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1483 [1483]

K. Henry. 8. Persecution in Scotland. George Wysehart, Martyr.

ther in the kyngdome of heauen that night, commended them selues to God, & died 

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The executions took place on 26 January 1544.

constantly in the Lord.

The woman desired earnestly to dye wyth her husband, but she was not sufferd: yet folowyng hym to þe place of execution, she gaue him comfort, exhorting him to perseuerāce and pacience for Christes sake, and parting from hym wyth a kysse, sayd on this maner: MarginaliaThe words of Hellen Styrke to her husband.Husband, reioyce, for we haue lyued together many ioyful dayes: but this day, in whych we must dye, ought to be most ioyfull to vs both, because wee must haue ioye for euer. Therefore I wyll not byd you good night, for we shall sodaynly meete wyth ioy in the kyngdome of heauen.

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MarginaliaHellen Styrke pluckte frō her sucking childe,. and drowned for the gospell.The woman after was taken to a place to be drowned, and albeit she had a childe sucking on her brest, yet thys moued nothyng the vnmerciful hartes of the enemies. So after she had commended her children to the neyghbours of the towne for Gods sake, and the suckyng barne was geuen to the nurse, she sealed vp the truth by her death. MarginaliaEx Registris Scotorum.Ex Registris & instrumentis è Scotia missis.

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¶ The condemnation of M. George Wysehart Gentleman 
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This account of George Wishart's trial, which is the only text relating to Scotland to appear unchanged in all four early editions of the Acts and Monuments, is taken verbatim and in its entirety from David Lindsay, The tragical death of Dauid Beaton Bishoppe of sainct Andrewes in Scotland. Whereunto is ioyned the martyrdom of maister George Wyseharte gentleman (STC 15683: London, 1548?), sigs. C7v-F6r. Foxe was presumably introduced to this tract by John Day, who printed both it and the Acts and Monuments. Freeman, '"The reik of Maister Patrik Hammyltoun"', p. 46.

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, who suffered Martyrdome for the fayth of Christ Iesu at Saint Andrewes in Scotland. anno. 1546. March. 1. with the Articles obiected agaynst hym, and hys aunsweres to the same.

MarginaliaAn. 1546.
The examination of M. George Wysehart.
WIth most tender affection and vnfayned hart, consider (gentle Reader) þe vncharitable maner of þe accusation of Maister George Wysehart, made by the bloudy enemies of Christes fayth. Note also the Articles wherof he was accused, by order digested, and hys meeke aunsweres, so farre as he had leaue and leasure to speake. Finally, ponder with no dissembling spirit þe furious rage, and tragicall cruelnes of the malignant Church, in persecuting of this blessed man of God: MarginaliaGods spirite geueth voones to his seruant.and of the contrarye, hys humble, patient, and most godly aunsweres, made to them sodeinly without all feare, not hauyng respect to theyr glorious manasinges and boysteous threates, but charitably & without stoppe aūswering: not mouyng his countenaunce, nor chaungyng his visage, as in his accusation here after folowyng manifestly shall appeare.

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To the sayd M. George beyng in captiutie in the Castle of S. Andrewes, the Deane of the same Towne, was sent by the commaundement of the Cardinall, and his wicked counsaile, MarginaliaM. George Wysehart summoned out of prison to appeare.and there summoned the sayd M. George, that he should vpon the mornyng folowyng, appeare before the Iudge, then and there to geue accoumpt of his sedicious and hereticall doctrine.

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MarginaliaM. George Wysehartes aunswere to the Deane that summoned hym.To whom M. George aūswered, what nedeth (said he) my Lord Cardinal to summon me to aunswere for my doctrine openly before him, vnder whose power and dominion I am thus straitly bounde in Irons? May not my Lord compell me to aūswere of his extort power? Or beleueth hee that I am vnprouided to render a coumpt of my doctrine? To manifest your selues what men ye are, it is well done that ye kepe your olde ceremonies and constitutions made by men.

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Vpon the next mornyng, the Lord Cardinall caused hys seruauntes to addresse them selues in theyr most warlyke arraye, with Iacke, Knapskall, Splente, Speare and Axe, more semyng for the warre, then for the preachyng of the true worde of God.

MarginaliaM. Wysehart brought again before the Byshops.And when these armed chāpions marchyng in warlike order, had conueyed the Byshops into the Abbay Churche, incontinently they sent for M. George (who was conueyed into the sayd Church) by the Captayne of the Castle, accompanied with an hundreth men addressed in maner aforesayd. Like a lambe lead they him to sacrifice.

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As he entred in at the Abbay Churche doore, there was a poore man lying vexed with great infirmities, as- MarginaliaMaister Wysehart casteth hys purse to a poore man.kyng of his almes: to whom he flange his purse. And when he came before the Cardinal, by and by the Suppriour of the Abbay, called MarginaliaThe Sermon of Ioh. Wynrime.Dane Iohn Wynrime, stoode vp in the pulpit and made a Sermon to all the congregation there then assembled, takyng hys matter out of the xiij. Chapter of Mathew 

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The parable of the wheat and the tares: Matthew 13:24-30.

. Whose Sermon was diuided into foure principall partes.

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The first parte was a short and brief declaration of the Euangelist.

The second part, of the interpretation of the good seede. And because he called the worde of God the good seede, and heresie the euill seede, he declared what heresie was, and how it should be knowen: which hee defined on this maner. MarginaliaHeresie defined.Heresie is a false opinion defended with pertinacie, clearely repugnyng the word of God.

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The iij. part of his Sermon was the cause of heresie within that Realme, and all other Realmes. MarginaliaThe cause of heresie.The cause of heresie (quoth hee) is the ignoraunce of them whiche haue the cures of mens soules, to whom it necessarily belongeth to haue the true vnderstandyng of the worde of God, that they may bee able to wynne agayne the false Doctours of heresies with the sword of the spirite, whiche is the worde of God, and not onely to wynne agayne, but also to ouercome them, as sayth Paul 

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Titus 1:7.

: A bishop must be faultles, as becōmeth the minister of God, not stubburne, not angry, no drunkard, no fighter, not geuen to filthy luker, but harberous, one that loueth goodnes, sober mynded, ryghteous, holy, temperate, & such as cleaueth vnto the true worde of doctrine, that he may be hable to exhorte with wholesome learnyng, and to improue that which they say agaynst hym.

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MarginaliaTit. 1.The fourth part of his Sermon was how heresies should be knowen. Heresies (quoth he) be knowen on this maner. MarginaliaThe maner to know an hereticke.As the Goldsmith knoweth the fine Gold frō the vnperfecte, by the touchstone: so likewise maye we knowe heresie by the vndoubted touchstone: that is, the true, sincere, and vndefiled worde of God. At the last he added, that heretickes should be put downe in this present life. MarginaliaThe Gospell was of letting the teares to growe vnto haruest.To whiche proposition the Gospel appeared to repugne, whiche he entreated of: Let them growe vnto the haruest: the haruest is the ende of the world. Neuerthelesse he affirmed that they should be put downe by the Ciuill Magistrate and law. And when hee ended his Sermon: incontinētly they caused M. George to ascend into the pulpit, there to heare his accusatiō and articles. MarginaliaIohn Lauder, accuser.And right against him stoode by, one of the fed flocke, a monster, Ioh. Lauder, laden full of cursinges written in paper. Of þe which he tooke out a roll, both long and also full of cursinges, threates, maledictions, and wordes of deuilish spite and malice, saying to the innocent M. George, so many cruell and abominable woordes, MarginaliaThe way to feare the ignoraunt.and hit him so spitefully with the Popes thunder, that the ignoraūt people dreaded least the earth then would haue swalowed hym vp quicke. Notwithstandyng hee stoode still with great pacience, hearyng their sayinges, not once mouyng or chaūgyng hys countenaunce.

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MarginaliaThe fruits of their charitie.When that this fed sow, had read thorowout all his lying manasinges, his face rūnyng downe with sweat, and frothyng at his mouth lyke a boare, he spitte at M. Georges face, saying: what aunswerest thou to these sayings, thou runnagate, traitor, theef, which we haue duely proued by sufficient witnes agaynst thee? M. George hearyng this, kneeled downe vpō his knees in the pulpite, makyng his prayer to God. When hee had ended hys prayer, sweetely and Christianly he aunswered to them all in this maner.

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¶ Master George his aunswere.

MarginaliaM. Wysehartes aunswere.MAny and horrible sayinges vnto me, a Christian man, many wordes abominable for to heare, ye haue spoken here this day. Which not onely to teach, but also once to thinke I thought euer great abomination. Wherfore I pray your discretions quietly to heare me, that ye may know what were my sayinges, and the maner of my doctrine. This my petition (my Lordes) I

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