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1199 [1198]

K. Henry. 8. Troubles at London about the vj. Articles.

Persons presented. Their causes.
Mistres Castell.  
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In 1570 and 1576 Mrs. Castle is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Nicholas Flesh Shambles; in 1583, to St. Andrew Holborn. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

M. Castle, for beyng a med-
ler and a reader of the Scrip-
ture in the church.

MarginaliaS. Andrewes in Holborne.
M. Galias of Ber-
nardes Inne.

M. Galias, for withstan-
ding the curate sensing the al-
ters on Corpus Christi euen,
and saying openly that he dyd
M. Pates of Da-
uids Inne.

M. Pates, and M. Galias
for vexing the Curate in the
body of the church, in declaring
the kings Iniunctions, & rea-
ding the bishops booke, so that
he had much adoe to make an

MarginaliaS. Mildreds in Bredstrete. William Beckes & hys

Beckes and his wyfe sus-
pected to be Sacramentaries,
and for not creping to þe crosse
on good Friday.

Thomas Langhā.
Wil. Thomas.
Rich. Beckes.
Wil. Beckes.

These foure were presented
for interruptyng the deuine
Rafe Symons.
Symondes for not keepyng
our Ladies Masse, which he
was bound to kepe.
Ioh. Smith prētise
Smith, for saying that he
had rather heare the crying of
dogges, then Priests singyng
Mattins or Euensong.

MarginaliaS. Mangus parishe.
Tho. Bele.
Ioh. Sturgion.
Ioh. Wilsher.
Tho Symon.
Raffe Cleruis, and
his wife.
Iames Banaster.
Nicolas Barker.
Iohn Sterky.
Christofer Smith.
Thom. Net.

These xi. persons of Saint
Magnus parish were presen-
ted and accused, for maintey-
ning of ceraine preachers, as
then it was called, of the new
learning, as Wisedome, Rose,
frier Ward, sir Wil. Smith, a-
Nich. Philips.
Philips for mainteining he-
retikes and scripture bookes,
and for vsing neither fastyng,
nor prayer.
Rich. Bygges.
Bigges, for despising holy
bread, putting it in the throte
of a bitch, and for not lookyng
vp to the eleuation.

MarginaliaS. Mary Magdalene in Milkestrete.
Mistres Elizabeth Statham.

For mainteining in her house
Latimer, Barnes, Garret,
Hierome and diuers other.

MarginaliaS. Owens parishe in Newgate market. Iohn Duffer.

Duffet for mariyng a wo-
man, which was thought to
be a Nonne.
Wil. Hilliard. Hilliard & Duffet for main-
teining, Barnes, Hierom, and Garret, with other mo.


Grafton & Whitchurch 
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It is striking that Richard Grafton and Edward Whitchurch were arrested for this offence rather than for their activities as evangelical publishers.

ted not to haue ben cōfessed.

MarginaliaS. Martyns at the well with two buckets.
Ioh. Grene.
Mother Palmer.
Christop. Cootes
Wil. Selly.
Alexander Frere.
Wil. Bredy.
Iohn Bushe.
W. Somerton.
George Durant.
M. Dauids prētise.
All these being of þe parish of
s. Martins at the wel with ij.
buckets, were presented for
contemning the ceremonies of
the church. Also some for wal-
king in the sacring time, with
their caps on. Some for tur-
nyng their heds away. Some
for sitting at their dores when sermons were in þe church. &c.

MarginaliaS. Milchaels in Woodstrete.
Rob. Andrew.

Andrew, for receiuing here-
tikes into his house, & kepyng
disputation of heresie there.

Ioh. Williamson:
Tho. Buge.
Tho. Gilbert.
W. Hickson.
Rob. Daniel.
Rob. Smitton.

These other 6. were suspec-
ted to be sacramentaries, and
rancke heretikes, & procurers
of heretikes to preach, & to be
followers of their doctrine.

MarginaliaS. Buttolphes at Billingesgate.
Ioh. Mayler. 
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It is striking that John Mayler was arrested for this offence rather than for his activity as an evangelical publisher. Cf. the second entry for Mayler further down the list; and the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 79r (LP Addenda 1463).

To be a Sacramentariy and
a rayler agaynst the Masse.

Rich. Bilby

Bilby presented for saying
these wordes, þt Christ is not
present in þe blessed sacrament.

MarginaliaS. Gyles without Criplegate.
Henry Patinson. 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 63r (LP Addenda 1463), which notes only his refusal to be confessed.

Anthony Barber. Rob. Norman: 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 67r (LP Addenda 1463).

These ij. were detected for
maynteynyng their boyes to
sing a song against þe sacramēt
of þe altar. Also Patinsō came
not to confession. Normā also
refused to come to cōfession, say
ing, þt none of his seruauntes
should be shriuē of a Kna priest.

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Persons presented. Their causes.

MarginaliaEx Regist. Lond.
Iohn Humfrey.

For speakyng agaynst the sa
craments & ceremonies of the

William Smith, and
his wife.
Iohn Cooke & his

These ij. couples were pre-
sented for not commyng to ser-
uice in their Parish Churche,
and for saying, it was lawfull
for priestes to haue wyues.

W. Gate or Cote.
Wil. Aston.
Iohn Humfrey.
Iohn Cooke.

To these foure 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 76r (LP Addenda 1463), in which the person named here as Gate or Cote is named as Tote.

it was layde
for saying that the Masse was
made of peeces & patches. Also
for deprauyng of Mattyns,
Masse, and Euensong.

Iohn Miles and his
Ioh. Millen.
Ioh. Robinson.
Rich. Millar.
Ioh. Grene and
his wife.
Arnold Chest.

All these were put vpp for
raylyng against the sacramēts
and ceremonies.

MarginaliaS. Gyles wythout Criplegate. Ioh. Crosdall. Ioh. Clerke. Ioh. Owell.

These iij. labouryng men,
for not comming to diuine ser-
uice on holydayes: and for la-
bouryng in the same.

Tho. Granger.
Ioh. Dictier.

Noted for common syngers
agaynst the sacramentes & ce-

Ioh. Sutton and
his wyfe.
Ioh. Segar.

These iij. 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 77r (LP Addenda 1463), which names Mrs. Sutton as Margery and claims that they said 'that no knave prestes shuld knowe there myndes, but only god that forgyveth all synes.'

were noted to bee
despysers of auricular cōfessiō.

Ioh. Raulins.
Ioh. Shiler.
W. Chalinger.
Ioh. Edmunds.
Ioh. Richmond &
his wife.

For despisyng holy bread &
holy water, and lettyng diuine
Margaret Smith. For dressing fleshmeat in Lēt.
Thomas Trentham. 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 73r (LP Addenda 1463).

For reasonyng agaynst the
sacrament of the aulter, & say-
ing that the sacrament was a
good thing, but it was not as
men tooke it, very God.

MarginaliaS. Thomas the Apostle.
Rob. Granger.
W. Petyngale.
Wil. May and hi
Iohn Henrison, &
his wife.
Rob. Welsh.
Ioh. Benglosse.
Ioh. Pitly.
Henry Foster.
W. Pinchbecke &
his wife.

All these 13. were put vp by
þe Inquisitiō, for giuyng small
reuerence at the sacryng of the

MarginaliaS. Benet Fynche.
Martin Bishops

She was presented by her
Curate for beyng not shriuen
in Lent nor receiuyng at Ea-
ster. Also she dyd set light by þe
curate, whē he told her therof.

MarginaliaS. Michaell at Queene hyth.
Rob. Platte 
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In 1570 and 1576 the Plattes are listed as belonging to the parish of St. Michael Queenhithe; in 1583, to St. Benet Finch. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

his wife.

These were great reasoners
in scripture, saying þt they had
it of the spirite: and that confes
sion auaileth nothing: and that
he not able to read woulde vse
no beades.

Tho. Aduet.
Ioh. Palmer.
Rob. Cooke.

The cause layd to these thre
persōs, was for reasonyng of
the scripture & of þe sacramēts.
The Register sayth, þt they
denyed all the sacramentes.
But this Popishe hiperbole 
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Although Foxe is alarmed by this possibility, denial of all the sacraments is a perfectly plausible allegation in the wake of an Anabaptist scare.

will finde litle credite, where ex
perience acquaynted wt popish
practises, sitteth to be þe iudge.
Ioh. Cockes.
This man was noted for a
great searcher out of new prea
chers, & mainteiner of Barns

MarginaliaS. Mary Wolchurch
Ioh. Boultes.
* Tho. Kelde.

Forbiddyng his wife to vse
beades. * He refused to take pe-
nāce & absolutiō, & did eate flesh
vpon a Friday before Lent.
Nich. Newell.
Newell a Frenchmā presented
to be a man far gone in the newe
sect: & that he was a greate ie-
ster at þe saintes & at our lady.

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