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815 [791]

The P. caried on mens shoulders, the Emp. & K. going before him. Ex li Sacrar, Cer. lib. 1.

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CUL copy: a significant amount of additional detail is provided by the painter in this illustration, although, again, no additional detail is provided over the top of the colour red when used. WREN copy: another pale image, although there is a good attempt made to provide detail to the clothing depicted, particularly the fur collars. There is, however, too much detail provided in black ink.

vnbaptised In Limbo, and men departed onely Cum baptismo flaminis, that is, with the baptisme of the spirite: & suche as haue no frendes to doe for them that wherfore pardons be geuen: these onely excepted. For all other besides, the Pope (he sayth) hath power to release al purgatory at once as touching his absolute iurisdiction. Albeit Thomas Aquine part. 4. denyeth the same, forasmuch as Christ himselfe (he sayth) when he came downe, did not vtterly at once release all purgatory, As touching my ordinary execution they hold, that I may if I will, but I ought not to doe it. Thirdly, as concerning the deuine acceptation, that is, how God would accept it if I did it, þt (they say) is vnknowen to them, and to euery creature, yea and to the Pope hymselfe.

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And to the intent I would all men to see and vnderstād that I lacke not witnesses moe besides these, if I list to bring them out, MarginaliaDoctors agree in Purgatory.

August. de Ancho. Antoninus.
Ordinata executio.
Diuina acceptatio.


Antoninus in Summulius.
Augustinus de Ancho. in Decret. Astesanus Midorita.


Baptista de Saluin sua.


Campensis. lib.


Durandus. in Speculo.
Dreido. de eccles. Scripturis & Dogmat.


Eduardus Peuellus. Anglus contra Luthe.
Ecchius in Enchirid.




Gabriel. Biel. Spica.
Gratianus in Decretis.
Gerson doctor Illuminatistimus ecclesiastica potestate.


Hugo Cardinalis in postilla.

you shal heare the whole queare of my diuine clergy brought out, with a full voyce testifying in my behalfe, in their bookes, tractations, distinctions, Titles Gloses, and Summaryes, as by their owne wordes here followeth. The Pope (say they) being the vicare of Iesu Christ throughout the whole worlde, in the stead of the liuing God, hath that dominion and Lordship which christ here in earth would not haue, although he had it in habitu, but gaue it to Peter in Actu, that is, the vniuersall iurisdictio both of spirituall thinges and also of temporall, which double iurisdiction was signified by the 2. swordes in the Gospell: And also by offering of the wise men, who offered not onely incense, but also gold, to signifie not onely the spirituall dominion, but also the temporall to belong to christ and to his vicare. For as we read: the earth is the Lordes and the fulnes thereof, & as Christ sayth: all power is geuē to him both in heauen & earth. So it is to be affirmed Inclusiué, that the vicar of Christ hath power on thinges celestiall, terrestriall, and infernall. Which he tooke immediately of Christ: all other take it mediately by Peter and the Pope. Wherfore such as say that the Pope hath dominion onely on spirituall things in the world and not of temporall, may be likened to the counsellers of the king of Syria 3. Reg. 20. 
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1 Kings 20:23.

Which sayd that the Gods of the mountayns be theyr Gods, and therefore they haue ouercome vs, but let vs fight agaynst them in the low midowes and in valleys where they haue no power, and so we shall preuayle ouer them. So euill counsellers now a dayes, through theyr pestiferous flattery deceiue kinges and princes of the earth, saying, Popes and prelates be Gods of mountaynes, that MarginaliaI.

Ioannes Andres.
Ioan. de Turre Cremata de ecclesia summa.


Lanfrancus contra Wiclef.
Lilius Historicum Anglus.


Magister. Sententiarum.




Ockam in Dialogo. parte. 1. lib. 5.


Petrus de Palude
Petrus de Tharam.
Petrus de Aliaco.
Panormitanus Alexander de Alec.


Raymundus in Sūma de Caribus.
Rabanus super Math. cap. 16.
Rupertus suiriensis.


Scotus Doctor


Thomas Aquin.




Waldemus confessonate, & De Sacramentis.

is, of spiritual thyngs onely, but they be not Gods of valeys, that is they haue no dominion ouer temporal things and therefore let vs fight with them in the valleys, that is in the power of the temporall possessions, and so we shall preuayle ouer them. But what sayth the sentence of God to them, let vs heare. Because (sayth he) the Syryans say that the God of mountaynes is theyr God, and not the God of valleys, therfore I will geue all this multitude into your hand, and ye shal know that I am the Lord. 
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1 Kings 20:28.

What can be more effectually spoken to set foorth the maiestie of my iurisdiction, which I receaued immediatly of the Lord of the Lord I say, and of no man. For where as Constantine the Emperour gaue to Siluester, induing hym with this possession & patrimony that is, so to be expounded and taken not so much for a donation, as to be counted for a restitution made of that which tyrannously was taken from hym before. And agayn, where as I haue geuen at sondry tymes to Ludouicus and other Emperours, of my temporall lands & possessions, yet þt was done, not so much for any recognising of homage to thē, as for keeping peace with thē, For I owe to Emperoures no due obedience þt they can clayme: but they owe to me as to theyr superiour. And therefore for a diuersitie betwixt theyr degree and myne, in their consecration they take þe vnction on theyr arme, I on þe head. And as I am superior to thē, so am I superiour to all laws, & free frō al cōstitutiōs. Which am able of my self, and by my interpretation, to prefer equitie being not writen, before the lawe written: hauing all lawes within the chiest of my brest, as is aforesayd. And whatsoeuer this my sea shall inact, approue or disprooue, all men ought to approue or reproue the same, without eyther iudging, disputiug, doubting or retracting. Such as the priuiledge geuen of Christ in the behalf of Peter, to the churche of Rome. Marginalia186. Ioan Dreido. De Dogmatibus varijs. Lib. 4.186. that what countrey soeuer, kingdome or prouince, chusing to themselues bishops and ministers, although they agree with all other Christes faythfull people in the name of Iesu, that is in fayth and charitie, beleeuing in the same God, and in Christ his true sonne, and in the holy Ghost hauing also the same Crede: the same Euangelistes and scriptures of the Apostles: yet notwithstāding vnles their Byshops and Ministers take theyr origine and ordinatiō from this Apostolicall seate, they are to be counted not of þe Church. So that succession of fayth onely is not sufficient to make a church, except the ministers take theyr ordination by them which haue theyr succession from the Apostles. So theyr fayth, supremacy, the chayre of Peter, keyes of

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