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942 [942]

Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

Marginalia10Item, we will haue the Byble and all bokes of scripture in English to be called in agayne. for we be enformed that otherwise the Clergy shall not of long time confound the heretykes.

Marginalia11Item, we wil haue Doctor Moreman & Doctor Crispin, which hold our opinions, to be safelye sent vnto vs, and to them we require the kinges Maiesty to geue some certain liuinges, to preache amongst vs our Catholycke faythe.

Marginalia12Item, we think it very mete because the lord Cardinall Pole is of the kinges bloud, shoulde not only haue his pardon, but also sente for to Rome, & promoted to be one of the kingess counsail.

Marginalia13Item we will that no Gentilman shall haue any mo seruauntes then one to wayte vpon him except he may dispend one hundreth mark land and for euery hundreth marke we thinke it reasonAble, he should haue a man.

Marginalia14Item, we wil that the halfe part of the Abbey lands and Chauntry landes in euery mans possessions, how so euer he came by them, be geuen again to two places, where two of the chief Abbeies was within euery Countye, where suche halfe parte shalbe taken oute, and there to be establyshed a place for deuoute persons, whiche shall pray for the king and the common wealth, and to thesame we will haue al the almes of the Churche boxe geuen for these seuen yeres.

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Marginalia15Item, for the particular griefes of our countrey We will haue them so ordred, as Humfrey Arundell, and Henry Bray the kinges Mayor of Bodman, shall enforme the kinges Maiestie, if they may haue safeconducte vnder the Kings great Seale to passe & repasse, with an Heralde at Armes.

¶ The message sent by the kynges maiestie answering to the forsaid articles and requestes of the Deuonshire & Cornish men.

MarginaliaThe kings aunswer to the Deu-shyremen.ALthough knowledge hath been geuen to vs, and to our derest vncle, Edward Duke of Somerset, gouernour of our person & Protectour of al our realmes, dominions and subiectes, and to the rest of our priuie counsell, of diuerse assembles made by you, which ought of dutie to be our louing subiectes, against all ordre, lawe and otherwyse then euer any louing or kynde subiectes, hath attempted against their natural, & liege soueraigne Lorde: yet we haue thought it mete, at this very first time, not to cōdēne or reiect you, as we might iustly do, but to vse you as our subiectes, thinkyng that the deuill hath not that power in you, to make you of natural borne Englishmen, so sodeinly become enemies to your owne natural coūtrey, or of our subiectes, to make you traytours, or vnder pretence to relief your selues, to destroy your selues, your wyfes, children, lands, houses, and all other commodities of this your life. This we say we trust that although ye be by ignorancie seduced, ye will not be vpon knowledge obstinate. And though some amongst you (as euer there is some cockle amongs good corn,) forget God, neglect their Prince, esteme not the state of the realme, but as careles desperate menne, delight in sedition, tumult & warres: yet neuertheles, the great part of you, wold heare the voyce of vs your naturall Prince, & wil by wisdome & counsel be warned and ceasse your euils in the beginning, whose endes will be, euen by almighty Gods ordre, your own destruction. wherfore, as to you our subiectes by ignorance seduced, we speake, & be content to vse our princely autoritie, like a father to his children, for this time to admonish you of your faultes, not to punish thē, to put you in remēbraūce of your duties, not to auenge your forgetfulnesse.

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Marginaliavnlawfull assembles.First, your disordre to rise in multitudes, to assemble your selues against other our louing subiectes, to arraye your selues to the warre who amōgest you al can answer for the same to almightie God, charging you to obey vs in all thinges. Or how can any English good hart aunswere vs, our lawes, & the rest of our very louing & faithful subiectes, who in dede by their obedience make oure honour, estate and degree?

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MarginaliaThe kings name abused.Ye vse our name in your writinges, & abuse the same against our selfe. what iniury herein doe you vs, to call those which loue vs, to your euill purposes, by the autoritie of our name? God hath made vs your kyng, by his ordinance & prouidence, by our bloud, & inheritance, by lawfull succession & our coronation: but not to this ende, as you vse our name. we are your moste naturall soueraigne Lord & kyng, Edward the vi. to rule you, to preserue you, to saue you from al your outward enemies, to se our lawes wel ministred, euery mā to haue his own, to supresse disordred people, to correct traytors, theues, pirats, robbers, & such like: yea, to kepe our realmes from othe princes, from the malice of Scottes, of Frenchmē & of the bishop of Rome. Thus good subiects, our name is written, thus it is honoured & obeyed, this maiestie it hath by Gods ordinance, not by mans. So that of this your offense, we can not write to much: and yet doubte not, but this is enough from a Prince, to all reasonable people, from a king, to al kynd harted & louing subiecte, from a puissant king of Englande, to euerye naturall Englisheman.

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MarginaliaTheir false causes.Your pretences, which you say moueth you to do thus, wherwith ye seke to excuse this disorder, we assure you be eyther all false, or so vaine, that we doubt not, but after ye shall herby vnderstand the truth therof, ye wil al with one voyce, knowledge your selfs ignorauntly led, and by error seduced, and if there by any one that wil not, assure you the same be ranke traytors, enemies of our Croun, sedicious people, heretiques, Papistes, or suche as care not what they seeke to prouoke an insurrection, so they may do it, nor in dede can wax so riche with theyr owne labors, and with peace, as they can do with spoyles with warres, with robberies, & such lyke, yea with the spoile of your owne goods, with the lyuyng of your labors, the swet of your bodies, the foode of your owne housholdes, wyfes, children: suche they be as for a tyme vse pleasaunt perswasions to you, and in the end will cut your throtes, for your owne goodes.

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Marginalia1 Baptisme.You be borne in hande, that youre children, though necessitie chaunce, shall not be Christened but vpon the holy dayes: How false this is, learne you of vs. Our booke which we haue set forth by the free consent of our whole Parliament in thenglish toungue, teacheth you the contrary, euen in the first leaf, yea, the first side of the fyrste leafe of that parte, which entreateth of Baptisme. Good subiectes (for to others we speake not) looke and be not deceiued. They whiche haue put this false opinion, into your eares, they meane not the christenyng of children, but the destruction of you, oure Christened Subiectes. Be this knowne vnto you: our honor is so muche, that we may not be founde faultye of our worde. Proue it, if by oure Lawes, ye may not christen your children, vpon necessitie, euery day or houre in the weke, thē might you be offended: but seeyng you may doo it, how can you beleue them, whiche teache you the contrary? What thinke you they mean in the rest, which make you to break your obedience, against vs your kynge and souereygne, vpon these so false tales and perswasions, in so euidēt a matter? Therfore you al which wil knowledge vs your souerein Lord, and which will heare the voyce of vs youre naturall kyng, may easely perceyue how ye be deceyued, and how subtelly traytors & Papistes with theyr falsehod, seke to atcheue & bryng their purpose to passe with your helpe: euery traytor will be glad to dissemble his treason, and fede it secretly, euery Papist his popery, & norishe it inwardly, and in the ende make you our subiectes partakers of treason and Popery, which in the beginning was pretended a common wealth and holynes.

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Marginalia2 SacramētAnd how are you seduced by them, which put in youre heds the blessed Sacramente of Christes bodye, shoulde not differ from other cōmon breade? If oure lawes proclamations, & Statutes be all to the contrary, why shal any priuate man perswade you against them? We do our self in our owne hart, our counsaill in all their profession, our lawes and statutes, in all purposes, oure good Subiectes in all their dooyngs, most highly esteme that Sacrament, and vse the communion therof to our most comforte: Wee make so muche difference therof, from other common bread, that we thinke no profite of other bread, but to maintaine our bodies: But of this blessed breade we take very fode for our soules to euerlastyng life. How think you good subiects, shal not we, being your prince, your lord, your king, by Gods appointment, with truth more preuayle, then certain euill persons with open fals-

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