Thematic Divisions in Book 11
1. The Martyrdom of Rogers 2. The Martyrdom of Saunders 3. Saunders' Letters 4. Hooper's Martyrdom 5. Hooper's Letters 6. Rowland Taylor's Martyrdom 7. Becket's Image and other events 8. Miles Coverdale and the Denmark Letters 9. Bonner and Reconciliation 10. Judge Hales 11. The Martyrdom of Thomas Tomkins 12. The Martyrdom of William Hunter 13. The Martyrdom of Higbed and Causton 14. The Martyrdom of Pigot, Knight and Laurence 15. Robert Farrar's Martyrdom 16. The Martyrdom of Rawlins/Rowland White17. The Restoration of Abbey Lands and other events in Spring 155518. The Providential Death of the Parson of Arundel 19. The Martyrdom of John Awcocke 20. The Martyrdom of George Marsh 21. The Letters of George Marsh 22. The Martyrdom of William Flower 23. The Martyrdom of Cardmaker and Warne 24. Letters of Warne and Cardmaker 25. The Martyrdom of Ardley and Simpson 26. John Tooly 27. The Examination of Robert Bromley [nb This is part of the Tooly affair]28. The Martyrdom of Thomas Haukes 29. Letters of Haukes 30. The Martyrdom of Thomas Watts 31. Mary's False Pregnancy32. Censorship Proclamation 33. Our Lady' Psalter 34. Martyrdom of Osmund, Bamford, Osborne and Chamberlain35. The Martyrdom of John Bradford 36. Bradford's Letters 37. William Minge 38. James Trevisam 39. The Martyrdom of John Bland 40. The Martyrdom of Frankesh, Middleton and Sheterden 41. Sheterden's Letters 42. Examinations of Hall, Wade and Polley 43. Martyrdom of Christopher Wade 44. Martyrdom of Carver and Launder 45. Martyrdom of Thomas Iveson 46. John Aleworth 47. Martyrdom of James Abbes 48. Martyrdom of Denley, Newman and Pacingham 49. Richard Hooke 50. Martyrdom of William Coker, et al 51. Martyrdom of George Tankerfield, et al 52. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Smith 53. Martyrdom of Harwood and Fust 54. Martyrdom of William Haile 55. George King, Thomas Leyes and John Wade 56. William Andrew 57. Martyrdom of Robert Samuel 58. Samuel's Letters 59. William Allen 60. Martyrdom of Roger Coo 61. Martyrdom of Thomas Cobb 62. Martyrdom of Catmer, Streater, Burwood, Brodbridge, Tutty 63. Martyrdom of Hayward and Goreway 64. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Glover 65. Cornelius Bungey 66. John and William Glover 67. Martyrdom of Wolsey and Pigot 68. Life and Character of Nicholas Ridley 69. Ridley's Letters 70. Life of Hugh Latimer 71. Latimer's Letters 72. Ridley and Latimer Re-examined and Executed73. More Letters of Ridley 74. Life and Death of Stephen Gardiner 75. Martyrdom of Webb, Roper and Park 76. William Wiseman 77. James Gore 78. Examinations and Martyrdom of John Philpot 79. Philpot's Letters 80. Martyrdom of Thomas Whittle, Barlett Green, et al 81. Letters of Thomas Wittle 82. Life of Bartlett Green 83. Letters of Bartlett Green 84. Thomas Browne 85. John Tudson 86. John Went 87. Isobel Foster 88. Joan Lashford 89. Five Canterbury Martyrs 90. Life and Martyrdom of Cranmer 91. Letters of Cranmer 92. Martyrdom of Agnes Potten and Joan Trunchfield 93. Persecution in Salisbury Maundrell, Coberly and Spicer 94. William Tyms, et al 95. Letters of Tyms 96. The Norfolk Supplication 97. Martyrdom of John Harpole and Joan Beach 98. John Hullier 99. Hullier's Letters 100. Christopher Lister and five other martyrs 101. Hugh Lauerocke and John Apprice 102. Katherine Hut, Elizabeth Thacknell, et al 103. Thomas Drury and Thomas Croker 104. Thomas Spicer, John Deny and Edmund Poole 105. Persecution of Winson and Mendlesam 106. Gregory Crow 107. William Slech 108. Avington Read, et al 109. Wood and Miles 110. Adherall and Clement 111. A Merchant's Servant Executed at Leicester 112. Thirteen Burnt at Stratford-le-Bow113. Persecution in Lichfield 114. Hunt, Norrice, Parret 115. Martyrdom of Bernard, Lawson and Foster 116. Examinations of John Fortune117. John Careless 118. Letters of John Careless 119. Martyrdom of Julius Palmer 120. Agnes Wardall 121. Peter Moone and his wife 122. Guernsey Martyrdoms 123. Dungate, Foreman and Tree 124. Martyrdom of Thomas More125. Examination of John Jackson126. Examination of John Newman 127. Martyrdom of Joan Waste 128. Martyrdom of Edward Sharpe 129. Four Burnt at Mayfield at Sussex 130. John Horne and a woman 131. William Dangerfield 132. Northampton Shoemaker 133. Prisoners Starved at Canterbury 134. More Persecution at Lichfield
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1792 [1753]

Queene Mary. The confeßion and beliefe of Iohn Warne, Martyr.

Marginalia1555. May.The third day he rose again from death to life.

To make full and perfect the whole woorke of our redemption and iustification, the same crucified bodye which was layd in the graue, was raysed vp againe the thyrd day from death by the power of hys Father, and glorye of hys Godhead: he became the first fruites of the resurrection, and gotte the victorye of death, that all by hym might be raised vp frō death. Through whō all true penitent sinners may now boldly come vnto the father, and haue remission of their sinnes.

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He ascended into heauē, & sitteth on the ryght hand of God the father almighty.

After that in his death and resurrection he had conquered sinne, death, and the Deuill, and had bene conuersaunt 40. dayes in the earth, being seene of the Apostles, and more then fiue hundreth brethren at once in the same body in which he wrought the work of our saluation, he ascended into heauen with eternall triumph for MarginaliaThe triumphant victory ouer death.the victory ouer death, sinne, and hell, leauing the passage open, by which all true beleuers may, and shall enter into his kingdome, where he now sitteth at his fathers right hand, that is to say, in power and glory equall, in maiesty coeternall.

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From thence he shall come to iudge the quicke and the dead.

Hee shall appeare agayne in great glorye to receaue his elect vnto him selfe, and to put his enemies vnder his feete, chaunging all liuing men in a moment, and raysing vp all that be dead, that all may be brought to his iudgement. In this shall he geue ech man according to his deedes. They which haue followed him in regeneration, which haue their sinnes washed away in his bloud, and are clothed with his righteousnes, shal receiue the euerlasting kingdome, and reigne with him for euer: and they which after the race of the corrupt generatiō of Adam haue followed flesh and bloud shall receaue euerlasting damnation with the Deuill and his aungels.

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I beleue in the holy ghost. 

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This point establishes that Warne, unlike some Marian protestants, believed in the Trinity. Again, Foxe would have been happy to record Warne's orthodoxy on this issue.

I do beleue that the holy ghost is God, the third person in Trinity, in vnity of the Godhead equal with the father and the sonne, geuen through Christ to enhabite our spirites, by which we are made to feele and vnderstand the great power, vertue, and louing kindnes of Christ our Lorde. For he illumineth, quickeneth and certifieth our spirite, that by him we are sealed vp vnto the day of redemption: by whom we are regenerate & made new creatures, so that by him & through him, we do receiue all the aboundaunt goodnes promised vs in Iesus Christ.

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The holy Catholicke Church.

Which is an holy number of Adams posterity elected, gathered, washed, and purified by the bloud of the lambe frō the beginning of the world, MarginaliaThe Church. and is dispersed through the same, by the tyranny of Gog and Magog, that is to say, the Turke and his tyranny, and Antichrist, otherwyse named the Byshop of Rome and hys aungels, as this day also doth teach.

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The Communion of Saintes.

Which most holy congregation (beyng as Paul teacheth, builded vpon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophetes, Christ being the head corner stone) though it be by the tyranny of Sathan and his Ministers persecuted, some by imprisonment, some by death, and some by other afflictions and paynefull tormentes: yet doth it remaine in one perfect vnitie both in fayth and fellowshyp: which vnitie is knit in an vnspeakable knot, as well of them which are departed from this mortall lyfe, as of them which now be lyuing and hereafter shalbe in the same, and so shall cōtinue vntill they all do meete in the kyngdome, where the head Iesus Christ, with all these his holy members (of which num-

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ber through Christ I assuredly beleue that I am one) shalbe fully cōplete, knit, and vnited together for euer more.

The forgiuenes of sinnes.

I do beleue that my sinnes and all their sinnes which do rightly beleue the holy Scripture, are forgiuen onely through that Iesus Christ, MarginaliaRemission only through Christ.of whom onely I do professe that I haue my whole & ful saluation and redemption, which as S. Paul sayth, commeth not through our workes and deseruynges, but freely by grace, lest any man should boast hym selfe. Through the bloud of his Crosse all thynges in heauen and earth are reconciled, and set at peace with the father: without hym no heauenly lyfe is geuen, nor sinne forgeuen.

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The resurrection of the body.

I do beleue by the same my Sauiour Christ, I and all men shal rise agayne from death: for he, as Paul sayth, is risen agayne from the dead and is become the first fruites of them which sleepe. For by a man came death, and by a man commeth the resurrection from death. MarginaliaResurrection. This mā is Christ, through the power of whose resurrectiō, I beleue that we all shall rise again in these our bodyes: the elect clothed with immortalitie to liue with Christ for euer: the reprobrate also shall rise immortall to lyue with the deuill and his aungels in death euerlastyng.

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And the lyfe euerlastyng.

Through the same Iesus and by none other, I am sure to haue lyfe euerlastyng. He onely is the way and entraunce into the kyngdome of heauen. MarginaliaIohn 3.For so God loued the world, that he dyd geue hys onely sonne Iesus Christ, to the end that so many as doe beleue in hym, might haue euerlasting lyfe. MarginaliaLife and saluation onely by faith in Christ. The which I am sure to possesse so soone as I am dissolued, and departed out of this tabernacle, and in the last day shall both body and soule possesse the same for euer: to the which God graunt all men to come.

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I beleue that the Sacramētes, that is to say, of Baptisme and of the Lordes Supper MarginaliaTwo Sacramentes of the new testamēt. are seales of Gods most mercyfull promises towardes mankynd. In Baptisme, as by the outward creature of water I am washed from the filthynes which hangeth on my flesh: so do I assuredly beleue, that I am by Christes bloud washed cleane frō my sinnes, through which I haue sure confidence of my certaine saluation. In the partakyng of the Lordes Supper, as I receiue the substaunce of bread and wyne (the nature of which is to strengthen the body:) so do I by fayth receiue the redemption wrought in Christes body broken on the Crosse, life by his death, resurrection by his resurrection, and in summe, all that euer Christ in his body suffered for my saluation, to the strēgthenyng of my fayth in the same. And I beleue that God hath appointed the eating and drinking of the creatures of bread and wyne in his holy supper according to hys word, to moue and to stirre vp my mynd to beleue these articles aboue written.

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This is my fayth: this I do beleue, and I am content by Gods grace to confirme and seale the truth of the same with my bloud.

By me Iohn Warne.

¶ A letter of Iohn Cardmaker, to a certayne friend of hys. 
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Cardmaker's Letters

By this time, Cardmaker had clearly decided not to recant and was anxious to scupper reports that he had recanted. This letter enables Foxe to make it seem as though Cardmaker had never recanted.

The peace of God be wyth you.

MarginaliaA letter of M. Cardmaker to a certayne frend of hys.YOu shall right wel perceiue that I am not gone back as some men doe report me, but am as ready to geue my lyfe as any of my brethren that are gone before mee, although by a policie I haue a lytle prolonged it, & that for the best, as already it appeareth vnto me, and shortly shall appeare vnto all. That day that I recant any poynt of doctrine, I shall suffer. xx. kindes of death, the Lord beyng myne assistance, as I doubt not but he wyl. Commend me to my friend, and tell hym no lesse. This

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