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752 [752]

Actes and Monumentes of the church

dioces, according to our said booke and none other. Fourthly ye shall both by your selfe & al your officers vnder you, serch out and conuent before you more diligently, then hertofore ye haue don as aperteineth to your office, all adulterers, and se the same punished according to the eccllsiasticall lawes, & to the autoryte geuen you in that behalfe. We haue hard also complayntes that the church of Pawles & other churches of London are of late more neglected, aswell in reparation of the glasse as other buyldinges and ornamentes of the same, then they were heretofore wont. And that diuers and many persones in the Citye, of mallice denieth the payment of there dewe tythes to there Curates, wherby the curates are both iniured and made not so well hable, & in manner discouraged to do theyr dutyes. The which thing also our will and commaūdemente is, ye shall diligently loke vnto and se redressed as appertayneth. And for asmuch as all these complaintes be made, as moste done and committed in London, to the intent you may loke more ernestly, better, and more diligently to the reformacion of thē, our pleasure is that you shall abyde and kepe residēce in your house there as in the City, Sea, and principall place of your dioces & none otherwhere, for a certeine time vntill ye shalbe otherwyse lycenced by vs.

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¶ Articles to be in treated in your first Sermon



Speciall poyntes inioyned Boner to prech vpon.

Marginalia1.THat all such as rebell, agaynste theyr prince get vnto thē dampnacion. And these that resist the higher power resist the ordinances of god, and he that dieth therfore in rebellion by the woorde of god is vtterlye damned, and so loseth both body and soule. And therfore, those rebelles in Deuenshere & Cornewail, in Norfocke or els where, who take vpon them to assemble a power and force against there King and prince, agaynst the lawes and statutes of the Realme, and go about to subuert the state and order of the cōmon welth, not only do deserue therfore death as traytors and rebelles, but do accumulate them selues eternall dampnacion, euen to be in the burning fire of hell, with lucifere the father and first autore of pride, disobedience & rebellion, what pretence so euer they haue, and what masses or holy water so euer they pretend or go about to make emonges them selues. As Chore, Dathan, and Abiron, for rebellion against Moyses, were swallowed downe a liue into hel although they pretended to sacrifice vnto god. Marginalia2.Likewise in the order of the church, and externe rytes and Ceremonies of deuine seruice, for so much as god requireth humility of heart, inocencye of lyuing, knowledge of hym, charyty and loue to our neighbours, and obedience to his woord, and to his ministers and superiour powers, these we must bring to al our praiers, to all our seruice,and this is the sacryfice that Christ requireth, and these bethose that maketh al thinges pleasaunt vnto god. MarginaliaCeremōies wher vnto they serue.The externe rytes and Ceremonies be but exercyses of our religion, and appointeable by superioures powers, In chosing wherof we must obey the magistrates, the which thinges also we do se euer hath be and shallbe, as the time and place is, dyuers, & yet al hath pleased god so long as these before spoken inward thinges be there. If any man shall vse the olde rytes, and therby disobey the superioure power, the deuocion of his ceremones is made naught by his disobedience, so that which elles so long as the lawe did soo stand, myght be good: by pride and disobdiēce now is made naughte, as Sawles sacrifice, Chore, Dathan, and Abyron, and Arons two children was. But who that ioyneth to deuotion obedience, he winneth the garland. For ells it is a zeale, sed non secundum scientiam. a will desire, zeale and deuocion, but not after wysdome, that is a foolish deuocion which can requier no thankes or praise. And yet againe, where ye obey, ye must haue deuociō. For god requireth the harte more then the outward doinges, and therfore who that taketh the communion or sayth or heareth the seruice apoynted by the kyngs maiestye, must brynge deuotion, and inward prayer with him, or eles his praiers are but vaine, lacking that which god requireth, that is the hart and minde to pray to him. Marginalia3.Further ye shall for example on Sondaye come seuennighte, after the aforesayd date, celebrate the communion at Pawles Churche. Marginalia4.Ye shall also sette fourthe in your sermon, that our autorytie of Roiall power is (as of truth it is) of no lesse autority and force in this our yong age, then is or was of any of our predicessors, thoughe the same were much elder, as maie appere by example of Iosias and other yong kinges in scripture, & Marginalia5.therfore al our subiects to be no lesse bound to the obedience of our preceptes, lawes and statutes then yf we were of xxx. or xl. yeares of age.

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¶ The denunciation of Ihon Hoper and william Latimer, againste Bonner, to the kinges Maiestie for leauing vndon the poyntes afore mencioned which he was charged to preache vppon.

MarginaliaWilliā Latymer Ihō Hoper actors and denoūcers against boner.IN most hūble wise sheweth vnto your maiestie, William Latimere and Ihon Hoper, that where of late as we be certeinly enformed from your maiesty by the hand of the right highe and noble prince Edward ducke of Somerset, Gouernour of your Royall person and Protector of al your highnes realmes, dominions and subiectes, and the rest of your priue Counsaile, there was certayne Iniuncions geuen to the Bishop of London that now is with articles to be insinuated and preached vnto our subiectes at

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