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956 [(888)]

Actes and Monumentes

his maiesty and his councell hath such consideration, and respecte of her person being his sister, that without doubt his maiesty could not with honor haue had the like consideration or fauour in the punishment of the derest councellor he hath, if any of them had so offended, and therfore his maiestye hath sent you three, not only to declare to her grace the causes of their sending thether of late his officers in message, but also the causes of their absence nowe presentlye. And further, in the defaulte of the sayde officers to take order, as well with her Chaplayns, as with the whole houshold, that his maiesties lawes maye bee there obserued. And in the communication with her, you shal take occasion to answer in his maiesties name certayne poyntes of her letter, sent nowe latelye to his maiestye. The copy of which letter is nowe also sent to you to peruse, for your better instruction howe to proceede in. First, her allegation of the promise made to the Emperour, must be so answered, as the truthe of the matter serueth, wherof euery of you haue heard sufficient testimony diuers times in the coūsel, for her offering of her body at the kings wyl, rather then to chaunge her conscience. It greueth his maiesty much, that her conscience is so setled in errour, and yet no suche thing is ment of his maiesty, nor of any one of his coūsel once to hurt, or wyl euyll to her body, but euen from the bottome of their hart wysheth to her mentem sanam in corpore sano. And therefore ye shal do very wel to perswade her grace that this proceding commeth onely of the conscience the king hath, to auoyde the offense of God, and of necessary counsel and wysdome to see his lawes in so weightye causes executed.

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Item, because it is thoughte that Rochester had the care and consideration of her graces prouision of houshold, and by his absence the same might be ether disordred or disfurnished: his maiestye hath sent a trustye skilfull man of his owne housholde to serue her grace for the tyme. Who also is sufficiently instructed of Rochester, of the stare of her thinges of houshold. And if there shall be anye thing lackyng in the same, his maiesties pleasure is, that his seruaunt shal aduertise his own chiefe officers of houshold, to the entent if the same may be supplied of any store here, or otherwhere helped conueniently, her grace shall not lacke.

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Item, hauing thus proceded with her grace as for the declarations of the causes of youre cōmoning ye shal then cause to be called afore you the chaplayns, and all the rest of the housholde ther present, and in the kings maiesties name most straightly forbid the chaplains eyther to saye or vse any masse or kind of seruice other then by the lawe is authorised, and likewise ye shal forbid all the reste of the company to be present at any such prohibited seruice, vppon payne to be most straightly punished, as worthely falling into the daunger of the kings indignation, and a like charge to them al, that if any such offense shalbe openly or secretly cōmitted, they shall aduertise some of his maiesties Counsell. In the which clause ye shall vse the reasons of their naturall duty and allegeaunce that they owe as subiectes to theire soueraigne Lord, which derogateth al other earthly dutyes.

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Item, if you shal find either any of the priests or any other person disobediēt to this order, ye shall committe them furthwith to prison as ye shall thinke conuenient.

Item, for as muche as ye were priuie to the determination at Richmond, and ther vnderstode how necessary it was to haue reformation herein: his maiesty, vpon the greate confidence he hath in your wisdoms and vprightnes remitteth to your discretiōs the maner of the proceding herein, if any thing shal chaunce to arise there that in your opinions mighte other wise then according to these instructions conduce you to the execution of your charge, which in one summe is to auoyd the vse of the priuate Masse, and other vnlawful seruice, in the house of the said Lady Marye.

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Item, ye shal deuise by some meanes as you may, to haue vnderstanding after your departing how the order you geue is obserued, and as you shal iudge fyt, to certify hither.

VV.H. F.H. I.G. T.D. VV.C.

MarginaliaIuly. 6.Thus the said king of most blessed memory, the. vii. yeare of his raigne, leauinge his wofull kingdom vnto his foresayde sister, departed his life, makinge this prayer before his death, which his owne phisicions copied and pēned out frō his own mouth, as foloweth.

The prayer of king Edward the syxte whiche he made the. vi. of Iuly, Anno. 1553. in the. vii. yere of hys reygne, thre houres before hys death, to hym selfe, hys eyes being closed, and thinkyng none had heard hym, the. xvi. yeare of hys age.

LOrd God, deliuer me out of this miserable and wretched lyfe, and take me among thy chosen: how be it not my wyl, but thy wyl be done. Lorde I cōmit my spirit to thee. Oh Lord thou knowest how happy it were for me to be with thee: yet for thy chosens sake send me life and health, that I may trulye serue thee. Oh my lord God, blesse thy people, and saue thine enheritaunce. Oh Lorde God, saue thy chosen people of England. Oh my Lord God, defend this Realme from papistry, and maintain thy true religion, that I & my people maye praise thy holy name.

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Then turned he his face, & seing who was by him, sayde vnto them: are ye so nighe? I thought ye had bene further of. Then doctor Owen sayd: we hard you speake to your selfe but what ye sayd, we know not. He then (after his fashion smilingly) said: I was prayinge to God. The last wordes of his panges were these. I am faynt. Lord haue mercy vpon me, and take my spirite. And thus he yelded vp the ghost 

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Cattley/Pratt, VI, 352, fn 1: '"The witnesses hereof present were, sir Thomas Wrothe, sir Henry Sidney, two of the chief gentlemen of the privy-chamber; doctor Owen, doctor Wendy, and Christopher Salmon, groom." See Edition 1563, page 888, second set'.


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Wytnesses hereof present, were: Sir Tho
mas Wroth, Syr Henrye Sidney, two of
the chiefe Gentlemen of the priuy cham-
ber, Doctor Owen, Doctor Wendy, Chri
stopher Salmon, Groome.

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