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the Saterday in the morninge deliuered vnto one D. Cottisford, master of Lincoln colledge then beinge commissarye of the vniuersitye, MarginaliaGaret imprisoned in the commissaries chamber. who kepte him as prisoner in his own Chamber, there was greate ioye and reioysinge, among all the Papistes for his apprehension, and specially with D. London Warden of the New colledge, & D. Higdon deane of Frideswides two Archpapistes. Who immediatly sēt their letters in post hast vnto the Lord Cardinal to enforme him of the apprehension of this notable heretike: for the whiche their doinge, they were well assured to haue great thankes. But of all this sodaine hurly burly, was I vtterly ignoraunt, so that I knew, nether of master Garets so sodaine retourne, neyther that he was so taken. For after 

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This lengthy digression on Dalaber's relocation from Alborn Hall to Gloucester College is omitted in 1570 and subsequent editions, where the text is paraphrased for clarity.

I had sent him oute of Oxford with my letters, as before is sayde, the same weke, hauing taken a chāber in Glocester Colledge, for that purpose to studye the ciuil law, because the scholers in Alborne Hall were all arceturs, I remoued all suche poore stuffe as I had from thence vnto Glocester colledge, and there was I much busied in setting vp in order of my bed, of my bokes, and of such thinges as I els had, so that I had no leiser to go forthe any where those two daies, Fridaye and Saterday. And hauing set vp all my thinges handsomely in order the same daye before none, I determined to spende that whole after none, vntil Euensonge time at Frisewide colledge, at my boke in mine owne studye, and so shutte my chamber doore vnto me, and my study dore also, and toke in my hand to read Frāces Lambert vpon the gospel of Saint Luke, which booke only I had then within there, all my other bookes wrytten on the scripture, of which I had a great nomber, as of Erasmus, of Luther, Oecolampadius &c. I had yet lefte in my chamber at Alborne Hall, where I had made a very secreat place to kepe them safe in, because it was so dangerous to haue any such bokes, and so as I was diligently readinge in the said boke of Lambert vpon Luke, sodenly one knocked at my chamber dore verye hard, which made me astonied, but yet I sate stil and would not speak, then he knocked again more harder, and yet I held my peace, and straighte way he knocked yet againe more fierslye, and then I thoughte this, peraduenture it is some body that hath nede of me, and therfore I thought me bound to doo, as I would be done vnto and so laying my boke a side, I came to þe dore and opened it. MarginaliaGaret escaped oute of custodye. And there was maister Garret as a mased manne, whome I thoughte then to haue bene with my brother and one with him, assone as I saw him, he saide he was vndone, for he was takē not remembring that he spake this before the yonge manne. Then I asked him what that yonge man was, he aunswered that it was one, who broughte him vnto mychamber, then I thanked the younge man, and bad him fare well, and asked mayster Garret whether the yonge man was his frend or no? and what acquaintaunce he had with him? He said he knew him not, but he had bene to seke a monke of his acquaintaunce in that colledge who was not within his chamber, then he besought this his seruaunt to bring him vnto my chamber, and so forthe declared howe he was returned and taken that nighte in the preuye searche as ye haue harde, and that nowe at Euensonge time the Commissary and al his cōpanye went to Euensonge, and locked hym alone in his chamber, when all were gone, and he hard no bodye stirringe in the Colledge, he put backe the barre of the locke with his fynger, and so came straight vnto Glocester Colledge to that monke, if he hadde bene wythin, who had also bought bokes of him. Then said I vnto him. Alas mayster Garet by this your vncircumspecte comminge vnto me, and speaking so before this yonge man, ye haue disclosed your selfe and vtterlye vndone me, I asked him whye he went not vnto my brother wyth my letters accordinglye, he saide after that he was gone a daies iourney and a halfe, he was so fearefull that his heart would no other but that he muste neades retourne againe vnto Oxforde, and so came againe on Fridaye at nighte, and then was taken as ye hard before. But nowe with deepe sighes and plentye of teares he prayed me to healpe to conuaye hym away, and so he cast of his hode and his gown, MarginaliaGaret changeth his apparel and flyeth. Wherein he came vnto me, and desired me to geue him a coate wyth sleues if I hadde anye, and tolde me that he woulde go into Wales, and thence conuey him selfe into Germanye if he mighte, and then I put on him a sleued cote of mine of fine cloth in graine, whiche my mother hadde geuen me, he woulde haue an other manner of cappe of me, but I hadde none but priest like, such as his owne was. Then knealed we bothe downe together on oure knees, liftinge vp oure heartes and handes to GOD oure heauenlye father, desiring him with plentye of teares, so to conducte and prosper hym in his iourney, that he mighte well escape the daunger of all his ennemies, to the glorye of his holye name, if his good pleasure and will so were, and then we enbraced and kissed the one the other, the teares so aboundauntly flowinge oute from bothe oure eyes, that we all bewette bothe oure faces, and skarslye for sorowe coulde we speake one to the other, and so he departed from me, apparelled in my cote, beinge committed vnto the tuition of oure almightye and all mercifull father. When hee was gone downe the staires from my Chamber, I straight waies did shut my chāber dore, and wentr into my studye shuttinge the doore vnto me, and tooke the newe Testamente

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