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1240 [1240]

K. Henry. 8. The Pope suppressed in England.

MarginaliaFysher bishop of Rochester, and Syr Thomas More, refuse to be sworne.oftētymes motioned to be sworne: but the Byshop and Syr Thom. More excused them by their writynges, in whiche they sayd, that they had written before the sayd Lady Katherine to be Queene, and therfore could not well go from that whiche they had written. Likewise the Doctor excused, that he in preachyng had called her Queene, & therfore now could not withsay it againe: Howbeit at length he was well contented to dissemble the matter, and so escaped: but the other two stoode agaynst all the realme in their opinion.

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From the moneth of Marche 

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The fifth session of the so-called Reformation parliament was prorogued from 30 March 1534. The sixth session began on 3 November 1534.

this Parlament far-thermore was proroged to the iij. day of Nouember abouesayd. At what tyme, amongest other diuers statutes, most graciously, and by the blessed will of God it was enacted, that the Pope, and all his colledge of Cardinals, with his pardons and Indulgences, whiche so long had clogged this realme of England, to the miserable slaughter of so many good men, and which neuer coulde be remoued away before, was now abolished 
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Foxe is probably referring here to the Act extinguishing the authority of the bishop of Rome of 1536 (28 Henry VIII, c.10) which may indicate a slight confusion of dates.

eradicate, & exploded out of this land, & sent home agayn to their owne countrey of Rome, from whence thee came, God be euerlastingly praysed therfore. Amen.

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The Pope suppressed by K. Henry the eight.

The Pope vnhorsed, but his chaplenes ready to hold the stirup for him to get vp agayne.
MarginaliaThe lamentable wepyng & howling of all the religious route for the fall of their god the Pope.

The Pope suppressed by K. Henry the eight.
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MarginaliaAn olde prophecie of the fal of the Pope.

Papa citò moritur, Cæsar regnabit vbiq;, Et subito vani cessabunt gaudia cleri.
¶ An Acte 
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This is the text of the 1534 Act concerning the King's Highness to be Supreme Head of the Church of England (26 Henry VIII, c.1).

concernyng the kinges highnes to be the supreme head of the Church of England, and to haue authoritie to reforme and redresse all errours, heresies and abuses in the same. Cap. i.

ALbeit the kynges maiestie iustly and rightfully is and ought to be the supreme head of the Church of Englād, & so is recognised by þe Clergie of this realme in theyr Conuocations, yet neuerthelesse for corroboration & confirmation therof, & for encrease of vertue in Christes Religion within this Realme of England, & to represse & extirpe all errours, heresies, & other enormities & abuses heretofore vsed in the same: be it enacted by authoritie of this present Parlamēt, that the kyng our soueraigne Lord, his heires and successours, kinges of this realme, shalbe taken, accepted and reputed the onely supreme head in earth of the Churche of England, called Anglicana Ecclesia, and shall haue and enioy annexed and vnited to the Imperiall crowne of this realme, as well the title and the stile thereof, as all honours, dignities, preeminences, iurisdictions, priuileges, authorities, immunities, profites, and commodities to the sayd dignitie of supreme head of the same Churche belongyng and apperteinyng: and that our sayd soueraigne Lord, hys heires & successors, kynges of this realme, shall haue full power and authoritie frō time to time, to visite, represse, redresse, reforme, order, correct, restrayne, and amēde all such errours, abuses, offences, cōtemptes, and enormities, what soeuer they

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