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1228 [1228]

K. Henry. 8. A Table of persons abiured, with their articles.

Persons abiured,with their Articles.

MarginaliaWhy then doth M. More say that Bilne recāted and dyed a good mā, if these here be punished for commendyng hym to dye a good mā?Michaell
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According to one contemporary, Bayfield was burned on 4 December 1531. (See Charles Wriothesley, A Chronicle of England during the reigns of the Tudors, ed. W. D. Hamilton, Camden Society, new series, 11 and 20 {2 vols., London, 1875-77], I, p. 17).

Hys Articles: That he beyng at Antwerpe
bought certeine bookes inhibited, as þe Re-
uelation of Antichrist, the obedience of a
Christen man, the wicked Māmon, Frith a-
gainst Purgatory. Itē, for speaking against
Images and Purgatory. Item, for saying
that Bilney was a good man, & dyed a good
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Michael Lobley was a bookbinder (1570, p. 1372; 1576, p. 1162 and 1583, p.1191), who obviously used his professional contacts and activitiesto disseminate heretical literature. Thomas More claimed that Michael Lobley,after he was arrested, informed on those who purchased herteical books from him (Thomas More, The Confutation of Tyndale's Answer, ed. Louis A. Scuster,Richard C. Marius, James P. Lusardi and Richard Schoeck, CWTM 8 [New Haven, CT, 1973], II, p. 813).

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, because of a Byll that one did send frō
Norwiche, that specified that he tooke hys
death so paciētly and did not forsake to dye
with a good will. &c.

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MarginaliaA ladde of Colchester dyed in prison for bringing to Bayfilde hys bokes.A boye of

A boye of Colchester, or Northfolke
brought to Rich. Bayfild, a budget of bookes
about iiij. dayes before the sayd Bayfild was
taken: for the which the lad was taken and
layde in the Counter by M. More Chaun-
cellour, and there died.

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Smith Tay

Hys Articles: That hee lodged often
tymes in hys house, Richard Bayfild and o-
ther good mē. That he receaued his bokes
into hys house, and vsed much readyng in
the new Testament. He had also the Testa
ment of William Tracy. He beleued there
was no Purgatory.


Hys Articles: For hauyng and recea-
uyng bookes frō beyond the sea, of Tyndall,
Fryth, Thorpe and other. Item, he doubted
whether there were any Purgatory: Whe-
ther it were well done to set vp candels to
Saintes: to go on Pilgremage. &c.

Iohn Mell
of Bocksted

Hys heresie was this: for hauyng and
readyng the newe Testament in Englishe,
the Psalter in Englishe, and the booke cal-
led A. B. C.

Iohn Me-
dwell ser-
uaūt to M.
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Foxe may have obtained this material from an oral source. The detail about the conditions of imprisonment and the lack of specific dates are both atypical of material obtained from official records. Elsewhere in the Acts and Monuments, Foxe mentions that a Richard Carket copied material from the London registers for him (This is a very valuable (and rare) indication by Foxe of the assistance he received in having official transcribed. It also indicates that, even for records in London, Foxe relied on transcriptions of archival documents, rather than examining the documents himself).

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This Medwell lay in prison xxiiij. wekes,
till he was almost lame. His heresies were
these: That he doubted whether there was
any Purgatory. He would not trust in par-
dons, but rather in the promises of Christ.
MarginaliaHeresie with the Pope, to trust onely to the merites of Christ.He doubted whether the merites of any but
onely of Christ did helpe hym. He doubted
whether Pilgremages & setting vp of can-
dels to Images were meritorious or not.
He thought hee should not put hys trust in
any Saint. Item, he had in hys custody the
new Testament in Englishe, the exami-
nation of Thorpe, the wicked Mammon,
a booke of Matrimony. Ex ipsius schedula
ad Episc. Scripta.

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Fulmā, Ser
uaunt to a

This yong man was attached for recea-
uyng certein bookes at Antwerpe of George
Constantine, and transportyng them ouer in
to England, and sellyng them to sondry per
sons, beyng bookes prohibited by the pro-
clamation. Item, hee thought then those
bookes to haue bene good, and that he had
bene in errour in times past.

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Margaret Bowgas had already been forced to find six compurgators to clear her of charges of heresy in Colchester in July 1528 (BL, Harley MS 421, fo. 30v). Her husband Thomas had been forced to abjure his heretical beliefs and do pennance in Colchester in 1528 (Fines).

Her heresies were these: Beyng asked if
she would go on Pilgremage, she sayd, I
beleue in God, & hee can do me more good,
thē our Lady or any other Sainct, & as for
them, they shall come to me, if they will. &c.
Then Richard Sharples Person of Milende
by Colchester, asked her, if she sayd her Aue
Maria. I say (sayd she) hayle Mary, but I
will say no further. Then sayd he, if she left
not those opinions, she would beare a fa-
got. If I do (sayd she) better then I shall:
addyng moreouer that she would not go
frō that to dye therfore. To whō the Priest
aunswered and sayd, she would be burned.
Hereunto Margarete againe replying, asked
MarginaliaTyraūtes make Martyrs.the Priest, who made Martyrs? Tyraunts
(quoth the Priest) make Martyrs, for they
put Martyrs to death. So they shall or may
me, quoth Margarete. At lēgth with much a-
doe and great persuasiōs, she gaue ouer to
Foxeford þe Chaūceller, & submitted her self.

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Persons abiured,with their Articles.

Ioh. Tyrell
an Iryshe-
man of Bil-
lery key,

Hys Articles were these: That the Sa-
crament of the aultar was not the body of
Christ, but onely a cake of bread. Further-
more the occasion beyng asked, how he fell
into that heresie: hee aunswered and sayd,
that about iij. weekes before mydsomer last
MarginaliaM. Latimer preaching agaynst Pilgrimage.past, he heard M. Hugh Latimer preach at S.
Mary Abchurch, that men shoulde leaue
goyng in Pilgremage abroad, and do their
Pilgremage to their poore neighbors. Also
the sayd M> Latymer in hys Sermon dyd set
the Sacrament of the aultar at litle.

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The cause layd to this man was: That
he had in his kepyng the boke of Wickleffes
wicket. Item, that he beleued the Sacra-
ment of the aultar, after the wordes of con-
secratiō, not to be the body of Christ really,
&c. Item, vppon the day of Assumption hee
sayd, that if it were not for the speache of the
people, hee would not receaue the Sacra-
ment of the aultar.

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His Articles. He being a frier Augustin,
of Clare 
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I.e., an Augustinian friar from the house at Stoke by Clare, Suffolk. Robert was the brother of Thomas Topley.

, forsoke his habite, and goyng in a
MarginaliaA fryer maryed.seculare mans weede x. yeares, maryed a
wife called Margarete Nixson, hauyng by
her a childe: and afterward beyng brought
before the Byshop, he was by hym abiured
and condemned to bee prisoned in hys for-
mer Monasterye: but at last he escaped out,
and returned to his wife agayne.

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Topley Au
sten Frier,
at Stoke

By the occasion of this Robert Topley a-
foresayd, place is offered to speake some
thyng lykewise of Thomas Topley, hys bro-
ther belyke, and also a Frier of the same or-
der and house of Stoke clare. This Thomas
Topley had bene conuerted before, by one
MarginaliaMyles Couerdale.Richard Foxe Priest of Bumstede, and Myles
Couerdale, in so much that he being induced
partly by them, partly by readyng certeine
bookes, cast of both hys order and habite,
and went lyke a secular Priest. Whereupon
he was espyed and brought to Cutbert By-
shop of London. an. 1528. before whom this
confession he made as foloweth.

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¶ The recantation of Thomas Topley.

MarginaliaThe recantation of Tho. Topley Fryer.ALl Christen men beware of consentyng to Erasmus fables, for by consentyng to them, they haue caused me to shrinke in my fayth that I promised to God at my Christening, by my witnesses. First as touching these fables, I red in Colloquium MarginaliaColloquia the instruction of Syr Richard Foxe 

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Richard Foxe was the parish minister of Steeple Bumstead, Essex. He was a leading proponent of evangelical views in his parish and later informed on other evangelicals as part of his abjuration (BL, Harley MS 421, fo. 28r).

, of certeine Pilgremes, whiche (as the booke doth saye) made a vowe to goe to S. Iames, and as they went, one of them dyed, and hee his felowes to salue S. Iames in his name: MarginaliaEx Regist. Lond.& an other dyed homeward, and hee desired that they would salute hys wife and his children: and the iij. dyed at Florence, and hys felow sayd he supposed that he was in heauen, and yet he sayd that hee was a great lyer 
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Topley is describing Erasmus's colloquy 'Rash Vows'. See Colloquies, trans. and annotated by Craig R. Thompson, vols., 39-40 of TheCollected Works of Erasmus (Toronto, 1997), I, pp. 36-43.

. Thus I mused of these opinions so greatly, that my mynde was almost withdrawen from deuotion to Sainctes. Notwithstandyng I consented that the diuine seruice of thē was very good, and is, though I haue not had such sweetnes in it as I should haue had, because of such fables, and also because of other foolish pastimes, as dauncing, tennes, and such other, which I thinke haue ben great occasions that the goodnes of God hath bene voyde in me, and vyce in strength.

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Moreouer, it fortuned thus about halfe a yeare a goe, þt the said Syr Richard went forth and desired me to serue hys Cure for him, and as I was in hys chamber, I foūd a certein boke called MarginaliaWickleffes Wicket.Wickleffes Wicket, wherby I felt in my consciēce a great wauering for the tyme þt I did read vppon it, and afterward also when I remembred it, it wounded my conscience very sore. Neuertheles I consented not to it, vntil I had heard him preach, & that was vpō S. Anthonies day: yet my mind was stil much troubled with þe sayd booke (which did make the Sacrament of Christes body, in forme of bread, but a remembraunce of Christes Passion) MarginaliaMyles Couerdale.till I heard Syr Myles Couerdale 

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Miles Coverdale, the bible translator and future bishop of Exeter.

preach, and then my mynde was sore withdrawen from

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