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1234 [1233]

K. Henry. 8. Anne Askew, Ioh. Lacelles, Ioh. Adams, Nich. Belenian, Martyrs.
MarginaliaAnne Askew falsly suspected to recant, & vpon what occasion.

and the true Catholicke Churche. Then the Byshop, beyng in great displeasure with me because I made doubtes in my writyng, commaunded me to prison: where I was a while, but afterwardes by the meanes of frendes, I came out agayne. Here is the truth of that matter. And as concernyng the thing that ye couet most to know, resort to the vi. of Iohn, & be ruled alwayes therby. Thus fare ye well.

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A. Askew.

¶ The confession of the faith which Anne Askew made in Newgate before she suffered.

MarginaliaThe cōfession of Anne Askew, going to her execution. I Anne Askew of good memory, although my mercifull father hath geuen me the bread of aduersitie and the water of trouble: yet not so much as my sinnes haue deserued: confesse my selfe here a sinner before the throne of his heauenly maiestie, desiryng his forgeuenes and mercye. And for so much as I am by the law vnrighteously condemned for an euill doer concerning opinions, I take the same most mercifull God of mine, which hath made both heauen and earth to recorde that I hold no opinions contrarie to his most holy word. And I trust in my mercifull Lord, whiche is the geuer of all grace, that he wyll graciously assist me agaynst all euill opinions, whiche are contrary to his blessed verity For I take hym to witnes: that I haue done and will vnto my liues end, vtterlye abhorre them to the vttermost of my power.

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MarginaliaThe matter and cause why Anne Askew suffered death. But this is the heresie whiche they report mee to holde that after the Priest hath spoken the woordes of consecration, there remayneth bread still. They both saye, and also teach it for a necessary article of fayth, þt after those wordes be once spoken, there remayneth no bread, but euen the selfe same body that hoong vpon the crosse on good Friday, both fleshe, bloud, and bone. To this belefe of theirs, say I nay: For then were our common Crede false, whiche sayth that he sitteth on the right hand of God the father almighty, and from thence shal come to iudge the quicke and dead 

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This is a reference to the Apostles' Creed.

. Lo, this is the heresie that I holde, and for it must suffer the death. But as touchyng the holy and blessed supper of the Lorde, I beleue it to be a most necessary remembraunce of hys gloryous sufferynges and death. Moreouer, I beleue as much therein, as my eternall and onely redemer Iesus Christe would I should beleue.

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Finally, I beleue al those scriptures to be true, which he hath confirmed with his most precious bloud. MarginaliaScripture sufficient to our saluatiō. Yea, & as S. Paul saith, those scriptures are sufficient for our learning & saluatiō, that Christ hath left here with vs: So that I beleue, we nede no vnwrittē verities to rule his church with. Therfore looke what he hath sayd vnto me with his owne mouth in his holy Gospell, that haue I with Gods grace closed vp in my hart and my ful trust is (as Dauid saith) that it shal be a lanterne to my footesteps. MarginaliaPsal. 28. Psalm. xxviij.

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MarginaliaAnne Askew falsely reported to denye the holy Eucharist. There be some do say that I deny the Eucharist or sacrament of thankes geuyng: but those people doe vntruely report of me. For I both say and beleue it, that if it were ordered lyke as Christ instituted it and left it, a most singular comfort it were vnto vs al. MarginaliaThe Masse an abominable Idoll. But as concerning your masse, as it is now vsed in our dayes, I do say and beleue it to bee the most abominable Idoll that is in the world: For my God wil not be eaten with teeth, neither yet dyeth he again. And vpon these wordes that I haue now spoken, wyll I suffer death.

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MarginaliaThe prayer of A. Askew. O Lord, I haue mo enemies now, then there be heires on my hed. Yet Lord, let them neuer ouercome me with vayne wordes, but fight thou Lord in my stede, for on thee caste I my care. With all the spight they can imagine, they fall vpō me, whych am thy poore creature. Yet sweete Lord, let me not set by thē which are against me: for in thee is my whole delight. And Lord I hartily desire of thee, that thou wilt of thy most mercifull goodnes forgeue thē that violence which they do and haue done vnto me. Open also thou their blynd hartes that they may hereafter doe that thyng in thy sight, which is only acceptable before thee, and to set forth thy veritie aright, without all vayne fantasies of sinfull men. So be it. O Lord, so be it.

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By me Anne Askew.

¶ The order and manner of the burnyng of Anne Askew, John Lacels, Iohn Adans, Nicholas Belenian, with certayne of the Councell sitting in Smithfield.

woodcut [View a larger version]

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This large woodcuts was reused from another book printed by or for John Day; it first appeared in Robert Crowley's The confutation of .xiii. articles, wherunto N. Shaxton...subscribed [1548]. A successful panoramic scene (which had to be folded to fit into the octavo book it was made for), it is in a style unlike other woodcuts in the Acts and Monuments. Its designer was faithfully following the description given by John Bale in the 1546-7 editions of Anne Askew's Examinations. The bolt of lightning coming from the cloud at the top over the church is explained by this textual fidelity. The vast crowd of onlookers forming a great circle round the execution is quite skilfully presented from an aerial viewpoint looking down on the throng of packed heads. Note the gable cross on east end of the church and the figures on the roof and tower. The notables present are seated on a specially erected scaffold that set them high above the standing spectators and the ring. Within the circle of action, Bishop Shaxton is raised up in his portable wooden pulpit, officials gather the bundles of faggots for the fire, and at the centre Anne Askewe and the companions with whom she was to die stand waiting.

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