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Archbishops of Cant. Archbishops of Cant.

ning, then to one. &c. And this alteration not onelye happened in the ciuil gouernment, but also followed in the state ecclesiastical. For as in the Britaines time the Metrapolitan see was in London: so in the Saxons tyme after the comming of Austen, it was remoued to Canterbury, the Cataloge and order of which Metropolitans, from the time of Austen to Egbertus, is thus, as is in the history of Malmesberiensis described.

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¶ The names and order of the Archbishops of Canterbury, from Austen, to the tyme of kyng Ethelbert.

6.Deus dedit.10.

¶ Hetherto from Austen all the Archbishops of Canterbury were Italians and foreners.

37In his tyme the Monasterye
of S. Martin was builded in Do-
rodernia, by Witredus and hys
brother kynges of Kent.

11.Cuthbert9.17This Cutbert after hys death for-
bad al funeral exequies or lamenta-
cion for hym to be made. W. Malm. De
vitis. lib. 1.
13.Lanbrihtus or
27By this Lanbrightus peraduētureit was that Lambehith toke his no
In his tyme kyng Offa translated
the metroplitan sea from Cant. to
Lichfield by the graunt of Pope A-
drian, being ouercome with aposto-
lical arguments, as sayth Flore. hist.
that is, with money.
14Ethelardus.13This Ethelardus by his epistles to
Pope Leo, obtayned the Metrapoli
tan see agayne to Cant.

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During the course of these. 17. Archbishops of Cant. in Rome passed in the meane time. 34. Popes, of whom partly heretofore we haue declared.

And thus much touching the time of the seuen kingdomes of the Saxons, rulyng together in Englande, from the raygne of Hengist, vnto Egbert, first kyng and monarch of the whole lande, after the expulsion of the Britaynes.

NOw remayneth (by the grace of Christ) in the next booke followyng, to prosecute the order of such kynges as principally raignyng alone, had this realme in their possession: from the tyme of Egbert kyng of Westsaxones to the commyng of William Conquerour the Normayne, comprehendyng therein the reste of the nexte. 300. yeares, wyth the actes and state of religion, as in that space was in the churche: wherein may appeare the declinyng tyme of the church, and of true religion, preparing the way to Antichrist, which not long after followed. For here is to bee noted, that duryng yet this meane tyme, Sathan (as is sayd) was bound vp from hys ragyng and furious violence, countyng from the tyme of Constantinus, to the nexte loosyng out of Sathan, which was foretold by the reuelation of S. Iohn aboue mentioned, to be a thousande yeares. Wherof by the order of the historye (Christe grauntyng) more shall bee sayde hereafter.

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¶ The ende of the second booke.

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