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637 [581]

MarginaliaPeter cold not geue þt he had not. Peter had no lordly dominion. Ergo, Peter could not giue lordly dominion to his successors.

and maister sayeth that he is not constitute or ordained iudge betwene two, the seruaunt or Disciple oughte not to take it skornfullye, yf that he maye not iudge all men and least that he might seme in that place to speke of the spirituall iudgement, he straightwaye annexeth therfore saith he, your power & autority shall be in offence & transgression, not in possessiōs. For this purpose and not for the other haue you receiued the keies of the kingdome of heauen, whye then doo you inuade other mennes boundes or borders, the reast I wil passe ouer for breuities cause.

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MarginaliaThe. 7. article.Falsly and against the honor, state, and reuerence of the sacred maiety of the king of Scots he hath said, holdē, and affyrmed, that our most noble king of Scottes defender of the Christian faith, woulde appropriate vnto him selfe all the possessyons, landes and rents of the church geuen and graunted by his predecessors, and also by him self and conuert them vnto his owne priuate vse. And for this end and purpose as he hath many times wrytten vnto him, so hath he with his whole endeuor perswaded oure sayde noble Lord and king thervnto.

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¶ Borthwicke.

It is no maruell thoughe these mad dogges doo so barke against me, whom they thinke to haue councelled the kinges maiesty (I woulde to God I had also thorowlye perswaded him) that he should take awaye from these vniuste sacrilegious possessors, the richesse wher wyth all they are fatted and engreased like Swine. For this is the nature of dogges, that if anye manne goo about to take away the bone oute of their mouthe, by and by to snatche at hym and teare him with their tethe. It is out of al controuersy vnto such which haue anye wytt at all, that suche were very childish, that is to saye, ignoraunte of all learninge and iudgement, whiche did so fatte and feede with theyr possessions these belly beastes MarginaliaA comparison bitwene oure bely priests and the priestes of Baale. For who wold not iudge it more then childish to bestowe the kinges vitails or mete vpon, the bellies of the Prophets of Baal and Iesabell? But all they whiche at this present doo endow suche filthye sinkes (I will not call them dennes of theues) wyth suche reuenewes they doo follow the steppes of Iesabell, for what other thinge doo they when as dailye they are bleatinge and bowinge before their Images, burnynge of Incence, & fall flat down before their alters, but that which in times paste the Prophets of Baall did, when as they transported the worshippe of God vnto an Idoll? Wherefore if Daniell and Helias 

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Daniel 14:22; I Kings 18:40.

were spotted with heresy when they woulde haue destroyed the priestes of Baall, I graunt that I also muste be an heretike. But for so much as then he did nothing but that whiche was commaunded him of the Lord that was able to kill the prophet whiche hadde allured the people to follow straunge Goddes he coulde not truelye and iustlye be accused of heresye: so neither can my aduersaries spotte me there withall, except peraduenture they wil condempne me, that wheras Elias dealte more rigorouslye with the Prophets of Baall, for he caste them into þe broke Kidron I required or desired no more, but that the richesse which was wickedly bestowed vppon theim, and their possessions mighte be taken from them.

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MarginaliaThe. 8. article.He willed and desired and oftentimes wyth his whole hart prayed that the church of Scotland might come and be broughte to the same poynt and state, and to like ruin as the church of England was all ready come vnto.

¶ Borthwicke.

MarginaliaSpriritus Babilon.If the church of Israell decayed, when as in the time of Zorobabell, Neemias, and other holy menne, it was released and sette at libertye out of Babilon: I graunt also that it was a ruine vnto the English men, to haue departed and gone awaye oute of Babilon, the mother of all whoredome: vpon whose rotten and filthye pappes and breastes, they haue a long time depended and hanged, being made drōke with the wine of her whoredome & vnshamefastnesse. They hadde rather cause to geue me thanckes whiche with so sincere and good a harte wished vnto them so happye a fall. But these vnthanckefull personnes thought it not inoughe with slaunder and reproche to teare me asonder, but that nowe also as blind rage and madnesse hathe taken awaye all sincerity and vprightnesse of mynde and iudgemente to lye in wayte, and laye snares for my life.

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MarginaliaThe. 9. article.He hathe openlye holden, sayde, and affyrmed, preached and taughte, that the lawes of the churche, that is to saye, the sacred canons approued and allowed by the holye catholicke and Apostolike church to be of no force, strēgth or effect: alledging therfore and affirming that they are made and inuented contrarye to the law of God.

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¶ Borthwicke.

God forbidde that I shoulde saye, that those thinges whyche are approued and allowed by the holye Catholike churche, shoulde be of no effecte or valewe. MarginaliaApostollike church. For well I knowe that the holye Apostolike churche hathe neuer allowed, ordained, or taughte anye thynge whyche she hathe not learned of the Lorde, the Apostles are witnesses there of, Peter and Paule, whereof the one of them dareth not freelye vtter or speake anye of those thinges, whyche Christ hath not wroughte by him selfe for the obedience of the gentiles.

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The other exhorteth that if any man speake he shoulde speake the praises of GOD, but I

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