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662 [66]

Actes and Monuments Of the Churche.

ment of Erasmus translation 

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The detail that this was Erasmus' Latin New Testament is omitted from 1570 and subsequent editions, in which the reader might be led to assume that Dalaber was consulting a Tyndale New Testament such as Garret had been smuggling.

in my handes, kneled downe on my knees, and with manye a depe sigh and salt tere, I did, with much deliberation read ouer the x. chapter of s. Mathew his Gospell 
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This chapter consists of Jesus' commission to his disciples to go forth and preach like sheep among wolves, and to trust in divine protection: its resonance in this situation is plain.

, and when I had so doone, wyth feruent prayer I did commit vnto God, that our dearlye beloued brother Garet, earnestlye beseching him, in and for Iesus Christes sake, his only begotten sonne our Lord, þt he would vouchsafe, not only safely to conduct and kepe our saide deare brother from the handes of all his ennemies, but also that he woulde vouch- endew his tender and lately borne litle flocke in Oxford, with heauenlye strength by his holy spirite, that they might be well able thereby valeauntly to withstande to his glory all their fierse enemies, and also might quietly to theyr owne saluation, with all godlye patiēce, beare Christes heauy crosse: which I now sawe was presently to be laide on their yong and weake backes, vnable to beare so huge a one, without the great healpe of his holy spirite. This doon I laide a side my bokes safe, folded vp maister Garrets gowne and hoode, and laid them into my presse among mine apparel, and so hauing put on my short gowne shut vp my study and chamber dores, and wēt towardes Friswides to speake with that worthy martir of God one master Clarke, MarginaliaMeister Clarke a famous or worthy lerned man. and others, and to declare vnto them what had happened that after noone. But of purpose I went by S. Mary church to go first vnto Corpus Christi colledge to speke with Diet and Vdall my faithful brethren and felowes in the Lorde there, but by chaunce I met by the waye with a brother of oures, one master Edon MarginaliaMaister Edon. fellowe of Magdalen Colledge, who, assone as he saw me, came with a pityfull countenaunce vnto me, sayinge that we were all vndone for maister Garet was returned again to Oxford, taken the last night in the priuy search, and was in prison with the commissary. I saide it was not so, he saide it was so, I said nay, and he said ye. I told him it could not be so, for I was sure he was gone, he answeared me and saide, I knowe he was gone with your letters, but he came againe yester euen & was taken in his bed at Radleis this night in the priuy searche. for quod he, I hard our proctor master Cole say and declare the same this day in oure Colledge to diuers of the house. But I told him again that I was wel assured he was now gone, for I spake with him later then either the proctor or commissary did, and then I declared the whole matter vnto hym, how and when he came vnto me, and howe he wēt his way, willing him to declare the same vnto other our brethren whom he should mete withall, and to geue God hartye thanckes for this his wonderful deliueraunce, and to praye him also that he would graunt him safelye to passe awaye from all his ennemies. And toldehim that I was going vnto master Clarke of Friswides, to declare vnto him this matter. for I knew and thought verely that he and diuers others there wer then in great sorow for this matter, and prayed maister Edon that he would goo home by Alborne Hal to desire my bedfelow sir Fitziames (for I lay with him in Alborne hall) to mete me at sir Diets chamber in Corpus Christi Colledge aboute v. of the clocke after Euensong, & then I went straight to Friswides. And Euēsong was begon, and the Deane, and the other canons were there in their Gray Amices, they were almost at Magnificat before I came thether, I stode at the quier dore and hard master Tauerner play MarginaliaMaister Tauerner. and others of the chappel there sing, with and amōg whome I my selfe was wont to singe also, but now my singing and musicke was turned into sighing and musing. As I thus and ther stode, in commeth Doctor Cotisford the commissary, as fast as euer he could go bare headed, as pale as ashes, I knew his grefe wel inough, and to the Deane he goeth into the Quier, where he was sitting in his stalle, and talked with him very sorowfully, what I know not, but wherof I might and did wel and truely gesse, I wēt aside from the quier dore, to se and heare more, the Commissarye and Deane came oute of the Quire, wonderfullye troubled as it seemed, about the middle of the church met them D. Lōdon, puffing, blusteringe, and blowinge lyke a hungry and gredy Lion seking his pray. They talked together a while, but the commissarye was much blamed of them for kepinge of hys prisoner so negligently, in so much þt he wepte for sorowe. And it was knowen abrode, that master Garret was eskaped awaye and gone out of the Commissaries chamber at Euensōg time, whether no man could tel. these Doctors departed and sent abrode their seruaunts and spies euery where. mayster Clarke aboute the middle of Complin came forth of the quire, I followed him to his chamber, and whē he had put of his Graye Amis and surples, he asked me how I did, and what newes, I answeared him not so wel as I would, because the newes were not good, but verye doubtfull and perillous, and so declared what was happned that after none. of maister Garrets eskape he was glad, for he knew of his foretaking, then he sēt for one master Sumner, and master Bets, fellowes and Canons there, in the meane whyle he gaue me a very godly exhortation, praying God to geue me, and all the reaste of oure brethren prudentiam serpentinam, & simplicitatē columbinam, for we shoulde haue shortlye muche neade there of, as he verelye thoughte, when master Sumner and master Bets were come vnto him he caused me to declare againe the whole matter vnto them two wherof they were very gladde, that maister Garret was so

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