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Actes and Monuments Of the Churche.

Or that any man, after the order of priesthode receiued, as is also aforesayed, maie marrye or may make contract of matrymony. Or that any man or woman, which aduisedly hath made or shall make a vowe to god of chastitee or widowhed, may mary, or may make cōtract of matrimony. Or that priuate Masses, be not lawfull or not laudable or should not be celebrated had nor vsed, nor be agreable to the lawes of God. Or that auriculer confession is not expedient and necessary to be reteined and continued, vsed and frequented in the church of God: Euery person, beinge for any such offence dewly conuicted or attented by þe lawes vnder written, shall forfaite and lose to the kinge our soueraigne Lord, all his goodes and catels for euer, & also þe profits of al his lāds tenementes annuities fees and offices during his life, and all his benefices and spirituall promotions shall be vtterly voyd: And also shall suffer imprisonement of his body at the will and plesure of our said soueraigne Lorde the king. And if any such person or persons, being once conuict of any the offences mencioned in this article, as is aboue saied, do afterwarde eftsones offend in any of the same, and be therof accused indited or presented and conuict againe by authoritiee of the lawes vnder writtē: That tben euery such person and persons, so beinge twise conuict and atteinted of the saied offences, or of any of them, shall be adiudged a felon and felones, and shall suffer iudgement execution and paynes of death, losse and forfaiture of landes and goods, as in cases of felony without any priuilege clergy or sanctuary to be in any wise permitted admitted or alowed in that behalfe.

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¶ Also it was enacted, by þe authorite aboue saied, that if any person which is or hath bene a priest before this present parliament, or during the time of session of the same hath maried, & made any contract of matrimony wt any woman, or þt any man or womā which before þe making of this act, aduisedli hath vowed chastitee or widowheade, before this present parliament, or during the session of the same, hath maried or contract matrimony with any person: That than euery such mariage and contract of martrymony shallbe vtterly voyde and of noone effect: And that the ordinaryes, within whose iurisdictions the persons or persons so maried or cōtracted, is or be residēt or abiding shall from time to time make seperation and deuorces of the saied mariags and contractes.

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¶ Also it was enacted by the auctority afore saide, that those women, with whome all and singular of the foresaied priestes shall in any of the foresaied wayes haue to doo with, or carnally knowe, as is aforsaied, shall haue like punishment as the priestes.

¶ And for full and effectuall execution of þepremises before deuised, ordeyned & enacted by this acte. Be it furthermore enacted by the autority of this present parliament, that imediatly after the saied. xii. daye of Iuly next cōming sondry commissions shall be made, from time to time, in to euery shire of this realme, and wales, and in and to such other place within þe kinges dominions, as shall please his maiesty to be directed to tharch. or bishop of the dioces and to his chauncellour or commissary, and to such other persōs, as shalbe named by his highnes, or by such other as his maiesty at his pleasure shal apoint to name þe same: which archbi. or bishop his chācelour or commissary, and other persones so to be named, or thre of them at the least, wherof the archbishop or byshoppe or his chauncelloure or commissary to be one, shall holde and kepe their sessions within the limites of their commission four seueral times of the yeare at the leaste, oftener if they shall thinke it expedient by theyr discressions, and shall haue power and autority by vertue of this act, and their said commission as well to take information and accusation by the oths & deposicions of two able and laufull persones at the least, as to enquier by the othes of. xii. men, of all and singular the heresies, felonies contemptes, and other offences aboue written commitied done or perpetrate within þe limits of their commission. And that euery such accusation, and information conteining the matter names surnames and dwelling places of the offenders, and the day yere place and coūty whā and wherin their offēces wer committed, shal be of as good force and effect in the law, as if þe matter therin contained had bene presēted by verdite of xii. men.

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And neuerthelesse it is further enacted, that euery of the said archbishops and bishops, and euery of their chauncelors commissaries, archdeacons and other ordinaries, hauing any peculier ecclesiasticall iurisdiction within thys realme or in Wales, or in any other the kings dominions, shal haue full power and autority by vertue of this acte, as well to enquire in their visitations and Senis, as there and elsse where, within their iurisdictiōs, at any other time or place, to take accusations and informations, as is aforesaid, of the heresies, felonies, contemptes and offences aboue mentioned, doon, committed or perpretate within the lymites of their iurisdiction and autorities. And that euery such acusations, information & presentment, so taken or had as is aforesaid, shall be of as good force and effect, as if the matter therin contained, had bene presented before þe iustices of peace in their sessions. And also that iustices of peace in their sessions, and euery steward, vndersteward, and deputy of stewarde, of any lete or lawday, in their lete or lawdais shal haue like power and autority by vertue of

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