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Actes and Monumentes Of the Churche.
¶ The xii. Article.

MarginaliaPraying to sainctes. Thou false hereticke dost say that we should not pray to sainctes, but to God only. Say whether thou hast said this or no, say shortly.

¶ The answer.

For the weaknes and the infirmitye of the hearers, he saide without doubte plainlye that sainctes shoulde not be honoured. My Lordes (sayed he) there are two thinges worthye of note. The one is certaine, the other vncerten. MarginaliaTo honor one God is certaine. It is found plainly and certaine in scrypture, that we shoulde worship and honor one God, according to the saying of the fyrst commaundement. MarginaliaMath. iiii. Thou shalt onlye worship and honor thy Lorde God, withall thy harte. MarginaliaTo pray to saintes. But as for praying to, and honoring of sainctes, there is greate doubte amonge manye, whether they heare or no, inuocatiō made vnto them. Therfore I exhorted all menne equallye in my doctrine, that they should leaue the vnsure waye, and folowe that waye, which was taughte vs by oure maister Christe. He is our only mediatoure, and maketh intercession for vs to God his father. MarginaliaThe surest way is to be followed. He is þe dore 

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John 10:7-10.

by the whych we must enter in. He that entreth not in by thys dore, but climeth an other way, is a thefe and murtherer. He is the verity and life. He that goeth oute of this waye, there is no dout but he shall fall into the mire: yea verelye he is fallen into it all readye. This is the fashion of my Doctrine, the whiche I haue euer followed. Verelye that which I haue hearde and reade in the woorde of God I taughte openlye, and in no corners. And now ye shall witnes the same, if your Lordships will hear me, except it stād by the woord of God I dare not be so bolde to affyrme any thing. These sayinges he rehearsed diuers times.

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¶ The xiii. article.

Thou false hereticke hast preached plainly, saying that there is no purgatory. And that it is a fained thing, any man after this life to be punished in purgatory.

¶ The answer.

MarginaliaPurgatory not once named in scripture.My Lordes as I haue oftentimes saide hereto fore, without expresse witnes and testimony of the scripture I dare affirme nothinge. I haue oft and diuers times read ouer the bible, and yet such a terme found I neuer, nor yet any place of scripture applicable there vnto. Therfore I was ashamed euer to teach of that thing, which I could not finde in the scripture. Then said he to master Ihō Lauder his accuser. If you haue any testimony of the scripture by the which ye maye proue anye suche place, shew it now before this auditoriye. But this dolt had not a woord to saye for him selfe, but was as domme as a betle in that matter.

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The xiiii. article.

MarginaliaVowes.Thou false heretyck hast taught playnlye against the vowes of monks, friers, nonnes and priestes, saying: that whosoeuer was bounde to such like vowes, thei vowed them selues to theestate of dampnatyon. Moreouer that it was lawful for priestes to marry wiues, and not to liue sole.

☞ The answer.

MarginaliaThree kindes of chast men.Of soth (my Lords) I haue read in the Euāgel 

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Matthew 19:12.

, that there are iii. kindes of chaste menne. Some are gelded from their mothers wombe. Some are gelded by men. And some haue gelded them selues, for the kingdō of heauē sake. Verely I say, these men are blessed by þe scripture of god. MarginaliaThe daunger of vnchastitye. But as manye as haue not þe gyft of chastity, nor yet for the Euāgel, haue not ouercome the concupiscence of the flesh, & haue vowed chastity: ye haue experience, although I shuld hold my peace, to what incōueniēce they haue vowed them selues. When he had sayed these words, they wer al domme, thinking better to haue ten concubines, then one marryed wife.

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¶ The xv. article.

MarginaliaGenerall councels.¶ Thou false heretick and runnagate, sayst that thou wilt not obey our general, nor prouincial councels.

¶ The answer.

My Lordes, what your general coūcels are, I know not, I was ueuer exercised in thē: but to the pure word of God I gaue my laboures. Read here your general councels, or els geue me a booke wherin they are contained, that I may rede them. If that they agre wt the worde of God, I wil not disagre, MarginaliaThey run a pase to shed bloud. Then the rauening wolues turned into wodnes & said, whervnto let we him speake any futher? Read forthe the rest of tharticles & stay not vpon thē. Amonge these cruel tigers, there was one false hipocrit a seducer of the people called Ihō Graifind scot MarginaliaIhon Graifind Scot an hastye butcher to his slaughter. standing behinde Ihon Lauders back, hasting him to rede the rest of tharticles, & not to tary vpon his witty and godlye answeres. For we may not abide them quod he, no more thē the deuil may abide the sign of the crosse, when it is named.

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¶ The xvi. article.

MarginaliaBuilding of churches¶ Thou hereticke sayest, that it is vain to build to the honor of god costly churches. Seing that God remayneth not in the Churches made by mennes hands. nor yet God can be in so lyttle space as betwixt the priestes handes.

¶ The answer.

My Lordes, Salomon 

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I Kings 8:27.

sayth. If that the heauen of heauēs can not comprehend thee, howe much les this house, that I haue builded? Marginaliaiii. Re. viii. And Iob 
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Job 11:8-9.

consenteth to the same sentence. MarginaliaIob. . Seinge þt he is higher thē the heauēs, therfore what can thou build vnto him. He is deper thē hell, then how shalt þu know him? He is longer then the earth, & broder then the sea. So that God can not be comprehended into one place, because þt he is infinite. These sayings notwithstāding, I said neuer that churches shuld be destroied. MarginaliaWhervnto churches shuld serue But of the contrarye I affirmed euer, þt churches shuld be sustained and vpholden, that the people should be congregated into them, there to heare of God. And moreouer, where so euer is the true preaching of the word of God, and the lawful vse of the Sacraments, vndoubtedly there is God him selfe.

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