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MarginaliaHeresye.Heresy is a false opinion defended with partinacy, clerely repugning the word of God. The iii. part of his sermon was the cause of heresy within that realme, & all other realmes. MarginaliaThe cause of heresy. The cause of heresy (quod he) is thignorance of thē whiche haue the cures of mennes soules, to whom it necessarely belongeth to haue þe true vnderstanding of the woord of God, that they may be able to win againe the false doctors of heresies with the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. And not only to win againe but also to ouercome, as sayeth Paul 

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Titus 1:7.

. Marginalia ad Titū. A bishop muste be faultles, as becometh the minyster of god, not stoburne, not angry, no drunkard, no fighter, not geuē to filthy luker, but harberus, one þt loueth goodnes, sobre minded, righteous holy, temperate, and such as cleaueth vnto the true word of doctrin, þt he mai be able to exhort wt wholsome learning, & to improue þt which they say against him. The iiii. parte of his sermon was how heresies shuld be knowen. Heresies (quod he) be known on this manner. As the goldsmith knoweth the fine gold from the vnperfit, by the touch stone. So likewise may we know heresy by thundoubted touchstone þt is, the true sincere & vndefiled word of god. MarginaliaThe maner to know an hereticke. At the last he added, that heretickes should be put down in this present life. To which proposition the gospel apeared to repugn, which he entreted of. MarginaliaMat. xiii. Let them not grow vnto the haruest, the haruest is thend of þe world. Neuerthelesse he affirmed þt they should be put downe by the ciuil maiestrate & law. And when he ended his sermon: incontinently they caused M. George to ascend into the pulpet, there to heare his accusation & articles. MarginaliaIhon Lander accusar. For right agaīst him stode vp one of the fed flock, a monster, Ihon Lāder, laden full of cursinges wrytten in paper. Of þe which he toke out a rol, both long and also ful of cursinges, threates, maledictions, & wordes of deuelish spite & malice: saying to thinnocent master George, so many cruel & abhominable words, & hit him so spitefully wt the popes thūder, þt thignorant people dreaded, MarginaliaThe way to feare the ignoraunt. least thearth then wold haue swalowed him vp quick. Notwithstanding he stode stil with great patience, hearing their sayings, not once mouing or chāging his countenance. MarginaliaThe frutes of their charitye. When þt this fed sow, had red thorowout al his lying manasings, his face running down with sweat, & frothing at his mouth like a beare, spit at maister George his face, sayinge: what answerest thou to these sayinges, thou runnagate traitor, thefe, which we haue duely proued by sufficiente witnes against thee? Master George hearing this, sate downe vpon his knees in the pulpet, makynge his prayer to God. When he hadde ended his prayer, swetely and christianlike he answered to them al in this manner.

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¶ Master George his oration.

MAnye and horrible sayinges vnto me, one christyan man, many words abhomynable for to hearee, ye haue spoken here this daye. Which not only to teach, but also once to thinke I thought euer great abhomination. Wherfore I praye your discretyons quietlye to heare me, that ye may know what were my sayinges, and the manner of my doctrine. This my petityon (my Lords) I desyre to be hard for thre causes. MarginaliaThe causes why master George deserued to be hard. The fyrst is, because thorowe preachinge of the word of God, his glory is made manifest. It is reasonable therfore, for thauauncing of the glory of God, that ye heare me teaching truely the pure word of God without any dissimulatyon. The second reason is, because that your health springeth of the worde of God (for he worketh all thing by his word. It were therfore an vnrightuous thiug, if ye should stoppe your eares from me, teaching truly the word of God. The third reason is, because your doctrine speaketh forth many pestilentious, blasphemous and abhominable wordes, not comming by the inspiration of God, but of the deuyll, on no les pearyl then my lyfe. It is iuste therfore and reasonable your discretyons to knowe, what my woordes and doctryne are, and what I haue euer taughte in my tyme iu thys realme, that I pearyshe not vniustlye to the greate pearyll of your soules. Wherfore bothe for the glorye and honoure of God, your owne healthe, and sauegarde of my lyfe, I besech your discretyons to heare me, and in the meane tyme I shall recyte my doctryne wythout any coloure.

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MarginaliaMaster George his doctrine.First and chiefly, sence 

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That is, since his return from England in 1543 or 1544.

the time I came into this realme, I taught nothing, but the x. commaundementes of God. The xii. Articles of the fayeth, and the Prayer of the Lorde in the mother tonge. Moreouer in Dundie, I taught the Epistles of S. Paule to the Romaynes. And I shall shewe your discretions faithfully what fashion and manner I vsed when I taughte, wythoute anye humaine dreade. So that your discretions, geue me your eares beneuolente and attente. Sodenly then with an high voyce cried, the accusar the fedde sowe. Thou hereticke, runnagate, traitoure and thiefe. It was not lawful for thee to preache. Thou hast taken the power at thine owne hande, without any authority of the church, we forthynke that thou hast bene a preacher so longe. Then all the whole congregation of the Prelates wt their complices, sayed these wordes. MarginaliaThe crye of the scribes & pheriseis. And if we geue him licence to preach, he is so crafty, and in the holye scripture so exercysed, that he will perswade the people to his opinion, and raise them against vs.

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MarginaliaMaster George appealeth to the gouernor.Maister George seinge their malitious and wicken entent, appealed to an indifferent and equall iudge. To whome the accusare Ihon Lander aforesaide with hoggish voyce answered. Marginaliathe stile of an vnworthy prelate. Is not 

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A statement reflecting the fact that, while the earl of Arran remained governor in name, Cardinal Beaton dominated Scotland's government in fact. Arran was suspected to be a friend of evangelicals, if not actually one himself: hence Wishart's appeal.

my Lord Cardinal the second persō within this realme? Chaunceler of Scotland? Archbishop of S. Androwes? bishop of Meropois? Commendator of Aberbrothoke? Legatus natus? Legatus a latere?

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