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King Egbert. Kyng Egbert.

N Ow remaineth (by the grace of Christ) in the next booke followyng, to prosecute the order of such kynges as principally raignyng alone, had this Realme in their possession: from the tyme of Egbert kyng of Westsaxons to the cōmyng of William Conquerour the Normane, comprehēdyng therin the rest of the next. 300. yeares, with the actes and state of Religion, as in that space was in the Church: wherein may appeare the declinyng tyme of the Church, and of true Religion, preparing the way to Antichrist, which not long after followed. For here is to be noted, that duryng yet this meane tyme, Sathan (as is sayd) was bound vp from his ragyng and furious violence, counting from the time of Cōstantinus, to the next loosing out of Sathan, which was foretold by the Reuelation of S. Iohn aboue mentioned, to be a thousand yeares. Wherof by the order of the history (Christ grauntyng) more shall be sayd hereafter.

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