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So that both these sayinges are true together. God cannot be comprehended into any place. And wheresoeuer there are ii. or iii. gathered in his name, there is he presēt in the midst of thē. Then saide he to his accusar. If thou thinkest any other wise, then I say, shew forth thy reasons before this auditory. Then he without al reason was dombe, and could not answer one woorde.

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¶ The xvii. Article.

MarginaliaFasting.Thou false heretick contemnest fasting, and sayest thou shouldest not fast.

¶ The answer.

MarginaliaThe true fastyng he alloweth.My Lordes, I finde that fasting is commended in the scripture: therfore I were a slanderer of the gospel, if I contemned fasting. And not so only, but I haue learned by experience, that fasting is good for the health of the body. But God knoweth who fasteth the true faste.

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¶ The xviii. article.

MarginaliaOf the reseruing of the soule.Thou false hereticke hast preached openlye, saying that the soule of man shal slepe to the later day of iudgement, and shall not obtain life immortal vntil that day.

¶ The answer.

God full of mercy and goodnes: forgeue thē that saith such thinges of me: I wot and know surely by the word of God: that he which hath begon to haue the faith of Iesu Christe & beleueth firmly in him. MarginaliaThe faithfull soule shall neuer slepe. I know surely that þe soul of that man shall neuer sleape, but euer shall liue an immortall life. The which life frō day to day is renued in grace and augmented: nor yet shal euer pearish, or haue an end: but euer immortal shal liue with Christ. To the which life al that beleue in him shal come and reast in eternal glory. Amen.

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MarginaliaMaister George cōdempnedWhen that the Bishops with their complices had accused this innocent man in manner and forme aforesaid, incontinently they condēned him to be burnt as an heretik, not hauing respect to his godly answers and true reasons which he alledged: nor yet to their own consciences. Thinking verely that they shuld do to god good sacrifice, conformable to the sayings of S. Ihon. 

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John 16:2.

MarginaliaIhon xvi. They shall excommunicate you: yea, and the time shal come that he which killeth you, shall thinke that he hath don to God good seruice.

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¶ The prayer of master George.

MarginaliaMaister George his prayer for the congregation of God.O Immortall God howe longe shalt thou suffer the woodnes and great crudelitie of the vngodly, to exercise their fury vpon thy seruaunts whych do further thy word in thys world, seing they desire to be contrary, that is to choke and destroy thy true doctrine and verity, by the which thou hast shewed thee vnto the world which was all drowned in blindnesse and misknowledge of thy name. O Lord we know surely that thy true seruauntsmust neades suffer for thy names sake persecution, afflictyon and troubles in this presēt life which is but a shadow, as thou haste shewed to vs by thy Prophets and Apostles. But yet we desyre thee hartely, that thou conserue, defende and healpe thy congregation, which thou haste chosen before the beginning of the worlde. And geue them thy grace to heare thy word, and to be thy true seruauntes in this present life.

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Then by and by, they caused the common people to remoue, whose desire was alwaies to heare that innocent speke. And the sonnes of darknesse pronounced their sentence definitiue, not hauing respect to the iudgement of God. When al this was doone and sayed, my Lord Cardinal caused his tormenters to passe again with the meke Lambe into the Castle, vntil such time the fire was made redy. Whē he was come into the Castle, then there came two gray fiendes, Frier Scotte and his mate, saying: Sir ye must make your cōfession vnto vs. He answered and said. I wil make no confession vnto you. Go fetch me yōder man that preached this day, and I wil make my confession vnto him. Then they sente for the supprior 

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John Winram, who had preached earlier in the day and who was later to be Foxe's informant for much of his other Scottish material.

of the Abby, who came to him withal diligēce. MarginaliaMaister George cōfessed. But what he saied in this confession I can not shew. When the fire was made redy, and the gallowes at the West part of the castle neare the Priory, my Lord Cardinall dreading that maister George should haue bene taken away by his frendes, therefore he commaunded to bend all the ordinaunce of the Castle forright againste that parte. And commaunded all his gunners to be readye, and stande beside their gunnes vnto suche time he were burned. All this beinge done, they bound maister Georges handes behinde his backe, and ledd him forthe with their souldiers from the Castle to þe place of their wicked execution. As he came forth of the Castle gate, there met him certaine beggers askinge of his almesse for Goddes sake. To whome he answered, I wante my handes where with I shoulde geue you almesse. MarginaliaMaister George prayeth for the relief of the pore. But the mercifull Lord of his benignity and aboūdaunce of grace, that feedeth all men, vouchsafe to geue you necessaries bothe vnto youre bodies and soules. Then afterward mett him two false fiendes, I should say Friers, saying. Maister George praye to oure Ladye, that she maye be mediatrixe for you to her sonne. To whome he aunsweared mekely. MarginaliaMaister George answeareth the fryers temptinge him. Cease tempte me not my brethren. After this he was ledd to the fire with a rope about his neck, and a chain of Iron about his middle.

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When that he came to the fire, he sat down vpon his knees, and rose againe. And thrise he saide these woordes. MarginaliaHis prayer O thou sauioure of the worlde haue mercye on me. Father of heauen I commende my spirite into thy holye handes. When he had made this praier, he turned him to the people and said these wordes.

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