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665 [69]

MarginaliaAntony Dalaber set in the stockes.

Maister commissary asked me for my purse & girdel toke away my mony and my knife, and then they put both my legges into them and so locked me fast in those stockes, in which I satte my feete beinge almost as high as my hed, and so departed they: locking fast the chamber dore I thinke vnto their abhominable mas, leuing me alone. When al they were gone then cam vnto my good remembrance the worthye fore warning and godly declaration of that moste constant martir of god, Maister Iohn clarke, my father in Christ, who wel nie two yeres before þt, when I did ernestly desire him to graūt me to be his scoler, and that I might goo with hym continually when and where soeuer hee should teach or preach (the which he did daily) who (I say) said vnto me much after this sort. MarginaliaThe words aud exhortation of master Clarke to Antony Dalaber. Dalaber ye desire ye wot not what, and that ye are I feare me, vnable to take vpon you, for though nowe my preachinge be swete and plesante vnto you, bycause there is yet no persecution layed on you for it, but the time will come, and that peraduenture shortly, if ye continew to liue godly therin that god will laye on you the crosse of persecutiō to try you with all whether you canne as pure and puryfied gold abide the fire, or as stoble and drosse be cōsumed theirwith. for the holy ghost plainly affirmeth by sainte paule, quod omnes qui pie volunt viuere in Christo Iesu, persecutionem patientur. Yea ye shal be called and iudged an heretike, ye shal be abhorred of the world, your owne friendes and kinnesfolke will foresake you and also hate you, and shalbe cast into prison and no man shall dare to helpe or comfort you, ye shalbe accused and brought before the bishoppes to your reproche and shame, to the greate sorow of all your faithfull frendes and kinsfolke. Then will ye wishe ye hadde neuer knowen this doctrine. Thē wil ye curse Clark and wish that ye hadd neuer knowen him, by cause he hath brought you to al these troubles Therefore rather then ye shoulde do this, leue of from medlinge of this doctrine, and desire not to bee and continewe in my company. At which his wordes I was so greued, that I fell downe on my knees at his feete, and with abūdāce of teares and sithes euen rom the bottōe of my harte, I ernestly besought him, that, for the tēder mercy of god shewed vnto vs in our Lord Iesu Christ, he would not refuse me, but receiue me into his company as I had desired, saieng that I trusted verely, that he which had begonne this in me woulde not forsake me but giue me grace to cotinew therein vnto the end. When he harde me say so, he came to me & toke me vp in his arms, kissed me, the teres tricklinge downe from his eies and sayde vnto me: The Lorde almighty graunt you so doo, & from hensforthe for euer take me for your father, and I will take you for my son in ChristNow wer there at that time in oxford diuerse graduates and scholers of sundry Colledges and haules, whom god had called to the knowledge of his holy word, which all resorted vnto maister Clarkes disputations and lectures in diuinity, at all times as they mought: And when they mighte not come conueniently, I was by maister clark apointed to resorte vnto euery of them wekely, & to know what doubts they had in any place of the scriptures, that by me from him they mighte haue the true vnderstanding of þe same which exercise did me most good and profit to the vnderstanding of the holy scriptures which I most desired.

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This forsaide forewarning and godly declaration (I say) of this most godly martir of god maister clark, coming then to my remembrāce caused me with deepe sighes to crye vnto god from my hart, to assist me with his holy spirite that I mought be able paciently and quietly to bere and suffer whatsoeuer it shoulde please him of his fatherly loue to laye on me to his glory and the comforte of my dearly beloued brothern, whom I thought now to be in great fear and anguish, least I would be an accuser of thē all, for vnto me they all were well knowen, and all there doinges in that matter. but god be blessed I was full bent neuer to accuse any of them, what soeuer shoulde happen of me. before dinner maister Cotisforde came vp to me and requested me earnestlye to tell him where maister Garet was, and if I woulde so do he promised me straightewayes to deliuer me out of prison: But I tolde him I could not tel where he was nomore in dede I could not. then hee departed to dinner askinge me if I woulde eate any meate, and I tolde him yea right gladly, he saide he would send me some. when he was gone his seruauntes asked me diuerse questions which I doo not now remember, and some of them spake me faire and some thretned me callinge me heretik and so departed lockinge the dore fast vpon me.

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Thus far Antony Dalaber hath prosecuted this story, who before the finishinge departed this yere Anno. 1562. in the dioces of Salsbury the residue therof as we could gather it of ancient and credible persons, so haue we added here vnto the same.

After this, Garret beinge apprehended or takē, by master Cole þe procter or his men, going westwarde at a place called Hinksey 

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Garret was in fact apprehended on 29 February 1528 at Bedminster, on the outskirts of Bristol.

a litle beyonde Oxforde, and so beinge broughte backe againe, was comitted to warde, that done, he was conuented before the commissary, Doctor London & Doctor hicdon deane of Friswides (now called Christs colledge) into S. Maries church where they sitting in iudgemēt, conuicted him accordinge to their law as an heretike (as they said) and afterward compelled him to cary a faggot in open procession from Sainte Maries churche to Friswides, & Dalaber like

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