set vp in churches, I say, and treuly opened that all men might haue their indgment therby fyned and made clere. I thinke we shoulde not greatly nede the profit that commeth by Images made of men to excite our remembrance for to liue christenly. For that worde which came from the brest of christ him selfe and was written of other, that wrot and spake by the suggestion of his spirite the holy ghost, shewith full perfitly his blessed will, which is the true and certeine Image of his minde and deuise. MarginaliaThe true Image of god, is his worde & his worksif this therfore were diligently inculcate, I think we shuld be trāsformid a new according to the minde of Paule: Which writting to the Colosians saith thus: Se that you lye not one to an other after þt nowe you have put of your old man with his workes and haue put vpon you the new man, which is trāsformed and renouat after the knowledge and Image of him that made vs, ye thus should we all be docti a deo as is said in Iohn. And all should knowe God both smal and great, accordyng to the promise resited in the Hebrues ye thus should we be so restorid to goodnes that we should haue, the Image of God carued in our hartes full expresly. For euery man is transformed into the fashion of vertuouse things that he is accustomed to rede and heare, And therfore it wer a great grace if we might haue the word of god dilgently & often spokē & sōg vnto vs in such wise that the people might vnderstande it. Ye then shuld come to passe þe craftes men shuld singe spiritual psalmes sitting at their work. And the housband manne at his ploughe as would and wisheth saint Ierom. Ye this holy Image of Christ, I meane his blessed doctrine doth apointe vs also to consider his workes made by the hand of God. such as no man can make like, wherby as saithe Paule writinge to the Romaines, The inuisible pour and deuinity of God is knowen and seene by the creation of the world of such as wil consider his workes that are therin by him made loke in þe psalmes laudate dominum de celis. Celi enarrāt with other And these two Images gods workes & his doctrine hath ( any Images made by men were sett vp in churches) well and sufficiently instruct the premitiue church & shuld yet instruct vs well if they were well considerid. So that we should not neade so sore to cōtend for setting vp of other made by men wherby I haue perceiuid much harme arise but I cannot tell of any great profitte, nor the scripture maketh not for them but rather contrary I would your Lordship would please to reede the pistle of Baruch ones a gaine concerninge for the same purpose.

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MarginaliaAunswere to the 19. article.Vnto the xix where you ask whether I beleue that prayers of men liuinge do profitte soules departed and being in purgatority I made aunswere in the xiii article.

MarginaliaAnswere to the. 20 article.Vnto the xx. wher you doo ask whether men may meritte and deserue both by ther fastings and also by other deedes of deuotion? I haue shewed what I do thinke in the first demaunde

MarginaliaAnswer to the xxi. article.In the xxi wher you do ask whether I do beleue that men prohibit of bishopes to preach as suspect of heresy ought to cease from preachinge and teachinge vntill they haue purgid them selues of suspiciō a fore an higher iudge MarginaliaWhether men prohibited ought to cease frō preachinge.I say that men may be wrongfully suspect & in formid of heresy other for by cause they neuer though to beleue such errores as mon by fals suspicion do deame them to fauour, or els when men as well of high state as of low by sinister iudgement may thinke that to be error which is the very truth. And of this speaketh Esay. Woo be to them (quod he) that calleth the light darkenes and the darknes light, the truth, falsehode, and falsehode truth. As the bishops and the priestes with ther Oratour Tertulius called Paul sayinge thus before a iudg caled felix vnto whose court they brought him to be condempned to deth we haue (quod they) gottē here a pestilent felow a sower of sedicion or discorde amonge all the Iewes of the

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