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The suffrages of sainctes reigning wt Christe in heauen, to be craued in vaine, being not able to helpe vs. In saing or singing the houres and mattens of the day, the time to be but lost. A mā ought to cease from his labour no day, but only vpon Sonday.

The feastes and festiualles of sainctes, ought to be reiected. Item such fastes as be coacted & inioyned by the church, haue no merite in them.

These assertions of the Valdēses, beyng thus articled out by Eneas Siluius, I thoughte to geue them abrode bothe in Laten and English: to thentente, þt as they are the les to be doubted, being set out of a popes pen: so we may the better know bothe them hereby, what they were: And also vnderstande howe this doctrine nowe preached and taught in the Churche, is no new doctrine, whiche here we see bothe taught & persecuted almost. 400. yeares ago. And as I haue spoken hetherto sufficiently cōcerning their doctrine: So now we will brefly somwhat touche, of the order of their life and conuersation, as we finde it regestred in a certaine olde written boke of Inquisitions.

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Ex Inquisitorio quodam libello.

MarginaliaDe moribus et consuetodine Valdēsium.MOdus autem Valdensium talis est. &c. The whole proces commeth to this effect in Englishe. The maner of the Valdenses is this: They kneling vpon their knees, leaning to some bancke, or stay, doo continue in their prayers with silence, solonge as a man may say 30 or 40 times Pater noster. And this they doo euery day with great reuerence, being amongst them selues, suche as be of theyr owne religion, and no straungers with them, bothe before dyner and after: likewyse before supper and after: also what time they goo to bed: and in the morning whē they rise: and at certaine other times also, as well in the day, as the night. Item they vse no other prayer, but the prayer of the Lorde, & that without Aue maria and the Crede: which they say not to be put in for any prayer, by christ, but only by þe church of Rome. Albeit they haue & vse the seauen articles of faith concerning the diuinitie: and seauen articles concerning the humanitie, and the x. commaundements, and seuen workes of mercy, whiche they haue compiled together in a compendious boke, glorying muche in the same, and therby offer them selues, ready to answer any man for their faith.

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MarginaliaThere maner of grace before meatBefore they go to meate, they haue this grace, Benedicite. Kyrieeleesō. Christe eleeson, Kyrieeleeson. Pater noster, whiche being said, then the elder amongst them beginneth thus in their owne tongue: God which blessed the fyue barly loaues and two fishes in the desert, before his disciples, bles this table, and that is set vpon it, or shalbe set vpon it, In the name of the father, of the sōne and of the holy ghost. Amen: And likewise again MarginaliaThere grace after meate.when they rise from meate, the seniour geueth thanks: saying the words of the Apocalips: Blessing, and worship, and wisdome, and thankes geuing, honor, vertue, and strength to God alone for euer and euer. Amen. And addeth moreouer: God reward them in their bosoms, & be beneficiall to all them, that be beneficiall to vs, & bles vs. And the God which hath geuen vs corporall feeding, graunt vs his spiritual lyfe, and God be with vs, and we alwayes with him. To whiche they answer again. Amen. And thus in saying grace, they holde their handes vpwarde lokyng vp to heauen. After their meate and grace saide, they teache and exhorte amongst themselves cōferring together vpon theyr doctrine. &c.

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MarginaliaReinerius an olde inquisitor against Valdenses.In their doctrine and teaching they were so diligent and painful, that Reinerius a writer about their time, & extreme enemie against thē, in a longe proces, wherin he describeth their doctrine and teaching, testifieth, that he heard of one whiche did know the partie, that a certayne heretike (saithe he) only to turne a certayne persō away from our faith, and to bryng hym to hys, in the night, and in the winter time swam ouer the riuer called Ibis, to come to him & to teache him: moreouer so perfect they were then in the scriptures, that the said Reinerius saith, he did heare and see a man of the contrey vnlettered, whiche could recite ouer the whole booke of Iob word by word, without boke: with diuers other, whiche had the whole newe testament perfectly by hearte.

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MarginaliaPius videtur locus, in lasciuos sacerdotes.And although some of them, rather merely thē vnskilfully, expounded the wordes. i Ioā Sui nō receperunt eum, Swine did not receaue him, yet were they not so ignorant and voyde of learning, nor yet so few in number but that they did mightely preuayle. In somuche that Reinerius hath these wordes. MarginaliaThe power and multitude of Valdenses.Non erat qui eos impedire auderet propter potentiam et multitudinem fautorum suorum. Inquisitioni et examinationi sæpe interfui. Et computatæ sūt. 40. Ecclesiæ, q æ hæresi infectæ fuerunt: ac in vna parochia Cammach fuerunt decem eorum scholæ &c. That is. There was none durste stoppe them, for the power and multitude of theyr fauourers. I haue often ben at theyr inquisition, and examinacion. And there wer nūbred. xl. churches, infected with their heresy, in so muche that in one parish of Cāmach. were. x. open scholes of them. &c. Hæcille.

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MarginaliaValdenses in all other pointes sound, but only for holding against the churche of Rome.And yet the said Reinerius, when he hath said all he can, in deprauing and impugning them, yet is driuen to cōfes this of them, where he doth distinct their sectes from other sectes and hathe these words: Hæc uero leonistarum secta magnā habet speciem pietatis, eo quod coram hominibus iuste viuant, et bene omnia de deo credant, et omnes articulos, qui in symbolo cōtinentur: Solā Romanam ecclesiam blasphemant et oderunt. That is: This sect of Leonists, hath a great shew of holines, in that bothe they lyue iustly before men:

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