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Flanders, Belgium

Coordinates: 51° 13' 0" N, 4° 24' 0" E

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Site unknown

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North Brabant, Netherlands

Coordinates: 51° 30' 0" N, 4° 18' 0" E

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Bruges [Burges; Burburgh]


Seat of the counts of Flanders; cathedral city

Coordinates: 51° 13' 0" N, 3° 14' 0" E

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Erfurt [Erspford; Erford]

Thuringia, Germany

Coordinates: 50° 59' 0" N, 11° 2' 0" E

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Lille (Insula: Latin; Rijsel: Dutch)

[Lisle; Insulam; Rysels]

Nord-Pas de Calais, France

Coordinates: 50° 37' 57" N, 3° 3' 30" E

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Mechelen (Malines; Machlinia; Maclines) [Mackline; Macheline]

Flanders, Belgium

Coordinates: 51° 1' 0" N, 4° 28' 0" E

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Mons (Bergen) [Bergis]

Hainaut (Henegouwen: Dutch) [Hennegow], Belgium

Capital of Hainaut

Coordinates: 50° 27' 0" N, 3° 57' 0" E

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Valenciennes (Valencijn: Dutch) [Valence; Vallence]

Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Coordinates: 50° 21' 29" N, 3° 31' 24" E

920 [896]

K. Hen. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germany.
Persecutors.Martyrs.The causes.
were not well pleased
therewith, but woulde
haue them punished,
and great contention
was among the Hel-
uetians about þe same,
it was concluded at
length, that the Mini-
sters should be exiled:
whom the Tygurines
did receiue. Ex. Pantal.
MarginaliaFraunces Warlut, Alexāder Dayken. Martyrs.After these two good
mē being borne in the
lower partes of Ger-
many, had bene cōuer-
saunt in diuers refor-
med churches in other
countryes, at last for
Frauncescōscience sake, they re-
Warlut.turned home agayn to
do good in theyr owne
Alexandercountrey of Dornic, &
Dayken.there about.
So vpon a time, as
the people there resor-
ted to a backe fielde or
wood without the city,
with a certayne prea-
cher to heare the word
of God and to pray,
the aduersaryes ha-
uing thereof some in-
telligence, so pursued
them, that they tooke
of them aboue 30. of
whom these 2. among
At Dornic.the rest, were appre-
hended, and thinking
An. lesse but that they
should be burned, they
began to sing psalmes.
At lēgth being broght
forth, first one, then the
other, they were both
beheaded. And where
the iudges had intēded
to quarter their bo-
dies, and to set thē vp
by the high wayes, yet
was it so prouided,
GOD working in
the hartes of the peo-
ple, that they were
both committed to se-
pulture. Ex Lud. Rab.
MarginaliaThe father with his two sonnes and his daughter, martyred.These in the cause
Gillotusof the Gospell suffered Valence.
Iames Faber be-
Iames Faber,ing an olde man, sayd:
his father inthat although he could
law.not aunswere or satis-
Earle offye them in reasoning,
Lalain.Michaell Fa-yet he would constant-
ber, sonne ofly abide in the truth of
Iames.the Gospell.
Anna hys daugh-
Anna wife ofter being with childe,
Gillotus, andwas respited, after she
daughter ofwas deliuered, she fo-
Iames Faber.lowed her husbād and
father in the like Mar-
MarginaliaMichella wife of Iames Clerk, Martyr.Michella, wyfe of
MarginaliaThis Iames Clerke before was burned.Iames Clerke which
was before burned,
Michellawhen she was offered
Caignoucleto be maryed, and to
bee caryed out of the
country to some refor-
med church, refused so
to doe, but woulde a-
Persecutors.Martyrs.The Causes.
bide the aduenture of
At Vallence.her vocation, and so
was condemned wyth
An. 1550.Gillotus to be burned.
Ex Crisp.
MarginaliaGodfride, a Taylor, martyr.Thys Godfryde a
Taylor, was taken &
Godfriduscondemned at Dornic
Hamelle.or Tournay. When
they had condemned
him by the name of an
hereticke. Nay (sayd
he) not an hereticke,
but a seruaunt of Ie-
sus Christ vnprofita-
ble. When the hangmā
went about to strangle
him to diminish his pu
At Dornic.nishment, he refused it,
saying that he woulde
abide the sentence that
An. 1252.the Iudges had geuē.
Ex eod.
☞ Besides thele Germaynes aboue specified, a
great number there were both in the higher & lower
countryes of Germanye, which were secretly drow-
ned, or buryed, or otherwise in prison made away,
whose names although they be not knowne to vs,
yet they are registred in the booke of life. Further-
more, in the Dutch booke of Adrian, diuers other be
numbred in the Catalogue of these Germane Mar-
tyrs, which likewise suffered in diuers places of the
lower country: MarginaliaDiuers in the lower countries, martyred. the names of certayn wherof be these.
MarginaliaEx Gallicana hist. Adriano.At Bergis or Berghen in Hennegow, were burnt
in the yeare of our Lord. 1555.
Iohn Malo.Iohn Malo, Damian Wit-
Damian Witroke.rocke, Weldrew Calier buried
Weldrewe Calier.quicke, Iohn Porceau. At
Iohn Porceau.Aste suffered also one Iulian.
Iulian, van den 1541. and Adrian Lopphē.
Adrian 1555. At Bruxels. an. 1559. Bawdwyne beheaded. An
other called Gilleken Tiel-
man buxnt. an. 1541. Adde moreouer to the same Ca-
talogue of Duch Martyrs burnt and consumed, in
the lower countryes vnder the Emperours domini-
on: the names of these folowing. W. Swolle, burnt at
Mechlin. an. 1529. Nico. Paul. at Gaunt beheaded.
Robert Orguier, and Ioanne his wife, with Bau-
dicon and Martin Orguier their children, which suf-
fered at Lisle. an. 1556. M. Nicholas burnt at Mons.
Iames Fosseau at Mons. Corniels Volcart, at
Brugis, an. 1553. Hubert the Printer, and Philippe
Iopner, at Brugis. an. 1553. A woman buryed wyth
thornes vnder her. Peter le Roux. at Brugis. an. 1552
At Mechlin suffered Frances, and Nicholas Thijs,
ij. brethren. an. 1555. At Antwerpe were burnt Adri-
an a Painter and Henry a Taylor. an. 155. Also Cor-
nelys Halewyne Locksmith, & Herman Ianson the
same yeare. M. Iohn Champ. Scholemayster. an.
1557. with a number of other besides, whiche in the
sayd booke are to be seene and read.
¶ An. 1525. we read also in the French history of a
certayne Monk, who because he forsooke his abhomi-
nable order and was maryed, was burnt at Prage.
MarginaliaA preacher at Erdphord poysoned.In the Collections
of Henry Pantalion,
we reade also of a cer-
A Preachertaine godly preacher to
The Priestespoysoned atbe poysoned, for prea-
of Erford.Erford.ching the woorde of
trueth, by the Priestes
of Erford. Ex Elegia
cuiusdam viri Docti. in

And here ceasing with these persecutions in Germany, we will now (Christ willing) proceed further to the Frenche Martyrs, comprehending in a lyke Table, the names and causes of such as in that kingdome suffered for the word of God, and cause of righteousnes, as in this briefe Summary consequentlye hereunder ensueth.

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