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K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the dioces of Lincolne.

MarginaliaAnno. 1521.
Ex Regist. Io. Longland. Lincol.

Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.

VVilliam Franke,
the elder.
the yōger.


For saying to one Ioāne Timber-
lake, & to Alyce Tredway, tenne
yeares agoe, that shee could neuer
beleue pilgrimage to be profitable,
nor that saintes were to be wor-
shipped: and desired them not to
tell their curate. Whiche Alyce
immediatly caused her to bee cal-
led before the Bishop,

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vpon hys
othe was
forced to

wife of
his mai-

For that shee beyng not sicke,
but in good health, and beyng re-
buked diuers times of her husbād
for the same, yet would not go to
the Church, but taryed at home,
and kept her worke as well holy
day as worke day, the space of 3.
yeares together.

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Ioh. Gar
diner for-
ced by
their othe
to detect
The Vi-
car of Wi-

Raue of

For speaking against pilgrimage,
in the company of Iohn and Eli-
sabeth Gardiner, as he was goyng
to our Lady of Lyncolne for hys
penaūce inioyned by Bish. Smith.
Also the same time, as he mette
certeine comming from S. Ioh.
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John Schorne (or Shorne) was a priest renowned for his personal sanctity and zealous pastoral care of his flocks. Although never canonized, there was a flourishing cult to him and his shrine at Windsor was a popular place of pilgrimage on the eve of the Reformation.

for sayinge they were
fooles and calling it idolatrie.
Also in the same viage when he
saw a certeine chapell in decay &
ruine: he said, loe yonder is a fayre
milkehouse downe.

Item, when he came to Lincolne,
he made water in the chappell at Masse tyme,
excusing afterward that he did it of neceßitie.
Item, the same tyme, speaking against the Sacra-
ment of the altare, he sayd that Christ sitteth in
heauen at the right hand of the father almightie,
and brought foorth this parable, saying, that
Christ our Lord said these wordes, when he went
from his disciples, and ascended to heauen: That
once he was in sinners handes, and would come
there no more.
Also when he came to Wycombe there to do his
penaunce, he bound his fagot with a silken lase. 
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Thomas Rave was sentenced to carry a faggot, as a mark of shame, in pennance. Putting a lace on it made a mockery of his penance.

Also beyng demaunded of D. London, whether
he had done his penaunce in cōming to our Lady
of Lincolne, he aunswered that Bishop Smith
had released him, to come to our Lady of Missen
den for six yeares. And 3. yeares he came: but
whether he came any more, because he did not
there register his name, therfore he sayd he could
not proue it.

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by his
othe to
The wife of Thomas Potter of Hychenden.

The wife
of Willi-
am Tilse-
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The date Foxe gives for Tilesworth's excommunication is incorrect; the signification of Tilesworth's excommunication and commitment to the secular authority survives and is dated 10 August 1511 (TNA C 85/115/10). But this document - which lists Robert Cosin, William Scrivener, Nicholas Collins and Thomas Man as also being condemned - shows that, in this case, apart from the date, the information from Foxe's aged informants was essentially accurate.

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nowe of

For not thinking catholicquely,
that is, after the tradition of
Rome, of the Sacrament of the

The wife
of Rob.

For not accōplishyng her penaunce
inioyned by Bishop Smith.
Marian Randall.

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Ioh. But

For hauing of him a certeine boke
in Englishe conteinyng a Dialo-
gue betwene a Iewe & a Christiā.

Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.
his owne wife deceassed.

Clerke of

For communing with him, against
Images, pilgrimage, and the Sa-
crament of the altare. MarginaliaAgaynst the Sacrament of the altare.

of Vx-
brige, and
his wife

For communing against the Sa-
crament of the altare, woorship-
ping of saintes, pilgrimage. &c.

of Vxbrige

For speaking and teachyng a-
gainst the Sacrament of the altar
xi. yeares ago, and saying it was
but a trifle.

The mother of VVilliam Kyng of Vxbrige.
VVilliam Kyng.
Robert Carder, the elder.
Iohn Baker of Vxbrige.

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John Scrivener will be burned in 1521; see TNA, C/85/115/13.

þe el-
der dete-

the elder.
His two

For beyng present and harkening
vnto Richard Benet readyng the
Epistle of S. Iames in English. MarginaliaFor reading the Scripture.

Emme, sister of VV. Tilseworth Martyr. 
Commentary  *  Close

She was the sister of William Tilsworth.

Iohn Lee Carpenter of Henley.

MarginaliaIoh. Sparke.
¶ Here is to be noted, that in the towne of Chesham were ij.
men: One named Robert Hutton, The other Iohn Sparke. Of
which two, the one called the other hereticke: The other called
him agayne theefe. Sparke whiche called Hutton theefe, was
condemned to pay for his slaunder x. s. But Hutton which called
the other heretike, payed nothing. It happened þt the wife of this
Sparke not long after, had certeine money stolne. For the which
the sayd Sparke her husband sent for the counsaile of two friers,
who gaue him counsaile to make ii. balles of clay, and to put them
in the water, and in the same balles to inclose the names of them
whom he suspected, and so doyng the sayd Sparke came to hys
money agayne. And this was detected to Bishop Longland the
same tyme by Tho. Clement. But of all this matter there was
no inquisition made, nor Interrogatories ministred, nor witnes
producted, nor any sentence geuen. Ex Regist. Longland. fol. 50 MarginaliaWitchcraft left of the vnpunished.

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Ioh. Gro
sar, being
put to his
oth, dete-

Spēser &
his wife.
MarginaliaFor hauing the Scripture in Englishe.
This Iohn Grosar was examined
whether he had a boke of the Gos
pels in Englishe, who confessed
that he receaued such a booke of
Tho. Tykill morowe masse priest
in Milkestrete, and afterwarde
lent the same booke to Tho. Spen-
ser: Which Tho. Spenser with his
wife vsed to read vpon the same.
After that, it was lent to Iohn
Knight, who at length deliuered
the booke to the vicare of Ryke-

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Fūge for-
ced by his
othe to de

Fraūces Funge
& hys bro-
MarginaliaAgaynst the Sacrament of the altare.
Fraunces Funge was examined
for speaking these woordes to hys
brother Iohn, which words he had
learned of Tho. Clerke: If the Sa-
crament of the alter be very God
and man, flesh and bloud, in forme
of bread, as Priestes say that it is:
then haue we many Gods, and
in heauen there is but one God.
And if there were an hundreth
houseled in one parish, and as ma-
ny in an other, then there must
nedes be more then one God. I will

not denye, but it is a holy thyng: but it is not the
body of the Lord, that suffred Paßion for vs
for he was once in mans handes here, and ill en-
treated, and therfore he will neuer come in sin-
full mens handes agayne.
Also for speaking these wordes: The Pope hath
no authoritie to geue pardon, and to release any

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