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EynshamSt Frideswide Priory
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[Euisham; Ensham; Egnesham]


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5 miles nw of Oxford on the River Thames; site of Benedictine abbey

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St Frideswide Priory


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861 [837]

K. Henry. 8. The names of certayne abiured. A summe of their Articles. Their penance

iured, he inioyned most strayght & rigorous penance. MarginaliaThe cruell falsehoode of Byshop Longland.The other in whō he could find any relaps, yea albeit they submitted themselues neuer so humbly to his fauourable curtesy, and though also at his request, and for hope of pardō, they had shewed thēselues great detecters of their brethrē being moreouer of him feed and flattered therunto, yet not withstanding, contrary to his fayre wordes, & their expec-tation, he spared not, but read sentēce of relaps against thē committing them to the secular arme to be burned.

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And first as touching them who being brought to abiuration, were put to theyr penaunce, long it were to recite the names of all. Certayne I thought to recite here in a catalogue, first reciting the persons, afterward the rigorous, penaunce to them enioyned.

The names of them which were abiured in the Dioces of Lincolne, the yeare of our Lord. 1521. 
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Notice how often the same individuals and families occur as in previous, similar lists.

William Colyns.Ioane Steuenton.Ioh. Frier.Rich. White.
Ioh Colyns.Rob Bartlet.Rich. Vulford.Bennet Ward.
Ioane Colyns.Tho. Clerke.Tho. Tredway.Iohn Baker.
Rob Colyns.Ioh. Clerke.Wil. Gudgame.Agnes Wellis.
Ioh. Hackar.Rich. Bartlet.Roger Heron.Marian Morden.
Ioh. Brabant, the father.William Phip.Fraunces Funge.Isabell Morwin.
Ioh. Brabant his sonne.Ioh. Phip.Rob. Butler. Io. Butler þe yōger
Ioh. Brabāt the yonger sonneTho. CouperRoger Dods.R. Carder.
Iohn Edmonds.Wil. Littlepage.Iohn Harris.Rich. Bernard.
Edward Pope.Ioh. Litlepage.Rob. Bruges.Ione Bernerd.
Henry Phip.Ione Litlepage.Iohn Stampe.Io. Grace. Io. French.
Ioh. Steuenton.Ioh. Say.Ione Stampe.Ioh. Edings.
MarginaliaThe names of the towns where they dwelled.The townes and villages and countryes, where these foresayd persons did inhabite, are named chiefely to be these.
Amersham.Bekensfield.Marlow.Westwycame.Colmonstreet in Londō.
Chesham.Denham.Dorney.Newbery.Chepeside in Londō.
Hychenden.Gyng.Iuer.Burford.Shordich by London
Missenden the great.Betterton.Burton.Wytney.S. Gyles in London.
Missenden the lesse.Cherney.Vxbridge.Hungerford.Essex.

The bookes & opiniōs, which these were charged with all, & for the which they were abiured, partly are before expressed, partly here folow in a briefe summary to be seene.

¶ A briefe summe of theyr opinions.

MarginaliaEx Regist. Fol. 32.THe opinions of many of these persons were, that he or she neuer beleued in the Sacrament of the aulter, nor euer would, and that it was not as men did take it.

MarginaliaIbid.For that he was knowne of his neghbor, to be a good felow, meaning that he was a knowne man.

MarginaliaFol. 33.For saying that he would geue 40. pence, in cōditiō that such a one knew so much, as he did know.

MarginaliaFol. 34.Some for saying, þt they of Amershā, which had bene abiured before by Bishop Smyth, were good men, & perfect Christians, & simple folk which could not answere for thēselues, & therefore were oppressed by power of the bishop.

MarginaliaIbid.Some for hiding other in theyr barnes.

Some for reading the Scriptures or treatises of Scripture in English: some for hearing the same read.

Some for defending: some for marying with thē whiche had bene abiured.

MarginaliaFol. 36.Some for saying that matrimony was not a Sacramēt.

Some for saying, that worshippinge of Images was Mawmetrey: some for calling Images carpenters chips: some for calling them stockes and stones: some for calling them dead thinges.

MarginaliaFol. 33.Some for saying that money spent vpon pilgrimage, serued but to mainteine theues and harlots.

Some for calling the Image in the Rood loft block almighty.

MarginaliaFol. 37.Other for saying that nothing grauen with mans hand was to be worshipped.

MarginaliaFol. 40.Some for calling them fooles which came from master Iohn Shorne 

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John Schorne (or Shorne) was a priest renowned for his personal sanctity and zealous pastoral care of his flocks. Although never canonized, there was a flourishing cult to him and his shrine at Windsor was a popular place of pilgrimage on the eve of the Reformation.

in pilgrimage.

MarginaliaIbid.An other for calling his vicar a poll shorne priest.

MarginaliaIbid.An other for calling a certayne blinde chappell being in ruine, an old fayre milckhouse.

MarginaliaFol. 4.An other for saying that he threshed God almighty out of the straw.

MarginaliaFol. 34.An other for saying that almes shoulde not be geuen, before it did sweat in a mans hand.

MarginaliaFol. 35.Some for saying, that they which dye, passe straight either to heauen or hell.

MarginaliaFol. 9.Isabell Bartlet was brought before the Byshop, and abiured, for lamēting her husband when the Bishops man came for him, and saying, that he was an vndone man, and she a dead woman.

MarginaliaFol. 45.For saying that Christ departing from his disciples into heauen, sayd: that once he was in sinners handes, & would come there no more.

Robert Raue hearing a certayne Bell in an vplandish steple, sayd: lo yonder is a fayre bell, and it were to hang about any cowes neck in this towne: and therfore, as for o-ther such like matters moe he was brought coram nobis.

Item for receiuing the Sacrament at Easter, & doubting whether it was the very body, and did not cōfesse their doubt to theyr ghostly father.

Some for saying that the pope had no authority to geue pardon or to release mannes soule from sinne, and so from payn, and that it was nothing but blinding of the people, and to get theyr money.

MarginaliaThe order of penaunce.The penaunce to these partyes enioyned by this Iohn Longland Bishop of Lincolne, was almost vniforme and all after one condition, saue onely that they were seuerally committed and deuided into seuerall and diuers monasteryes, there to be kept and found of almes all theyr life, except they were otherwise dispensed with by the bishop: as for example I haue here adioyned the Bishoppes letter for one of the sayd number, sent to the Abbey of Ensham, there to be kept in perpetuall penaunce. By whiche one, an estimation may be taken of the rest, which were bestowed like wise sunderly into sundry Abbeyes, as to Osney, to Frideswide, to Abingdon, to Tame, to Bessetor, to Dorchester, to Notley, to Ashrige, and diuers moe. The copy of the bishops letter sent to the Abbot of Ensham, here followeth vnder written. 

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This document has not survived and it was probably copied into the lost courtbook of Bishop Longland.

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The Bishops letter to the Abbot of Ensham.

MarginaliaThe copie of the Bishops letter to the Abbot of Ensham.MY louing brother, I recommend me hartely vnto you: and where as I haue, according to the lawe, put this bearer R. T. to perpetuall penaunce within your monastery of Ensham, there to liue as a penitent, and not otherwise, I pray you, and neuerthelesse, according vnto the law, cōmaund you to receiue him, & see ye order him there accordingly to his iniunctiōs which he wil shewe you, if ye require the same. As for his lodging, he will bring it with him. And his meat and drinke, he may haue suche as ye geue of your almes. And if he can so order himselfe by his labour within your house in your busines, whereby he may deserue his meate and drinke, so may you order him, as ye see conuenient to hys desertes, so that he passe not the presynct of your monastery. And thus fare you hartely well from my place &c.

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As touching the residue of the penaunce and punishment inflicted to these men, they doe little or nothing disagree, but had one order in them all. The maner and forme whereof in the sayd Bishops Register doth proceed in cōdition as foloweth.

Penaunce enioyned vnder paine of relapse by Iohn Longland Bishop of Lincolne, the 19. day of December. an. 1521. 
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This document has not survived and it was probably copied into the lost courtbook of Bishop Longland.

MarginaliaEx Regist. Fol. 90.IN primis, that euery one of them shall vpon a market day, such as shall be limited vnto them in the market time, go thrise about the market at Burford, and then to stande vp

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