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813 [789]

Fridericus 1. Emperour shent for holding Pope Adrians styrrup on the wrong side.

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CUL copy: The pope is dressed in a vivid blue. There is some additional detail provided by the painter but, again, any figures wearing red receive no additional detail to their clothing or any shading. WREN copy: this is another pale image, with an excessive use of a pale orange in this image.

shopppes, as a Kyng conteineth three Dukes vnder him. In the whiche number of Patriarches, commeth in the state also of Marginalia142. De officio Archipræsbyt. in Glosa.142. Cardinals or Principals, so called, because as the dore turneth by his hinges, so the vniuersall church ought to be ruled by them. Marginalia143.143. The next and highest order aboue these is mine, whiche am Pope, differing in power and maioritie, and honour reuerētiall, from these and all other degrees of men. Marginalia144. Ex 3. parte Summæ maioris b. Antonini.144. For the better declaration whereof my Canonistes make three kindes of power in earth: Immediata, which is mine immediately from God Deriuata, which belongeth to other inferior Prelates from me. Marginalia145. Pope Innocent. 3. De sacra vnctione.145. Ministralis, belonging to Emperours and Princes to minister for me. For the whiche cause the annoynting of Princes and my consecration doth differ: for they are annoynted only in the armes or shoulders, and I in the head to signifie the difference of power betwixt princes and me. Marginalia

Qui venisset

146. Pope Nicolaus Dist. 22. cap. Omnes.

146. This order therefore of priestes, bishops, and Archbishops, Patriarckes and other, as a thing most conuenient my church of Rome hath set and institute through al churches following therin, not onely the cxample of the Angelicall army in heauen, but also of the Apostles, Marginalia147. Pope Clement dist. 80. cap. In illis.147. For a-amongst them also there was not an vniforme equallitie or institution of one degree. Marginalia148. P. Anacletus. Dist. 22. c. Sacrosancta.148. But a diuersitie or distinction of authoritie and power. Albeit they were all Apostles together, yet it was graūted notwithstanding to Peter (themselues also agreeing to the same) that he should beare domion and superioritie ouer all the other Apostles. Marginalia

149. Ibidem.

Quasi vero Petrus non a Petra, sed xxx ducatur.

149. And therfore had hys name geuen him Cephas, that is, head or beginning of the Apostlehood. Marginalia150. Dist. 21. ca. In nouo.150. whereupon the order of the priesthood first in the new testamēt began in Peter, to whō it was sayd: Thou art Peter, and vppon thee I will build my Church. Marginalia151. Ibidem.151. And I will geue thee the keyes of the kingdome of heauen. And thou being conuerted confirme thy brethren. Marginalia152. Dist. 21. ca. Decretis.152. I haue prayed for thee, that thy faith shal not fayle. Wherefore seeyng such power is geuen to Peter. Marginalia153. Pope. Leo dist. 19. c. Ita Dominus.153. and to me in Peter, beyng hys successour. Marginalia154. Pope Nicolaus in tintum. Dist 22.154. who is he then in all the worlde that ought not to be subiecte to my decrees whiche haue suche power, in heauen in hell, in earth with the quick and also the dead? Marginalia155 Pope Clemens in Bulla Viennæ. in scrinijs priuilegiorum.155. commaunding and graunting in my bull of lead sent to Vienna, vnto all such as died in theyr peregrinatiō to Rome, that thepayne of hell should not touch them: And also that all such as tooke the holy crosse vppon them, shoulde euery one at his request not onely be deliuered himself, but also deliuer 3. or 4. soules whome soeuer he would, out of purgatory. Marginalia156. Dist. 21. cap. Decretis.156. Agayne, hauing suche promise and assurance that my fayth shall not fayle, who then wil not beleue my doctrine? For did not Christ himselfe first pray for Peter that his faith should not fayle? Marginalia

157. Pope Anacletus. Dist. 22. c. Sacrosancta.

Scripture well applyed, and lyke a Clerke.

157. Also haue I not a sure promise of Paules owne mouth, writing to my Church by these wordes: God is my witnes whom I serue in my spirite, in the Gospel of his sonne, that wtout ceasing I make mention of you alwayes in my prayers? Rom. 1. 
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Romans 1: 9-10.


158. Pope Damasus. 25. q. c. Omnia.

Item pope Greg Dist 19. Null.

158. Wherefore as I condemne all such worthely, which will not obey my decrees to be dispossessed of all theyr honour, without restitution. Marginalia159. Pope Nicolaus.. Dist. 22. cap. Omnes159. So all they þt beleue not my doctrine or stand agaynst þe priueledge of the church especially the Church of Rome, I pronounce thē heretickes. Marginalia.160. Ibidem.160. And as the other before is to be called vniust, so this man is to be called an heretick Marginalia161. Ibidem.161. For why, he goeth agaynst the fayth whiche goeth agaynst her who is the mother of fayth. Marginalia162. Dist. 20. Decretales.162. But here may rise percase a doubt or scruple, that if my fayth and knowledge stand so sure by the promise of Christ, and by the continuall prayer of S. Paule: whether is it true, or is to be graunted, that any other shoulde excell me in knowledge or interpretation of holy Scripture. Marginalia163. Ibidem.163. For looke whose knowledge is grounded of most reason, hys words shold seeme to be of more authoritie. Marginalia164. Ibidem.164. Whereunto I aunswer and graunt, that many there be and haue bene more aboūdauntly indued with fuller grace of the holy Ghost, and greater excellency of knowledge, and therefore that the tractations of Augustine, Hierome and others ought to be preferred before the constitutions of diuers popes: yet I say in determination of causes, because they haue not the vertue and height of that authoritie. which is geuen to me therfore in expounding of scriptures they are to be preferred, but in deciding of matters they stand inferiour to my authoritie. By vertue of whiche authoritie. Marginalia165. Dist. Remanoriam.165. both they themselues be allowed for doctors, and theyr workes approued, and also all other matters be ruled, through the power of the keyes whiche is geuen to me immediately of Christ. Although I denye not but the same keyes be also committed to other prelats, as they were to other apostles besides Peter: Marginalia166 Gabriel Biel. lib. 4. Dist. 19.166. yet it is one thing to haue the keyes, an

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