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1497 [1497]

K. Henry. 8. The Popes Sentence definitiue agaynst King Henry.
Anglici Matrimonii.

MarginaliaEx Archetypo Rom. Pontificis ad Catherinam misso.

Sententia diffinitiua
Lata per sanctissimum Dominum Nostrum. D. Clementem Papam vij. in sacro Consistorio, de Reuerendißimorum,. S. R. E. Cardinalium consilio, super validitate Matrimonij inter Serenißimos Henricum. VIII. & Catherinam Angliæ Reges contracti.
Eadem Serenissima Catherina Angliæ Regnia.
Serenissimum Henricum. VIII. Angliæ Regem.
Clemens. Papa. 7.

MarginaliaThe tenour of the Popes sentence definitiue agaynst King Henry. 8.CHRISTI nomine inuocato in Throno iustitiæ pro tribunali sedentes, & solum Deum præ oculis habentes, per hanc nostram diffinitiuam sententiam quam de Venerabilium Fratrum nostrorum Sancta Ro. Ec. Car. Consistorialiter coram nobis congregatorum Consilio & assensu ferimus in his scriptis, pronunciamus, decernimus, & declaramus in causa & causis ad nos & Sedem Apostolicam per appellationem, per charissimam in CHRISTO Filiam Catherinam Angliæ Reginam Illustrem a nostris & Sedis Apostolicæ Legatis in Regno Angliæ deputatis interpositam legitimè deuolutis, & aduocatis, inter prædictam Catherinam Reginam, & Charissimum in CHRISTO Filium Henricum. VIII. Angliæ Regem Illustrem, super Validitate & inualiditate Matrimonij inter eosdem Reges contracti & consummati rebusq̀; alijs in actis, causæ & causarū huiusmodi latius deductis, & dilecto Filio Paulo Capissucho causarum sacri palatij tunc decano, & propter ipsius Pauli absentiam Venerablili Fratri nostro Iacobo Simonetæ Episcopo Pisaurien vnius ex dicti palatij causærum Auditoribus locum tenenti, audiendis instruendis, & in Consistorio nostro Secreto referendis commißis, & per eos nobis, & eisdem Cardinalibus relatis & maturè discußis, coram nobis pendentibus, matrimonium inter predictam Catherinam, & Henricum Angliæ Reges contractum, & inde secutæ quecunq̀; fuisse & esse validum & canonicum validaq̀; & Canonicæ, suosq̀; debitos debuisse & debere sortiri effectus, prolemq̀; exinde susceptam & suscipiendam fuisse, & fore legitimam, & præfatum Henricum Angliæ Regem teneri, & obligatum fuiße & fore ad cohabitandum cum dicta Catherinæ Reginæ eius legitimæ coniuge illamq̀; maritali affectione & Regio honore tractandum, & eundem Henricum Angliæ Regem ad præmissa omniæ & singulæ cum effectu adimplendum, condemnandum omnibusq̀; iuris Remedijs cogendum & cōpellendum fore, prout condemnamus, cogimus, & compellimus, molestationesq̀; & denegationes per eundem Henricum Regem eidem Catherinæ Reginæ super inualiditate ac fœdere dicti Matrimonij quomodolibet factas & præstitas, fuisse & esse illicitas & iniustas, & eidem Henrico Regi super illis ac inualiditate Matrimonij huiusmodi perpetuum silentium imponendum fore, & imponimus, eundemq̀; Henricum Angliæ Regem in expensis in huiusmodi causæ pro parte dictæ Catherinæ Reginæ coram nobis, & dictis omnibus legitime factis condemnandum fore, & condemnamus, quarum expensarum taxationem nobis imposterum reseruamus.
Ita pronuntiamus. I.
Lata fuit Romæ in Palatio Apostolico publice in Consistorio die. XXIII. Martij. M. D. XXXIIII.

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¶ The effect in English.

THe effect of thys Sentence is as much to meane in English: That Pope Clement the vij. with þe consent of hys other brethren the Cardinals assembled together in hys Consistorye, sitting there in the throne of Marginalia(A) The Pope sitteth in the throne of iustice, with the lyke humilitie & same fashion, as Lucifer did sit in the seate of the highest, and Antichrist sitteth in the temple of God.a Iustice, calling vpon the name Marginalia(B) And sayd neuer a worde.b of Christ, and hauing God onelye before hys Marginalia(C) Id est, hauing no bribes of money in his handes, nor no feare of the Emperour in his hart.c eyes, doth pronounce, define, and declare in the cause and causes betwene hys deare daughter Catherin Queene of England appealing to the sea Apostolicke, and hys beloued Marginalia(D) Is not thys a glorious father, that wil haue no beggars to his sōnes, & daughters, but Emperours, kinges, & Queenes?d sonne Henry the eight, Kyng of England, concerning the validitie and inualiditie of the Matrimonie hereto-fore contracted betwene them, and yet depending in the Consistory court of the sayde Pope Clement: that the sayd Matrimonie alwayes hath Marginalia(E) And why then dyd you send Campeius to England to dissolue the same matrimonye before? as appeareth aboue pag. 1193.e and styll doth stand firme and canonical, and that the issue proceding, or which shall proceede of the same, standeth, and shall stand lawfull and legitimate: and that the foresayde Henry kyng of England, is & shall be bound and obstrict to the matrimoniall societie and cohabitation with the sayd Ladye Catherine hys lawfull wyfe and Queene, to holde and mayntaine her wyth such loue and princely honour, as becommeth a louing husband, and his kynglye honour to doo. Also that the sayd Henry kyng of England, if he shall refuse so to performe and accomplishe all and

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