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688 [632]

Actes and Monuments of the Churche.

priestes whiche I haue spoken of, for they are such kinde of men or rather worse, and I haue so great horror of theire filthy and abhominable life, that I dare not speake the one halfe of that which I knowe, and therfore in speaking the truth to coole the babling of a harlott I do them no iniury. Then Mounser de Senas an auncient councelor saied, let vs leaue of this contentious talk, for wee are here assembled and come together to make good chere, and afterward he said, Moūser de Beawiew for the loue and amity which I beare vnto you, I will aduertise you of iii. thinges, which if you will do, you shal find great ease and pleasure therin.

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The first is that you do not neither by word nor deed ayd or assist those which you doo here in this place spoken of to be Lutherians. Secōdly that you do not entermedell openly to reproue ladies and gentelwemē for their pastim and pleasures.

Thirdly that you do neuer speake againste the life and liuinge of priestes howe wicked so euer it be, according to this saing do not touch mine anointed. then Mounser Beawiew aunswered, as touching the first point I knowe no Lutherians, neither what is ment by this worde Luteranisme, except you doo call them Lutherians which preache the doctrine of the gospel, howbeit I will neuer alow any arest which shal be geuen out to death against men which haue not bene harde or called, specially against wemen and yong infantes: and I am assured that their is no court of parliament in all fraunce the which will aproue or alowe any such arest. And wheras you say that I shuld not medell to reproue ladies or gentell wemē if I knewe any kinsewoman of myne whyche woulde abandon her selfe vnto a priest or clerk yea albeit he weare a cardinal or Bishoppe, I would not do her somuch honour as to rebuke her therfore, but at the least I would cut of her nose: and as touchinge priestes I am contented not to medell wyth theire busines, so likewise I will not that they medell with mine or come from henceforth within my house, for as many as I shall finde or take there I will set their crounes so nere theyr shulders that they shall not neede to were any more hoode about their neckes. The like also sayde the president Chassane. But the bishoppe of Aixis, sweete harte which hadde begonne the quarell saide I shallbe not in quiet except I speake yet one worde more vnto Munser Beawiewe, do you thinke said she vnto Munsier Beawiew, that all the Cardinals, bishops, Abbots, and these holy religious men whyche come oftentimes to gentell mens houses, and haunt the castels as palacis of princes and noble men, that they goo thether for to commit wickednes, if so bee you will maintaine those woordes, I wyll not sease to accuse you of crime, and also ofoffence againste the deuine and vnmaine magesty for here be those in this companye which shall make you geue an accompte therof. she had scase ended her talke when as Munsuer Beawiewe said vnto her, auaunte thou lady Herodias, thou vnshamfast and dishonest harlot, is it thy part to opē thy mouthe to talke in this company? doest thou wel vnderstand and knowe what the crime or offence againste the deuine and humayne magesty is, it were thy parte to be contented rather then to desire to haue the innocent bloode shed. wythe these wordes the gentle woman was somewhat amased. al men thought that this talke had bin at an end, and every man beganne to inuent some mery communication to let that the formour matter shulde be no more talked of. At the last the gentle woman aduisinge her selfe and thinking that she was to much iniured to say that she went aboute to shed the innocent bloode, she brake of all their talcke, and with a loud voice said Munsuer Beawiew if I wer a man as I am a woman I would offer you þe combat, to proue that I am no such manner of woman as you say I am, that I desire to shed the innocente bloode, doo you call the bloode of these wicked men of merendoll innocente bloode?

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It is most true þt I desire and offer with my hole power, that these naughty packes of Merendol and such like as they are shuld be slaine and destroyed from the greatest euen vnto the least: and for to se the beginning of this work I haue imploied al my credit, and al my frēds and do not spare neither body nor goodes to worke the rewin and distruction of these people, and to rase out and deface theire memory from amongest men. Doe you then Munsuer Beawiew cal the slauter of these Lutherians the effusion of innocent bloode, and you haue spoken very well. For I will not refraine for no man liuing to go neether by day neither by night vnto the houses of bishops in al honesty and honor for the deuotion which I bere vnto our holy mother the church, and also I wil receiue into my house all religious men to consult and deuise the meanes howe to put these Lutherians to death. But Moūser Beawiew tooke no more regarde vnto her talke, so likewise all that were at the table dispraysed her and weare wery to here her communication. then theire was a certaine youge gentell man which merely gestinge said vnto her, Gentell woman it must nedes be that these poure people vnto whome you do wish this crewel deth have done you some great displesure. Thē said the gentell woman, I may well take an othe that I neuer knew not one of those wretched people, nether that I wot of euer saw any on of them and I hadd rather to meate. x. deuells then one of those naughty knaues for theyr o-

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