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1280 [1279]

K. Hen. 8. Appendix. Boners letter to Cloney for the abolishing of Images.
The same in English.

FOrsomuch as the 13. day of this present, we haue receyued the letters of our soueraign Lord, by the grace of god kyng of England. &c. to vs directed, and conteyning in them the commaundement of hys maiestie, by vs to be executed in tenour of wordes which MarginaliaHad Boner none to do these weightie thinges but Cloney the keeper of the Colehouse? here I send vnto you: we therfore willyng and desiring accordyng as our duety byndeth vs, to put the same in execution with all diligence possible according to the effect and tenour thereof, doe charge and straightly commaunde you by the tenor hereof, in the kings behalfe and for the fidelitie which we haue in you assuredly approued, that you incontinent vpon the receit hereof, do effectually warne all and singular Persons and Vicars of this Citye of London and of all our dioces, that they immediatly vpon the sight and intimation of these present Articles and Interrogatories here vnder written, doe cause diligent and effectuall inquisition therof to be made, to witte:

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Whether there be vsed or continued any superstition, hypocrisie or abuse within any their parishes or Cures, con trary to any ordinaunce, Iniunctiō, or commaundement geuen or set forth by the kinges maiesty or by his authoritie.

Item, whether they haue in their Churches or wythin their parishes, any shrines, couerings of shrines, tables of fained miracles, pilgrimages, Images & bones resorted & offered vnto, and other monumēts & things wherwith the people haue be illuded, or any offering or setting vp of lights, or cādels, other then be permitted by the kings maiesties Iniunctions, or whether the sayd Iniunctions be duely obserued and kept in their Parishes or Cures, or els transgressed and broken, and in what part. And further, after the said inquisition thus by them and euery of them respectiuely beyng made, that you do certifie vs, or our Vicare generall, what is done in the premisses, vpon the euen of Symon and Iude, or thereabout, vnder the perill therof folowyng. Dat. 14. die Octob. an. 1541. & nostræ translat. 2.§§

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The ende of the eight booke.

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