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1200 [1199]

K. Henry. 8. Troubles at London about the vj. Articles.
MarginaliaEx Regist. London. Persons presented. Their causes.

Ioh. Hawkyns and
his seruaunt.
Tho. Chamberlain
and his wife.
Iohn Curteys.
M. Dissel, his wife
and his seruant.

These eight were great re-
soners, and despysers of cere-

MarginaliaS. Catherine Colmā.
The Curate of S.
Katherine Colmā.

He was noted for callyng of
suspecte persons to his Ser-
mons by a bedle, without rin
gyng of any bell: and when he
preached, he lefte his matters
Item, for preachyng with-
out the cūmaundement of hys
Itē, for that he was a Sco
tishe Frier driuen out of hys
countrey for heresie.

Tulle Bustre, his
wife and his son
in law.

These were noted for com-
ming seldome to the Church
and many times were sene to
labour vpon the holy dayes.

MarginaliaS. Matthewes parishe.
Wil. Ettis and his

Ettys and hys wyfe were
Tauerner being no Priest, to
preach agaynst þe kinges In-

Merifield and his
sonne in law.
Nicholas Russell.
The goodman of
the Saracens head
in Fridaystrete.
W. Callaway.
Io. Gardiner, with
3. prentises.

Agaynst this company pre
sentation was made for ga-
theryng together in the euen-
yng, and for bringing ill prea-
chers (that is to saye good prea-
chers) amongest the people.

Tho. Plummer.

This Thomas was pre-
sented for saying, that the bles-
sed Sacrament was to him
þt doth take it, so: and to hym
that doth not, was not so.


Shermons, keper of the Car
penters Hall in Christes pa-
rishe, was presented for procu
ryng an interlude to be openly
played, wherin Priestes wer
rayled on, and called knaues.

MarginaliaS. Benets at Paules wharfe.
Lewes Morall, a
Iames Ogule, and
his wife.

Noted not to haue ben cō-
fessed certayne yeares before.

MarginaliaS. Margarets in Fyshestrete.
Tho. Babam.

Accused not to haue ben con-
fessed nor houseled in his Pa-
rish church.

MarginaliaS. Antlins.
The person & Cu-
rate of S. Antlyns. 
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The curate, probably, was Edmund Frevell.

For not vsing the ceremo-
nies in making holy water,
nor keping their processiōs on

MarginaliaS. Mary Hill
Lewys Bromfield. 
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In 1570 and 1576 Bromfield is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Mary at Hill; in 1583, to St. Antholin's. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

For not taking his housell
and for absentyng hym selfe frō the Church on holy daies.

Iohn Sempe.
Iohn Goffe.

For despraysyng a certaine Antyme of our Lady, begyn-
nyng: Te matrem. &c. saying,
that there is heresie in þe same.
Gilbert Godfre.
For absentyng hym selfe frō
the Churche on holy dayes.

MarginaliaS. Mary Magdalen in old Fishstrete.
Th. Cappes 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 62r (LP Addenda 1463, where misdated).


For saying these wordes, þt
the Sacrament of the aulter
was but a memory & a remēbraunce of the Lordes death.

MarginaliaS. Buttolphes at Billingsgate.
Io. Mayler, 
Commentary  *  Close

It is striking that John Mayler was arrested for this offence rather than for his activity as an evangelical publisher. Cf. the first entry for Mayler further up the list; and the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 79r (LP Addenda 1463).


For calling the sacramēt of the aultar, the bakē God: and
for saying that þe Masse was
called beyond the Sea, Misse
for that all is amisse in it.

MarginaliaS. Martins in Irenmonger lane.
Ioh. Hardyman, 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 61r (LP Addenda 1463).


Hardyman person of S. Mar
tins in Yrenmunger lane, pre-
sented for preachyng openly, þt
confessiō is confusiō & deforma
tiō: & that the butchery ceremo-
nies of þe church wer to be ab-
horred. Also for saying, what
a mischief is this to esteme the
sacramēts to be of such vertue
for in so doing they take þe glo-
ry of God from him: and for
saying that faith in Christ is
sufficient without any other
Sacramentes to iustifie.
Persons presented. Their causes.

MarginaliaEx Regist. Lond.
S. Brides in Fletestrete.

Christopher Dray 
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Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 75r (LP Addenda 1463).


For saying of the Sacrament
of the aultar, that it was not
offered vp for remissiō of sins:
and þt the body of Christ was
not there, but onely by repre-
sentation and signification of
the thyng.

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Ward is the only person listed as dying during this purge, presumably during the short interval in which the suspects were held in prison. In 1570 and 1576 Ward is listed as belonging to the parish of St. Bride's, Fleet Street; in 1583, to St. Andrew Holborn. This is one of several cases in this list where the assignment of individuals to parishes became confused in 1583.

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Presented by three wytnesses
for holdyng agaynst the Sa-
crament of the aulter, he dyed
in prison in Bredstrete.

MarginaliaS. Andrewes in Holborne.
Nicolas Otes. 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 66r (LP Addenda 1463).

For not cōming to þe housel at
easter he was sent to Newgate

MarginaliaAll Halows Barkyng.
Herman Peterson. 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 68r (LP Addenda 1463).

Iames Gosson.

For not comming to shrifft &
housel at the tyme of Easter.
These were committed to pri-
son in Bredestrete.

MarginaliaS. Olaues in the old Iury.
Rich. White, 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 69r (LP Addenda 1463).


For saying that he dyd not
thinke that Christ was in the
sacramēt of the alter within þe
sepulcher, but in heauē aboue.

MarginaliaS. Buttolphes without Algate.
Giles Harison. 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 72r (LP Addenda 1463).

Harison being in a place with-
out Algate, merily iestyng in a
certain company of neighbors,
where some of them saide: let
vs go to Masse: I say, tary,
said he: and so taking a peece of
bread in his hands, lift it vp o-
uer his hed: And likewise ta-
king a cup of wine, & bowyng
down his hed made therewith
a crosse ouer the cuppe, & so ta-
king the said cup in both hys
handes, lift it ouer his hed: say
ing these wordes: haue ye not
heard masse now? For þe which
he was presented to Boner thē B. of London. Against whom
came these witnesses.

Thomas Castell.
Andrew Morice.
W. Grene.
Iohn Margetson.

Wytnesses against

Rich. Bostock, 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 80r (LP Addenda 1463), which adds that Bostock also preached, 'And thowe doste comme to me to be confessed, thowe maye nott cumme to me to spitte thy venom in my bosome, for yff thow do I wylle Spytte hit in thy bosome ayen.'


For saying that auricular cō
fession hath killed moe soules,
thē all the bils, clubs, & halters
haue done, sithens K. Henry
was king of england, &c. Also
for saying, that the water in
Thamis hath as much vertue
as the water which þe priests
do halow.

Margaret Ambs-

For hauing no reuerence to þe
sacrament at sacring time. I-
tem, for instruction of maides,
& being a great Doctresse.

Ioh. Leicester.
W. Raynold.
Christ. Tounesend
Tho. Dauid, Skin-
Tho. Mabs.
Tho. Starchey.
Christ. Holybread
Martine Donam.
W. Derby.

All these noted & presented,
for maynteynyng of Barnes
and such other preachers, and
many of their wiues for not ta
kyng holy bread, nor goyng in
procession on Sondayes.

Laurence Maxwel 
Commentary  *  Close

Cf. the account in National Archives, SP 1 / 243 fo. 74r (LP Addenda 1463), where some detail of Maxwell's 'speaking and reasoning' is given.


For speakyng and resoning
agaynst auriculare cōfession.

MarginaliaS. Martyns the great.
Ioh. Coygnes, or

For holdyng agaynst the Sa
crament of the altar, and not
receiuyng at Easter.

MarginaliaS. Clementes without Temple barre.
Gerard Frise.

Presented by two wytnes-
ses, for affirmyng that a Ser
mon preached is better then þe Sacrament of the alter, and
that he had rather go to heare
a sermō, thē to heare a masse.

MarginaliaS. Katherines.
Dominicke Willi-
mes Frenchman.

For not receiuing the Sa-
crament of the aultar at Ea-

Tho. Lancaster,

Laye in the Counter in the
Pultrye, for compilyng and
bringyng ouer bookes prohibi
Item, Gough the Staci-
oner troubled for resorting vn
to him.
Frier Warde. 
Commentary  *  Close

From this point on the list no longer seems to refer only to the London arrests of July 1540, and mixes information from those arrests with other cases.

Layd in the Counter in bred-
strete, for marying one Eliza-
beth to his wife, after his
vowe made of chastitie.
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