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should euen for very shame repent, or els here after the lesse abuse þe furor or madnes of such witnesses to shed blud. Therfore I wil first cōfirme by euident testimonies of the scriptures those thīgs which in times past I haue taught, and afterward I will refel theyr vayne Sophistications, wherby they go about to subuert þe truth of God.

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The sentence of condemnation geuen against Sir Iohn Borthuike knight by the Cārdinal, Byshoppes and Abbots in Scotland. Anno. 1540.

Marginalia1540SIr Iohn Borthuike knight commonly called Captaine Borthuik beinge accused suspected slaundered and convicte by witnesse, without all dought of greter estymation then he him self, in the yeare of our Lorde 1540, the. 28. daye of maye, in the cloister of saint Andros in the presence 

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In fact, Borthwick did not appear to answer this summons. Having been forewarned, he fled to England.

of the most reuerent fathers Gawine Archbishoppe of Glasquene Chauncelloure of Scotland, William bishop of Aburdin Henry of Candicatia, Iohn Bishop of Brecknock, and William of Dumbar Bishoppes, Androw of Mellrowes George of Duneruelinge, Iohn of Paslet, Iohn of Londorse, Roberte of Killos & William of Kulros, Abbotes, Mancolalyne of Quiterne and Iohn of Pettinvaim Pryers, master Alexander Kalfour vickar of Kitman Rector of vniuersity of Saint Androwes, and Maister Iohn Maior and Peter Capellande Batchelers of deuinity and Doctoures, Martine Ballfour Batcheller of deuinity and of Law officiall of Saint Androwes, Iohn winton Supprior 
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John Winram was Foxe's likely informant for much of his Scottish material in 1570 and subsequent editions.

, Iohn Anand and Thomas Emingame Cannons of Saint Androwes, Iohn Tompson with his fellowe prior of the friers Augustines of the same city, Iohn Tullidaffe warden of the fryors minors and Iohn Paterson of the same Couēt, and also in the presence of the most noble mighty and honorable Lords George of huntelo, Iames of Arrain William Marshal, William of Monnetros, Earles, Maulcolme Lorde of flemminge chameberline of Scotland, Iohn Lord of Linsey, Iohn Lord of Erskine, Geroge Lord of Seton, Iames Hamelton of finwart, water Lord of Saint Ihō, Maister Iames of Colintō Clark to the kings regester with diuers other Lords Barons and honest parsons being called and desired to gether for witnes that he did hold publish and openly tech these errores folowinge,

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¶ The first article

That our holy father the Pope as Christes vicar hath not nether can excercise greater autority ouer Christians here on earth then any other bishop or prelate.

☞ Borthwicke,

These holy ones do magnify their Lord by like title as common thefes and robbers are accustomed to preferre the Captaines and ringe leders of their roberis and mischefes, callyng them in euery place the most honest and good men, wheras likewise it is euident that in the whole world ther is no man more geuen to riotte, whiche more gredely doth seeke after all kinde of delicatnes and wantones, and finally aboundeth with al kinde of vice: As treason, murder, rapine and al kinde of such euils. Futhermore where as they affirme him to be the viccar of christ here in erth, it shalbe easely conuinced when as it shallbe made manifest that he hath not nor cannott exercise more power or autority ouer christians then any other bishop or prelate. For vnto that office of beinge viccar they referre that greate authority the which they do so greatly bost and brag of, which being taken away the office of vicar doth also fal and decay. but now to attempt the matter, I wil first demaund of the mainteners of this preheminence and autority, wherupon they will grounde the same. I know that they will aunswer vnto me that Peter had power & autority ouer the other Apostles & cōsequently ouer thuniuersall church, the which power by succession is translated vnto the bishops of Rome. but how vnshamefastly they do lye herin any may easely perceiue which hath but any small sparke of iudgement in him. When as he shall here the testimonies of the scriptures which we will alleage to conferme this our opinion. For Peter in the. 15. of the actes. 

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Acts 15:6-22

In the counsell doth declare what is to be don and admonisheth vs what of necessity we ought to do And he ther did also here other speake and did not only geue them place to say theyr mindes but also permit and receiue their iudgement, and wheras they decreed, he folowed and obeied the same. Is this then to haue power ouer others? Furthermore where as in his first Epistle he wryteth vnto bishoppes and pastors, he dothe not commaund them as superior or head ouer them, by power and authoritye, but maketh them his fellow companions, and gentelly exhorteth thē as is accustomed to be done betwene equalles of degree: for these are hys woordes: I beseche 
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I Peter 5:1-2

and desire the bishops and pastors whiche are amongst you for so muche as I my selfe am also a bishop, and a wytnesse of the afflictions of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory which shalbe reueled, that they do diligently fede the flocke of Christe whyche is committed vnto them. Whye then doo they so chalenge vnto them the autoritye of Peter, whiche he neuer acknowledged in him selfe. Truelye I doo not doubte, but if that Peter were here present, he woulde with like seuerity rebuke their follye and madnes, as Moyses 
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Likely a reference to Numbers 11:28-9.

in times paste did vnto Iosua, whiche burned with to earnest a zeale towardes hym. I doubt not but that many in this fained autoritye of

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