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Actes and Monumentes Of the Churche.

& sware to þe same. After him thother bishops like wise gaue the like oth. Whervpō the king cōāded incōtinent certē instrumēts obligatory to be drawn, of the which the king shuld haue one, the arch. of Cāter. an other, tharchbishop of York the third: requiring also the said archbi. to set to hys hād & seale. To the which tharchbishop although not denying but þt he was redy so to do, yet desyred respit in þe matter, while þt he beīg but newly come to his bishoprike might better peruse wyth him self the forsaid customes & ordinances of the king. This request as it semed but reasonable, so it was lightly graūted, and so the day being well spent, they departed for þe season, and brake vp.

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MarginaliaBecket repēteth of his good dede.Alanus one of the iiii. wryters of þe life of thys T. Becket, recordeth þt tharchbishop in his viage toward Winchester begā greatly to repent þt he had done before, partly through thinstigation of certen about him, but chiefli of his crosberer, who going before tharchbishop, did sharply & ernestly expostulate wt him, for geuing ouer to the kinges request against the priueledge & liberties of the church, poluting not only his fame & conscience, but also geuing a pernitious exāple to them that shuld come after, wt mani like words. To make þe matter short, tharchbi. was so touched vpon the same, wt such repētance, þt keping him self from al company, lamenting wt teares, wt fasting, & with much penāce macerating & afflicting him self did suspend him self frō al deuine seruice: & wold not receiue cōfort, before þe word being sent to his holy graūdfather the pope, he shuld be assoild of him Who then tēdering the teares of his deare chyckin, directed to him letters again by þe same messēger which Thomas had sent vp to him before. In which letters not only he assoyled him from hys trespas: but also wt words of great cōsolation did incorage him to be stout in the quarel he toke in hād. Vpon these letters of the pope, Becket toke no smal hart & cōsolation. In so much þt therof semeth to me to procede, al thoccasyon þt made him so stout & malapert against his prince, as hereafter foloweth to be sene by his doings. what these letters wer, þt the pope wrote vnto him is shortly after when we come to thappellations made to þe pope shal apeare god willing. In the mene seson as he sate thus mourning at home, the kinge hearing of him, & how he denied to set to his seale to those sāctiōs, which he cōdescēded to before, toke no litle displesure againste him, in so much þt he threatning to him & his, banishment & death, begā to cal him to recknings, & to burden him with paymēts, þt al men might vnderstand þt the kings mind was sore set againste him. MarginaliaBecket enterprising against the kinges lawes to flye out of the realme.The archbishop herevpon, whether more for the loue of the pope, or dread of his prince, thought to make an escape out of the realme, & so went about in the night wt ii. or iii. wt him, steling out of his house attēted to take the sea priueli. Now amōgst other the kings ordināces & sanctions, this was one, þt none of the prelacy or nobility wtout þe kings licēce, or of his iustices shuld depart the realm. So Becket twiseattēpted the sea to flye to þe seas of Rome, but the weather not seruīg, was driuē home again, & his deuise for þe time frustrated. After his departur began to be knowen & noised abrode, the kings officers came to Canter. to seasō vpō his goodes in the kings behalf. But as it chanced the night before their cōming, Becket being returned & foūd at home, they did not procede in their purpose. Vpon this tharchbishop vnderstāding þe king sore bēt against him, & the seas not to serue him, made hast to the court, lying thē at Wodstock. MarginaliaBecket taunted of the king.Where the king receiued him after a certen manner but nothing so familierly as he was wont, tannting him gestīgly & merely, as though one realme wer not able to hold them both. Becket althoughe he was permitted to go & come at his plesure to the court, yet he could not obtain þe fauor þt he wold, perceiuing both in him self, & cōfessing no les to other, how the matter wold fal out, so þt ether he shuld be cōstrained to geue ouer wyth shame. Or stoutly he must stand to þt which he had so boldly taken in hād. Tharchbishop of York in the mene time going betwene, the kinge & tharchbishop labored to make peace & loue betwene thē. but the king in no case wold be reconciled, vnles thother wold subscribe to his lawes. So þt while neyther þe king wold otherwise agre, nor yet tharchbishop in no wise wold subscribe ther was a foul discord Wher the fault was let the reader here iudge betwene thē both. The king for his regal autority, thought it much, þt any subiect of his should stand against him. Tharchbishop again bering him self bould vpō thautority, & especially vpon þe letters of the pope latelye wrytten to him, thought hym strōg inough against the king and al his realme. Again such was his quarel, for the maintenance of the liberties & glory of the churche, þt he could lack no setters vp & fauorers in that behalfe in so swete a cause amongst the clergy. Wherfore the archbishop trusting to these thinges, would geue no place, but by vertue of his apostolike autority gaue censure vpon these lawes & constitutiōs of the king, cōdemning some, & other some approuing for good & catholike. Besides this, ther cam also to the kinge Rotrodus archbishop of Rotomage sent frō the pope, to make peace betwene þe king & Cāter. To which the king was wel cōtēt, so þt the pope wold agre to ratify his ordinances. MarginaliaEx Roge. Houedene. pri parte historie cōtinuate post Bedā.But when þt could in no wise be obtained at the popes hāds, thē the king thus being stopped and frustrat of his purpose by resō of Bec. apostolike legacy, being legatus a latere: thoughte good to sēd vp to the pope: And so did to obtaine of hym þe same autority of thapostolike legacy might be cōferd to another after his apoyntmēt, which was tharchbishop of York. But þt the pope denied. Not withstāding at the request of the kinges clergy, þe pope was cōtēt þt the king shuld be legate himself wherat the king toke great indignatiō, as Houeden wryteth, so þt he sēt þe pope his letters again. Here the pope was perplexed on both sydes.

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If he shuld haue denied the king, þt was to hot for

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