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961 [blank]

The Jmage of Antichrist exalting him selfe in the Temple of God.

Neapolim, Galiopolim, with diuerse mo. Marginalia216.
Dist. 96. Constantinus.
216. which Constantinus the Emperour gaue vnto me, not that they were not mine before he did geue them. Marginalia217.
Ex Lib. Granaminum nationis Germanicæ.
217. For in that I tooke them of him, I tooke them not as a gift (as is a fore mentioned) but as a restitution. And that I rendered them agayne to Otho, I did it not for any duty to him, but only for peace sake. What should I speake here of my dayly reuenues of my first fruites, annates, palles, indulgences, bulles, confessionalls, indultes and rescriptes, testaments, dispensations, priuileges, elections, prebendes, religious houses, & such like, which come to no small masse of money? In so much that for one palle to the Archbishoppe of Mentz, which was wont to bee geuen for x. thousand. Marginalia218.
Ex Lib. Granaminum nationis Germanica.
218. florence, now it is growen to xxvij. thousand florence, which I receiued of Iacobus the Archbishop not long before Basill Councell: Besides the MarginaliaAboue fiftie Bishoprickes in Germanie.fruites of other bishoprickes in Germany, comming to the number of fiftie, whereby what vantage commeth to my coffers, it may partly be coniectured. MarginaliaÆneas Syluius.But what should I speake of Germany. Marginalia219.
Sext. Decret. De penis. cap. Felicis in Glosa.
Itē. De priuilegijs. c. Actoritatē in Glosa.
219. when the whole world is my Dioces, as my Canonistes do say, and all men are bounde to beleue. Marginalia220.
Pope Bonifacius. 8. Ext. De Maio & obed. c. Vnam sanctam.
220. except they will imagine (as the Manickes do) two begynninges, which is false and hereticall. For Moses sayth: In the begynnyng God made heauen and earth, and not in the begynnynges. Marginalia221.
221. Wherfore as I begon, so I conclude, commaundyng, declaryng, and pronouncyng, to stand vpon necessitie of saluation, for euery humane creature to be subiect to me.

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The end of the first Volume of the Booke of Martyrs.

Printed by Iohn Daye, dvvelling
ouer Aldersgate beneath Saint Martins.

Cum gratia & Priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis.

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