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Actes and monuments. of the Churche.

Angliæ primas et Metropolitanus, Nicholaus Roffensis Episcopus, & Gulielmus Maie legum doctor ecclesiæcathedralis Diui Pauli London. Decanus omnimod. obedientiā & reuerentiam, tanto excellentissimo principi & Domino nostro supremo debitam, cum humillimæ subiectionis honore. Qum itaq; a Serenissima maiestate vestras literas mādatorias præsentibus annexas receperimus, quibus celsitudinē vestram de sententia, siue finali iudicio vel decreto, versus Edmundū Episcopū London. virtute literarum vestrarū comissionaliū nobis, & alijs in ea parte directarum per nos lat. siue promulgat. certiorem reddere in mandatis habuimus. Nos huiusmodi mandato vestro Regio iuxta officij nostri debitum quam humillime obtemperātes, Scrutiniū in Registro vestro regio penes eiusdem causæ regestorem & Actuarium remanere pro præmissis fieri curauimus, ex quo inter alia eiusdem in causæ acta, exhibita, & munimenta liquido apparet, Quod primo die mensis Octobris, Anno dominicæ incarnationis. 1549. Regniq; vestri florentissimi An. tertio, corā nobis Cōmissarijs, siue delegatis āte dictis, in aula manerij Archiepiscopalis Cant. apud Lambehith in comitatu Surrey in ≼dicta causa, vigore delegationis nobis a maiestate vestra factæ, in ≼sentia notarij publici subscriptæ, nostri in eadem causa actuarij, testiūq;, inferius nominatorum, iudicialiter & pro tribunali seden. & legitima cognoscend. Comparuit personaliter ≼satus Edmundus Lond. Episcopus, In cuius ≼sentia nos Archiepiscopus ante dictus, de & cum expresso consensu pariter et assensu dicti reuerendi patris Roffensis Episcopi, Thomæ Smythi militis, ac ≼fati Gulielmi, Maie legum Doctoris, Collegarum nostrorum vna nobiscum iudicialiter & pro tribunali seden. Sentenciam nostram definitiuam, siue nostrum finale decretum siue iuditium tulimus, legimus & prouulgauimus in scriptis sub eo, quisequitnr, verborum tenore. In dei nomine Amen. &c. ≼sentibus tunc ibidem Gulielmo Sayo notorio publico eiusdem causæ Actuario, necnon Magistris Gulielmo Cooke, Iohanne Cooke, & Richard Liell, iuris doctoribus, Hugone Latimero theologiæ professore. Iohanne Iosepho sacræ theologiæ bacc. & multis alijs testibus, ad hoc speciatim accersitis & ad pmissa audienda & attestanda rogatis. Quæ omnia & singula nos Archep. Episcopus et Decanus vestræ maiestatis delegati siue cōmissarij antedicit, vestræ celsitudim in almam vestram Cancellarie curiam certificamus & significamus per ≼sentes. In quorum omnium & singulorum fidē & testimonium, nos Archiepiscopus Epi. & Decanus antedictus sigilla nostra ≼sentibus apponi curauimus. datum quoad sigillationem ≼dictā viij. die Februarij. An. domini Iuxta supputationem ecclesiæ Anglicanæ 1549 & regni vestri florentißimi, quarto.

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¶ A certain precept or decre of king Edward, directed to the Bishops in their dioceses, for the abolishing of bokes of laten seruice, and of other certaine ceremonies. By kyng Edward.

RIght reuerend father in God right trusty and welbeloued, we grete you well. And where as the booke intytuled the booke of common praiers, and administration of the sacramentes and other rites and ceremonies of the Churche, after the vse of the church of Englād, was agreed vpon & set forth by act of parliament, & by the same act cōmaunded to be vsed of all persones within this oure Realme, yet neuertheles we are enformed that diuers vnquiet and euill disposed persons, since the apprehensiō of the Duke of Somerset, haue noised, and bruted abrode that they should haue againe their olde Latten seruice, their coniured bread and water, with suche like vaine & supersticions ceremonies, as though the setting forth of the said book had bē the only act of the aforenamed Duke, we therfore by the aduise of the body and state of oure priuie Counsail, not only cōsidering the said boke to be our owne acte, and the acte of the whole state of oure Realme assembled together in the Parliament, but also the same to be grounded vpon holy scripture agreable to the order of the primatiue Churche, and much to the edifying of our subiects, MarginaliaLaten seruice is but a preferringe of ignorans before put away all suche vaine expectacion of hauing the publique seruice the administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies againe in the latten tounge, whiche were but a preferring of ignorance to knowledge, and darknes to light, and a preparation to bring in papistrie and supersticion agayne: haue thought good, by the aduice aforsaide, to require and neuertheles strayghtlye commaund and charge you, that ye immediatlye vpon the receate hereof, doo commaunde the Deane and prebendaries of youre Cathedrall churche, the person vicar or curate, and churche wardens of euery Parishe withinyour dioces, to bring & deliuer to you or youre deputie euery of them, for their church & parish at suche conueniente place as ye shall appointe, MarginaliaLaten seruice called in and defaced.all Antiphoners, Missalles, grailles, Processionales, Manualls, Legendes, pies, Portuasies, Iournalles and ordinalles, after the vse of Sarum, Lincolne, Yorke, Bangor, Herforde, or any other priuate vse, and all other bookes of seruice, the keping wherof shuld be a let to thusing of the said booke of common prayers, and that ye take the same bookes into youre handes, or into the handes of your deputie and them so deface and abolish, that they neuer after may serue eyther to anye suche vse, as they were first prouided for, or be at any tyme a let to that godlye and vniforme order, which by a consent is now set forth. And if ye shall finde any persone, stubburne or disobedient in not bringing in the said books, according to the tenure of these our letters, that then you commit the same persone ts warde, to suche time as ye haue certifyed vs of his misbehauiour, and we will and commaund you, that ye also serch or cause search to be made from time to time, whether any bookes be with drawen or hid cōtrary to the tenure of these our letters, & the same bookes to receaue into your hands, & to vse, as in these our letters, we haue appointed: And further more whereas it is com to our knowledg that diuers froward and obstinate parsons do refuse to pay toward the finding of bread and wine for the holly cōmunion, according to order prescribed in the said booke, by reason wherof the holly communiō is many times omitted vpon the sondaye. These are to will and commaund you to conuent such obstinate persons before you, and them to admonish and comande to kepe the order prescribed in the same boke. And if any shal refuse so to do, ponish them by suspension, excommunication or other censures of the church. faile ye not thus to do as ye will auiod our displeasure.

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Geuen vnder our signet at our Pallace of West

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