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1417 [1417]

K. Henry. 8. The troubles at London about the vj. Articles.
MarginaliaEx Regist. London.Persons presented.Their causes.

MarginaliaS. Gyles without Criplegate.Iohn Crosdall.
Iohn Clerke.
Iohn Owell.

These iij. labouryng mē, for not cō-
ming to diuine seruice on holidayes:
and for labouryng in the same.

Tho. Granger.

Iohn Dictier.

Noted for common syngars a-
gaynste the Sacramentes and cere-

Iohn Sutton and
hys vvife.
Iohn Segar.

These iij. 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 77r (LP Addenda 1463), which names Mrs. Sutton as Margery and claims that they said 'that no knave prestes shuld knowe there myndes, but only god that forgyveth all synes.'

were noted to be despi-
sers of auricular confession.

Iohn Raulyns.
Iohn Shiler.
W. Chalynger.
Iohn Edmundes.
Iohn Richmond,
and his vvife.

For despisyng holy bread and ho-
ly water, and lettyng diuine seruice.
Margaret Smith.For dressyng fleshmeat in Lent.

Thomas Tren-
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 73r (LP Addenda 1463).

For reasoning agaynst the Sacra-
ment of the aultar, and saying that
the Sacrament was a good thyng,
but it was not as men tooke it, very

MarginaliaS. Thomas the Apostle.Robert Granger.
W. Petyngale.
William Maye,
& his vvife.
Iohn Henrison,
& his vvife.
Robert Welsh.
Iohn Benglosse.
Iohn Pitly.
Henry Foster.
Robert Causy.
W. Pinchebecke
& his vvife.

All these 13. were put vp by the
Inquisition, for giuyng small reue-
rence at the sacryng of the Masse.

MarginaliaS. Benet Fynche.Martyne Bishops

She was presēted by her Curate for
being not shryuen in Lent nor recea-
uing at Easter. Also she did set light
by þe Curate, when he told her therof.

MarginaliaS. Michaell at Queene hyth.Robert Platte 
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In 1570 and 1576 the Plattes are listed as belonging to the parish of St. Michael Queenhithe; in 1583, to St. Benet Finch. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

his vvife.

These were great reasoners in scrip-
ture, saying that they had it of þe spi-
rite: and that confession auaileth no-
thyng: and that hee not able to read
would vse no beades.

Thomas Aduet.
Iohn Palmer.
Robert Cooke.

The cause layd to these three per-
sons, was for reasoning of the scrip-
ture, and of the Sacramentes.
The Register sayth, that they de-
nyed all the Sacramentes. But this
Popish hiperbole 
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Although Foxe is alarmed by this possibility, denial of all the sacraments is a perfectly plausible allegation in the wake of an Anabaptist scare.

will finde litle cre-
dite, where experience acquainted
with Popishe practises, sitteth to bee
the iudge.
Iohn Cockes.
This man was noted for a great
searcher out of new preachers, and
maynteiner of Barnes opinions.
MarginaliaS. Mary Wolchurch.Iohn Boultes.Forbidding his wife to vse beades.
Thomas Kelde.
He refused to take penaunce and
absolution, and did eate fleshe vpon a
Friday before Lent.
Nicolas Newell.
Newell a Frenchmā presented to be
a mā farre gone in the new sect: and
that hee was a greate iester at the
Saintes, and at our Lady.

Iohn Hawkyns,
and his seruaunt.
Tho. Chamber-
laine, & his vvife.
Iohn Curteys.
M. Dissel, his vvife
& his seruaūt.

These eight were great resoners,
and despisers of ceremonies.

MarginaliaS. Catherine Colman.The Curate of S.
Catherine Col-

He was noted for callyng of sus-
pect persons to hys Sermons by a
bedle, without ryngyng of any bell:
and when hee preached hee left hys
matters doubtfull.
Item, for preaching without the
commaundement of his person.
Item, for that hee was a Scotishe
Frier driuen out of his countrey for
Persons presented.Their causes.

MarginaliaEx Regist. Lond.Tulle Bustre, his
vvife, and his
sonne in lavv.

These were noted for commyng
seldome to the Church, and many
tymes were sene to labour vpon the
holy dayes.

MarginaliaS. Matthewes parishe.William Ettis,
and his vvife.

Ettys and his wife were noted for
mainteyning certein preachers: and
for causyng one Tauerner beyng no
Priest, to preache agaynst the kinges

Merifiel and his
sonne in lavv.
Nicolas Russell.
The good mā of the
Saracens head in
W. Callaway.
Iohn Gardiner,
vvith iij. prētises.

Agaynst this company presenta-
tion was made for gatheryng toge-
ther in the euenyng, and for bryn-
gyng ill preachers (that is to saye
good preachers) amōgest the people.
Tho. Plummer.
This Thomas was presented for
saying, that the blessed Sacrament
was to him that doth take it, so: and
to him that doth not, was not so.
Shermons, keper of the Carpenters
Hall in Christes parish, was presen-
ted for procuryng an interlude to bee
opēly played, wherein Priestes were
rayled on, and called knaues.

MarginaliaS. Benets at Paules Wharfe.Lewes Morall, a
Iames Ogule, &
hys vvife.

Noted not to haue bene confessed
certayne yeares before.
MarginaliaS. Margarets in Fyshstrete.Thom. Babam.
Accused not to haue bene confessed
nor houseled in his Parish Churche.

MarginaliaS. Antlins.The Person and
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The curate, probably, was Edmund Frevell.

of Sainct

For not vsing the ceremonies in
making holy water, nor keping their
processions on Saterdayes.

MarginaliaS. Mary Hill.Lewes Brom-
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In 1570 and 1576 Bromfield is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Mary at Hill; in 1583, to St. Antholin's. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

For not taking his housel, & for ab-
sentyng him selfe from the Churche
on holy dayes.

Iohn Sempe.
Iohn Goffe.

For dispraysyng a certaine An-
time of our Lady, beginning: Te ma-
trem. &c. saying, that there is heresie
in the same.
Gilbert Godfre.
For absenting him selfe from the
Churche on holy dayes.

MarginaliaS. Mary Magdalen in olde Fyshstrete.Thomas Cappes 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 62r (LP Addenda 1463, where misdated).


For saying these wordes, that the
Sacrament of the aultar was but a
memory and a remembraunce of the
Lordes death.

MarginaliaS. Buttolphes at Billingesgate.Iohn Mayler, 
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It is striking that John Mayler was arrested for this offence rather than for his activity as an evangelical publisher. Cf. the first entry for Mayler further up the list; and the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 79r (LP Addenda 1463).


For callyng the Sacrament
of the aultar, the baken God: and
for saying, that the Masse was called
beyonde the Sea, Misse, for that all
is amysse in it.

MarginaliaS. Martins in Irenmonger lane.Iohn Hardyman, 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 61r (LP Addenda 1463).


Hardyman person of S. Martyns in
Yrenmūger Lane, presented for prea-
chyng openly, that confession is con-
fusion, & deformatiō: and that þe but-
cherye ceremonies of þt Church were
to be abhorred. Also for saying, what
a mischiefe is this to esteeme the Sa-
cramētes to be of such vertue? for in
so doing they take the glory of God
frō him: and for saying that faith in
Christ is sufficient without any o-
ther Sacramentes to iustifie.

MarginaliaS. Brides in Fletestrete.Christopher
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 75r (LP Addenda 1463).


For saying of the Sacrament of
the aultar, that it was not offered vp
for remission of sinnes: and that the
body of Christe was not there, but
onely by representation and signifi-
cation of the thing.

Robert Warde, 
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Ward is the only person listed as dying during this purge, presumably during the short interval in which the suspects were held in prison. In 1570 and 1576 Ward is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Bride's, Fleet Street; in 1583, to St. Andrew Holborn. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

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Presented by three wytnesses for
holdyng agaynste the Sacrament of
the aultar, he dyed in prison in Bred-
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