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690 [638]

Actes and Monuments of the Church.

about to drown the litell bark of the sonne of God. We haue alredy begon, and haue procured a moost terrible arest against these cursed men of Merendoll, now theyre resteth no more but only to put it in execution. Wherfore lett vs employ oure hole endeuour to the end that there happen no let or interruption, and take good heede that oure golde and siluer doo not witnes against vs at the day of iudgement, if we refuse to bestow the same, to make so goodly a sacrifice vnto God. And for my part I offer to wage and fornish out vpon my own proper costes and charges a. 100. men well horsed and fournished in good order, and that so long vntill the distruction and subuersion of these miserable and wicked caytiffes, be fully performed and finished. This his oration pleased in a manner the hole company, sauinge one only Doctor of deuinyty a fryer Iacobyne, named Bassinet, who begā as hereafter foloweth, we ought said he: diligently to take heede in this busines and to doo nothing rashely, for if wee put this poore people to death wrongefullye and that the kinge and the nobles doo perseue the same, we are in greate danger that they do not the like vnto vs, as was donne vnto the priests of Baale, I am inforced also to declare vnto you, but it shallbe only vnder confession) that I haue very rashely & lightly signed many proces of those which haue bin accused to be heretickes,but now I must truly confes and say before god which seieth vs and knoweth oure hartes that sins I haue sene and perseued the end and effect of my signinges, I haue hadd no quietnes in my conscience, consideringe, that the seculer iudges at the report and iudgemēt of me, and other doctors my companions, haue condemned vnto most crewel deth those which we haue iudged to be hereticks. And the cause why that I am now troubled in mi selfe, is this a while sins I haue geuen my selfe vnto the cōtemplation and redinge of the holy scriptures and haue founde, and perseiued, that the moste part of those questiōs and articles which those that are called Lutherians doo mainteine, are so confirmable and agreable vnto the holy scriptures, that for my part I can no longer gaynesay them, except I wold maliceusly resist and striue against the holy ordenances of god. For yet hetherto for to mainteine the honor of our holy mother the church, and of our holy father the pope, I haue agreed with the other doctors aswel thorow ignorāce, as to plese and frame my selfe to the wil and pleasure of the bishops and great viccares, but at this presēt it semeth vnto me that we ought not any more to proced in this matter as we haue done in time paste, for it shall be sufficiente to condemne them to pay certaine fines, or to banishe those whiche speak to boldly or rashely against our holy mother the church, or against the ordināces of ourholy father the pope. and as for such as be manyfestly conuict by the holy scriptures to be blasphemers or obstinat heretickes: Such may be condemned to deth, or to perpetuall prison according to the enormity of therror or faut. Desiringe you to take this mine aduise and cūsell in good part, and when this doctor Bassanet had ended his talke all the company was offēded, and in amanner al murmered against him. but the bishop of Aix, lifting vp his voice a boue the rest, saied this vnto him. O thou man of littel faith, wherof art thou in doubte? Ha, ha, gentel maister you doo repent you that you haue well done, you haue tolde here a tale that smells of fagots and brimstone, dost thou make difference betwen heresies and blasphemies spoken and mainteined against the holy scriptures, and opinions holden againste oure holy mother the church or our holy father the Pope? What maye we saye? Arte thou a maister in Israel and doubtest these matters? Thē the archbishop of Arlees said vnto him, maister Doctor coulde anye man entreate better of the little barke or shippe of christe Iesu, then my Lord of Aix hath done? Doctor Bassanet aunswered, it is most true that the enterpryse and oration of the most reuerent Lorde the bishop of Aix, a greeth very well with our estate, and to reproue the abuse and heresies of this presēt age, but when I harde speake of the shippe of Christ Iesus it cam in my minde first of al, of the high priest of Ierusalem, and of the lawe wyth the scribes and Pharisies, whyche some time had the gouernance of this shippe or bark being ordeind, pastours in the church of God, but forsomuch as they forsakinge the comaūdements of God would serue him by the ordynances and traditions of men, the Lorde toke no pleasure in such ipocritical works, he hath destroyed those wicked men and hauinge compassion and pittye vpon the people which wer like shepe wyth out a shepharde, he hath sent workemen into his haruest and laborers into his viniarde, the which shall bringe forth true frute in theire season and dilligent fishers for to fish and catch men.

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Secondly in hearinge the pretence and purpose of our reuerent Lord the bishop of Aix I call to my minde the sainge of the Apostell in his first epistell and. 4. chapter vnto Tymothy that in the latter dayes some shall fall a waye from the faith, followinge after deceitfull spyrittes and the doctrine of deuells, and the Apostel geueth a marke wherby a man shall know them Likewise our lord Iesus Christ in the. 7. chapter of mathew saieth, that the false prophets shall come clothed in shepes skinnes but inwardly they are raueninge wolues: By ther fruts they shallbe knowen. By this profe it is easy to knowe and vnderstande who are they that go about to drowne this litell barke

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