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1416 [1416]

K. Henry. 8. Troubles at London about the vj. Articles.

Persons presented.Their causes.

MarginaliaS. Albons parishe in London.Mistres Cicelye Mar-

Cicely,for not bearyng her
Palme, and despising holy bread
and holy water.
Michaell Haukes.
Haukes, for not commyng to
the Church, and receauyng yong
men of the new learnyng.
M. Iohn Browne.
Browne, for bearyng with
Annes, Bedikes vvife.
Bedykes wife, for despising our
Lady, & not praying to Saintes.

Andrew Kempe.
William Pahen.
Richard Manerd.

Kempe, Pahen, Manerd, for di-
sturbing the seruice of the church
with brabling of the new Testa-
MarginaliaThe Parishe of Trinitie the litle.William Wyders.
Wyders denyed ij. yeres before, þe
Sacramēt to be Christes body, &
sayd þt it was but onely a signe.
William Stokesley.
Stokesley, for rebukyng hys
wife at the Churche, for takyng
holy water.
Roger Dauy.
Dauy, for speakyng agaynste
worshippyng of Saintes.
M. Blage
M. Blage, for not commyng to
his Parishe Church, not confes-
syng, nor receauyng.
MarginaliaS. Iohn Baptiste in Walbroke.William Clynch.
For saying, when hee seeth a
Priest preparyng to the Masse,
ye shall see a Priest nowe go to
maskyng. Item, for callyng the
Byshop of Winchester, false flat-
teryng knaue. Item, for burying
his wife without Dirige, & cau-
sing the Scotte 
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John Willock, curate at St. Catherine Coleman, Fenchurch St.

of S. Catherines
to preache the next day after the
William Playne.
Playne seyng a Priest go to
Masse, said, now you shal see one
in maskyng. Item, when hee
came to the Church with loude
readyng the Englishe Bible, he
disturbed the diuine seruice.
MarginaliaS. Buttolphes at Billingesgate.
Herman Iohnson.
Ierome Akon.
Giles Hosteman.
Richard Bonfeld.
Thomas Couper.
Humfrey Skynner.
Iohn Sneudnam.
Richard Philippes.
Iohn Celos.

These ix. persons were pre-
sented, for that they were not cō-
fessed in Lent, nor had recea-
ued at Easter.
MarginaliaS. Nicholas in the flesh shambles.
Iohn Iones.
William Wright.
Peter Butcher.
Roger Butcher.

These foure were presented
for not keepyng the diuine ser-
uice in the holy dayes.
Brisleys vvife.
Brisleys wife, for busie reaso-
nyng on the new learnyng, and
not kepyng the Churche.
Mistres Castell. 
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In 1570 and 1576 Mrs. Castle is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Nicholas Flesh Shambles; in 1583, to St. Andrew Holborn. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

M. Castle, for beyng a medler
and a reader of the Scripture in
the Churche.

MarginaliaS. Andrewes in Holborne.M. Galias of Bernardes

M. Galias, for withstanding the
Curate sensyng the aultars on
Corpus Christi euen, and saying o-
penly that he did nought.

M. Pates of Dauydes

M. Pates, and M. Galias, for vex-
yng the Curate in the body of
the Churche, in declaryng the
kynges Iniunctions, and rea-
dyng the Byshops booke, so
that hee had much adoe to make
an ende.

MarginaliaS. Mildreds in Bredstrete.William Beckes, and
hys vvife.

Beckes and his wife suspected
to be Sacramentaries, and for
not creepyng to the Crosse on
good Friday.

Thomas Langham.
William Thomas.
Richard Beckes.
William Beckes.

These foure were presented
for interruptyng the diuine ser-

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Persons presented.Their causes.
Raffe Symons.
Symondes, for not kepyng our La-
dyes Masse, whiche hee was bounde
to kepe.

Iohn Smith,

Smith, for saying, that he had ra-
ther heare þe crying of dogges, then
Priestes singyng Mattens or euen-

MarginaliaS. Mangus parishe.Thomas Bele.
Iohn Sturgion.
Iohn Wilsher.
Thomas Symon.
Raffe Cleruis,
and his vvife.
Iames Banaster.
Nicolas Barker.
Iohn Sterky.
Christofer Smith.
Thomas Net.

These eleuen persons of Saint
Magnus Parish were presented and
accused, for mainteyning of certeine
preachers, as thē it was called, of the
newe learnyng, as Wisedome, Rose,
Frier Ward, Syr William Smith, aliâs
Nic. Philippes.
Phillipes, for maynteinyng here-
tickes and Scripture bookes, and
for vsyng neither fastyng nor prayer.
Richard Bygges.
Bygges, for despisyng holy bread,
puttyng it in the throte of a bitch,
& for not loking vp to the eleuation.

MarginaliaS. Mary Magdalen in Milkstrete.Mistres Eliza-beth, Statham.

For mainteinyng in her house La-
tymer, Barnes, Garret, Hierome, & di-
uers other.
MarginaliaS. Owins Parishe.Iohn Duffet.
Duffet for mariyng a womā, which
was thought to be a Nonne.
Williā Hilliard.
Hilliard and Duffet for mayntey-
ning Barnes, Hierome, & Garret, with
other moe.


Grafton and Whitchurch 
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It is striking that Richard Grafton and Edward Whitchurch were arrested for this offence rather than for their activities as evangelical publishers.

ted not to haue bene confessed.

MarginaliaS. Martyns at the well with two buckets.Iohn Grene.
Mother Palmer.
Christop. Cootes
William Selly.Alexander Frere.
William Bredy.
Iohn Bushe.
W. Somerton.
George Durant.
M. Dauids prētise.

All these beyng of þe parish of S.
Martins at the wel with ij. buckets,
were presented for contemnyng the
ceremonies of the Church. Also some
for walkyng in þe sacryng time, with
their cappes on. Some for turnyng
their heades away. Some for sittyng
at their doores when Sermōs were
in the Church. &c.
MarginaliaS. Milchaels in Wodstrete.Robert Andrew.
Andrew, for receauyng heretickes
into his house, and kepyng disputa-
tion of heresie there.

Ioh. Williamson
Thomas Buge.
Thom. Gilbert.
W. Hickeson.
Rob. Daniell.
Rob. Smytton.

These other vj. were suspected to be
sacramētaries, & rancke heretickes,
& procurers of heretickes to preach,
& to be folowers of their doctrine.
MarginaliaS. Buttolphes at Billingesgate.Iohn Mayler. 
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It is striking that John Mayler was arrested for this offence rather than for his activity as an evangelical publisher. Cf. the second entry for Mayler further down the list; and the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 79r (LP Addenda 1463).

To be a Sacramentarie & a rayler
agaynst the Masse.

Richard Bilby,

Bilby presented for saying these
wordes, that Christ is not present in
the blessed Sacrament.

MarginaliaS. Gyles without CripplegateHenry Patinson. 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 63r (LP Addenda 1463), which notes only his refusal to be confessed.

Antony Barber.

These ij. were detected for mayn-
teinyng their boyes to syng a song a-
gaynst the Sacrament of the aultar.
Also Patinson came not to cōfession.
Rob. Norman. 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 67r (LP Addenda 1463).

Norman also refused to come to cō-
fession, saying, that none of his
seruauntes should bee shriuen of a
knaue Priest.
Iohn Vmfrey.
For speakyng agaynst the Sacra-
mētes & ceremonies of the Church.

William Smith,

and his vvife.

Iohn Cooke, and

his vvife.

These ij. couples were presented
for not commyng to seruice in their
Parishe Churche, and for saying, it
was lawfull for Priestes to haue

W. Gate, or Cote
William Aston.
Iohn Vmfrey.
Iohn Coke.

To these foure 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 76r (LP Addenda 1463), in which the person named here as Gate or Cote is named as Tote.

it was layde, for
saying that the Masse was made of
peeces and patches. Also for depra-
uyng of Mattyns, Masse, and E-

Iohn Miles, and
his vvife.
Iohn Millen.
Ioh. Robinson.
Richard Millar.
Iohn Grene, and
hys vvife.
Arnold Cheste.

All these were put vp for raylyng
agaynst the Sacramentes, and cere-

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