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Messina [Messana]
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Messina [Messana]


Coordinates: 38° 11' 0" N, 15° 33' 0" E

965 [941]

K. Henry 8. A Table of the Italian Martyrs.

the commaundements of God, and folowe the counsailes of men. For it is wrytten: Blessed is the manne that hath not gone in the wayes of sinners, and hath not stande in the counsailes of the vngodly, and hath not sit in the chaire of pestilence. Psal. 1. God forbid that I should deny Christ, where I ought to confesse him. I wil not set more by my life, then by my soule: neither will I exchange the life to come, for this worlde heere present. O howe foolishly speaketh he, which heere argueth me of foolishnesse?

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Neither doe I take it to be a thing so vncomely or vnseeming for me not to obey in this matter, the requests of those so honourable, iust, prudent, vertuous and noble Senatours, whose desires (he sayeth) were inough to commaunde me. For so are we taught of the Apostles: 

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Acts 5: 29

That we ought to obey God before men. After that we haue serued and done our duetie first vnto God, then are we bounde next to obey the Potestates of this worlde: whome I wish to be perfecte before the Lord. They are honourable, but yet are they to be made more perfecte in the Lord They are iust, but yet Christ the seat of iustice is lacking in them. They are wise, but where is in them the beginning of wisdom, that is, the feare of the Lorde? They are called vertuous, but yet I wish them more absolute in Christian charitie. They are good and gratious: but yet I misse in them the foūdation of goodnes, which is the Lord God, in whome dwelleth all goodnes and grace. They are honourable, yet haue they not receiued the Lord of glory, which is our Sauiour most honourable and glorious. 
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Psalm 2

Vnderstande yon kings, and learne you that iudge the earth. Serue the Lord in feare, and reioyce in him with trembling Hearken to doctrine, and get knows ledge, least you fal into Gods displeasure, and so pearish out of the way of righteousnes. What freat you, what fume, you O Gentils? O you people, what cast you in your braines the cogitations of vanity? you kings of the earth, and you princes, why conspire you so together against Christ, and against his holy one? Psal. 2. Howe longe will you seeke after lies, and hate the trueth? Turne you to the Lorde, and harden not your hearts. For this you must needes confesse, that they which persecute the Lordes seruaunts, do persecute the Lorde him selfe. For so he sayeth himselfe: Whatsoeuer men shall doe to you, I will count it to be done, not as vnto you, but to my selfe.

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And nowe let this carnal polliticke counseller and disputer ofthys worlde, tell, wherein haue they to blame me, if in mine examinations I haue not aunswered so after their minde and affection as they required of me? seing it is not our selues that speake, but the Lord that speaketh in vs, as he himselfe doth fore witnesse saying: When ye shall be brought before rulers and Magistrates, it is not you your selues that speake, but the spirit of my father, that shal be in you. M. 10. Wherefore if the Lord be true and faithfull of his word, as it is most certain, then is there no blame in me: for he gaue the wordes that I did speake, and who was I, that coulde resist his will? If any shall reprehende the things that I sayde, let hym then quarell wyth the Lorde, whome it pleased to worke so in me. And if the Lorde be not to be blamed, neither am I heerein to be accused, which did that I purposed not, and that I forethoughte not of. The thinges whiche there I did vtter and expresse, if they were otherwise then well, lette them shewe it, and then will I say, that they were my wordes, and not the Lordes? But if they were good, and approoued, and such as can not iustly be accused, then must it needes be graūted, spite of their teethe, that they proceded of the Lorde: and then who be they, that shall accuse me? A people of prudence. Or who shall condemne me? Iust iudges. And though they so doe, yet neuerthelesse, the worde shall not be frustrate, neither shall the Gospell be foolish, or therefore decay: but rather the kingdome of God shall the more prosper and flourish vnto the Israelites, and shall passe the sooner vnto the electe of Christe Iesu: And they which shall so doe, shall proue the greeuous iudgement of God, neither shal they escape without punishment, that be persecuters and murderers of the iust. My well be loued, lift vp your eyes, and consider the counsailes of God. Hee shewed vnto vs a late, an Image of his plague, which was to our correction. And if we shall not receiue him, he will drawe out his sworde, and strike with sworde, pestilence, and famine, the nation that shall ryse against Christe. These haue I wrytten to your comforte, deare brethren. Pray for me, I kisse in my heart, with an holy kisse, my good maisters, Siluius, Pergula, Iustus, also Fidel Rocke, and hym that beareth the name of Lelia, whō I know, although being absent. Itē, the gouernor of the Vniuersitie, Syndicus, & all other, whose names be writtē in the boke of life. Farewel all my felow seruants of God: fare ye wel in the Lord, & pray for me continually. From the delectable horchyard of Leonine prison. 12. cal. Aug. An. 1555.

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¶ It is wrytten of one Thebrotus, that when he hadde read þe booke of Plato, De immortalitate animæ hee was so mooued and perswaded therewith, that he caste hym selfe downe headlong from an high wall, to be rid out of thys present life. If those heathen Philosophers, hauing no worde of God, nor promise of any resurrection and life to come, coulde so soone be perswaded by reading the wordes of Plato, to cōtemne this world and life here present: how muche more is it to be required in Christians, instructed with so many euidences and promises of Gods most perfect word, that they shoulde learne to cast of the carnall de-sires and affections of this miserable peregrination, and that for a double respect, not onely in seeing, reading, and vnderstanding so many examples of the miseries of thys wretched worlde: but also muche more in considering, and pondring the heauenly ioyes and consolations of the other world, remaining for vs hereafter to come. For a more full euidence wherof, I thought good to geue out this present letter of Algerius aboue prefixed, for the taste of the same, and a liuely testimony for all true Christians to read and consider. Now let vs proceede further (the Lord willing) in our Table of Italian Martyrs.

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Persecutours.Martyrs.The causes.
Of Ioannes Aloisius
we finde mention made
in a letter of Symonne
Florillus: whiche Aloi-
Ioannes A-sius was sente downe
loisius.frō Geneua, to the par-
ties of Calabria, there to
be their minister, who
afterwarde was sent for
At Rome.vp to Rome, and there
suffered. Ex Epist. D. Simo-
An. 1559.nis Florilli.
Iacobus Bouellus
was likewise sent frō
Iacobus Bo-Geneua to the sayde
uellus.parties of Calabria,
with Aloisius, who
also being sent for, vp
At Rome, was sente
downe to the Citye
An. 1559.Messina, and there
was martired. Ibidē.
After Pope Iulius
Pope PiusDiuers thatthird, came Mar-
the fourth.suffered in thecellus the second. Af-
kingdome ofter him succeded pope
Naples.Paul the fourth. This
Paule being dead, fo-
Persecutours.Martyrs.The causes.
lowed Pope Pius the
fourth. Who being ad-
uaunced to þe rowme,
began hoate persecu-
tion in all the territo-
ries of the Churche of
Rome, agaynste them
At Neapleswhyche were suspec-
ted for Lutheranes.
An. 1560.Whereuppon ensued
great trouble and per-
secution in the king-
dome of Neaples, in
such cruell sorte, that
many noble men with
their wiues, & others
are reported there to
be slaine. Vide Pantali.
lib. 11.
In Calabria like-
wise the same tyme,
suffered a blessed nū-
Lxxxviij.ber of Christes wel-
Martyrs in onebeloued saintes, both
Pope Piusday, with oneold ond yong, put to-
the fourth.butcherlygether in one house,
knife, slaineto the number of 88.
like sheepe.persōs, al which, one
after an other, were
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